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  1. Super nitpicky and dorky here, to find a match on a fingerprint you would look for at least 12 points of matching otherwise there is a chance of too much variance. Good log, I just like spreading knowledge where I can (otherwise I'm a dork for no reason)
  2. At LCPL you may already get trained for Nu-7 any time you like, speak to an FTO for training!
  3. +Support No reason not to other than performance
  4. Inactive. For legal reasons this isn't a joke.
  5. He didn’t “slip up”, it was maliciously said, I was present at the time -Support
  6. For context: This sit was originally closed due to the evidence being presented in a way I could not fully understand at the time. The evidence that is provided here is all there is to my knowledge, no further evidence came out of the initial sit. I will not comment beyond that however I feel this information is important in the context of a sit review report.
  7. -Support There’s no real way research can utilize this for testing. I also just prefer RP to be authentic and not be a game of chasing points.
  8. +Support Right now it is just too hyper specific to the point of restricting any sort of RP on the job
  9. DENIED At this time you are not a high enough rank to apply for CMD. Please reapply once you hit Senior Researcher!
  10. It was great having you on the staff team, best of luck in the Air Force!
  11. Cya Gar, it's been real. Best of luck wherever you head next.
  12. -Support I like lying to Cecil when I say I support his branch updates >:) Jk, +support, good update
  13. These could be cool but we should wait and sort of "stress test" Site 13 a little more before going crazy with vehicles. -Support for right now, though this could be great in the future
  14. Assigned for grading... to me! Sorry LCMD, this one's mine. Final Grade: 92/100 Cool, albeit simplistic formatting, could be spruced up a little but still really good A pretty original and important test idea Safety precautions are well constructed Visual or audio evidence would have been really cool especially since you put it as a "video log" The actual test observation is quite short You only lost a few points due to some overall minor/nitpicky things, great work Solid, hope to see more like this!
  15. +support for a small scale up, doesn’t need to be 354-4 size but an increase would help people get a feel for the SCP’s actual identity
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