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  1. Forum Diplomat Message This post will remain open as community feedback is vital on player reports, however this is simply a gentle reminder to keep things civil in here seeing as the bug report got heated.
  2. Forum Diplomat Message Due to the arguing on this bug report it will be locked until SMT figure this issue out.
  3. Dont you always talk about stricter and serious rp.... Realism in combat /= RP
  4. +Support Realism is unimportant, models should be aesthetic. I am also tired of people trying to get bullshit models on CCs for the sake of tiny hitboxes
  5. As far as I am aware this is not directly mentioned in any rules, however I would certainly call this power gaming. He is taking advantage of his inability to be shot or killed (without a micro) and blocking the singular way MTF can recontain him without a micro (even though there is a system of femuring fellow foundation staff for this type of situation it should not have to come to that and it does not make this any less of a rule break.) +Support, certainly powergaming and not the first time I've seen Frank doing it.
  6. -Support Maybe you should’ve read the SCPRP rules considering you’ve been banned on both of our other servers already? Just a thought.
  7. To add to what others have said, if you see researchers using any harmful drinks on themself (I don’t care if they’re just getting water of coffee, that’s whatever) feel free to report them as that breaks our SOP. -Support for removing this though
  8. It isn’t harassment for him to do his job. When you scream “witch hunt” and minus rep everyone on your ban appeal that’s obvious arguing, especially when you made a snarky reply to each and every -Support. Sage was simply doing his job, you’re being ridiculous. -Support
  9. If I'm not mistaken, promotion apps to admin/senior admin have been temporarily suspended per the staff meeting yesterday. JMT/SMT feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Not even in Nu7 anymore and still living rent free in your mind, smfh
  11. Not gonna + or - support but this may be a harder thing to code
  12. I see Mind every other day or so so this isn't even true -Support, learn your audience, incredibly inappropriate to take shots like that at the person who would be making the decision on accepting/denying this.
  13. Name: Nydekore Activity (1-5): 2 Last Promoted: 5/6/22 Date Joined: 3/16/22 SteamID: STEAM 0:1:114460542 Donator Rank: Platinum Notes: N/A
  14. Please follow the format here: Also, you seem to be younger and extremely new to the community. Make sure to actually try the server out fully and, I hate to say it perhaps waiting until you’re older. I used to do the same thing when I was 10 and playing Minecraft so I’ve been in your shoes of wanting to be staff way too early. Make sure that it’s for the right reasons though and that you actually enjoy helping, not just the rank.
  15. If you figure out who this ET was please make a staff report +Support
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