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  1. Completed! This suggestion is now in the server
  2. Accepted! Please allow up to a week for any suggestions you have requested to be added in game or on the forums.
  3. There will be a new channel made that all MTF CMD have access too, in the channel MTF CMD will fill out a post to suggest someone then the other MTF CMD will vote on the person based on experience with them. By the end of the week if the suggestion has enough positive votes then it will be ran through MTF HCMD & MTF SA for a final decision, once the decision is made if they are accepted then it’s announced during the MTF main meeting. There will be a max of 5 people per meeting and no one can get multiple jobs in the same meeting. Hopefully this explanation clears up any confusion or worries about the “hand picked” aspect.
  4. It was fun working on this and it will be bringing something new to MTF, hope y’all enjoy
  5. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into CI, always working to improve CI as well as helping improve the server as a whole. You were an absolute beast of a General and it was fun working with you as Site Admin, I wish you all the best of luck in college and whatever career you decide to pursue. Feel free to come hang out every now and then, you are always allowed to hop on EOI and get some spy RP in. (I know, RP, eww )
  6. Toasty

    Toasty's LOA

    Name: Toasty Rank: HCZ Manager/Lead Admin Branch: HCZ Branches Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 12/21 - 12/26 Reason (If private that's fine): Going to families for the holidays
  7. The reason you were warned was from a video of you attempting to enter my office to use the Slot machine, there was an invisible permanent prop at the door preventing people from entering which you acknowledged was there but then proceeded to spawn a chair and use it to go through the prop to enter my office. SA offices are a spawn location and anyone besides SA or people invited into the offices are allowed to enter, you weren't warned for entering others spawns but while you were still in a place you are already restricted from entering, you then abuse the prop system by placing a chair to enter an area that's blocked off by a prop to prevent anyone from entering. Unfortunately, time of day does not matter, the rules are active 24/7 and should be followed while playing on the server.
  8. Post name: Remove 8286 ability to enter D-Block What are you suggesting? - Removing 8286 ability to enter D-Block How would this change better the server? - At the moment 8286 having the ability to enter D-Block causes problems in my eyes. While in D-Block D-Class have to deal with Security & MTF defending preventing them from escaping, having 8286 in there adds a Keter SCP that they have to deal with as well and since 8286 is an SCP it doesn't have to follow the rules of engagement within D-Block and could just kill all D-Class whenever it wants without any repercussions, even if the D-Class are innocent. On top of 8286 being a Keter and being able to kill whatever it wants, D-Class are unable to fight back unless they want the entirety of D-Block attacking them so basically 8286 is being protected to RDM D-Class. 8286 being in D-Block also affects Security, Security has to deal with D-Class rioting and with 8286 they have to worry about being stabbed in the back or "cross fired" by it, it just adds more things for them to worry about that they shouldn't have to. In my opinion 8286 being in D-Block causes people to have to deal with stuff they shouldn't have to deal with, of course D-Class will have to deal with the SCPs when they manage to escape D-Block but that should be something they have to worry about later and not in the initial riot and attempt to escape D-Block. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Unfortunately, this change would be a nerf to 8286 since it will be restricted from D-Block but 8286 still has an entire Facility, Surface, and CI base it can roam around and interact with players, the removal of D-Block would be a minor nerf to 8286 and a massive benefit to D-Class & Security. Who would this change mostly benefit? - This change would be a huge benefit to D-Class & Security. With this change it will allow Security to better perform their job without having to worry about a Keter SCP killing them from behind or within their ranks as well as giving D-Class a better chance of successful riots and survival since they won't be getting RDM by a Keter SCP that has the protection of the entirety of D-Block.
  9. Accepted! To have your warn removed, go to the "Bans" Section at the top of the forums, navigate to your profile, find the warning for this appeal, and for the reason on the appeal, link this post.
  10. Man I remember when we were both hosting MTF PTs together as VCMDRs a little over a year ago, time sure does fly by. You always had the beterment of the server first and helped out a ton, thanks for all that work you have put in to help make the server better. I wish you the best of luck!
  11. + Support I hope y'all enjoy! ---------------------------------------- Diplomat Message Keep the feed to + or - Supports only, any unnecessary comments will be removed
  12. + Support Was removed before since it showed above cloaked players but that's not an issue anymore since the new UI change so it shouldn't cause any issues
  13. - Support Unfortunately due to the situation you were KOS to begin with. You gathered redacted information and leaked it twice in open comms after telling a group of people that KOS anyone who gets that information, IDK why you decided to try and sell the information back to RRH since just them knowing you know anything about them is a killable offense. Also since it was open comms and everyone can see it then that “document” was unnecessary to begin with since everyone knew the information. Since it was level 4+ info they didn’t need to negotiate with you as well. Catalyst was also trying to get prof of the info and in a open comms advert you said you are going to make a copy of it and show the copy, how is RRH supposed to know you haven’t made more then one copy to begin with. You also decided to tear up the copy of the document and call off the negotiation that never existed in the first place. After I told them to terminate you for knowing the redacted info, I then proceeded to organize a MTF raid on CI to wipe all your guys memories followed by torching the RND labs to get rid of any redacted documents you had, also the MTF didn’t know the true objective other then the SF in TS with me. The information you gathered was enough for a nuke so instead of nuking the entire server and resetting all RP we I decided to tell them to terminate you and erase any redacted information from CI
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