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  1. Yea ren does a very good job within Nu7 and handels positions of power pretty well +SUPPORT
  2. Yea this guy does great i believe he is well suited for RRH +SUPPORT
  3. I wanna clarify the MTF job pack still has to follow mtf rules no matter what even now this was just to make sure people know what they all are to avoid people from getting warned for failrp ect.... and as for right now if you are in e11 your not supposed to use your e11 rank and things like that because you are basically loopholeing the e11 sop/rules. because according to my knowledge of the job pack you are Nu7 so must follow the Nu7 sop/rules. I hope this cleared things up
  4. -SUPPORT just give some time man let some time pass from your last resignation, but as for now I cant be 100% say that I can trust you in a staffing position. no hard feelings
  5. Demon Dice


    we all know woman dont exist, they are all just government drones made to spy on us
  6. Demon Dice

    082 Buff

    -SUPPORT this change is unneeded because 082 is not supposed to be shot at when he is free roaming and if he is that would just be failrp.
  7. see ya light, you definitely wont be forgotten