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  1. Denied If what you are saying is true then just keep your act clean and don't do anything like it again and your strike will fade away on its own. Use this as a learning experience.
  2. Professional and by the rules, also extremely serious +SUPPORT
  3. Man Yato from my time interacting with you and talking you are a pretty chill and laid back guy. Also had your head on straight and was probably one of the best HCMD members I've ever seen Nu7 will never be the same without you but I am happy that you was able to move on. I wish you the best luck with all your IRL stuff and I hope that girl knows how lucky she is to be with a epic guy like you lol. See ya around brotha take it easy
  4. +SUPPORT SEC is such a epic branch
  5. -SUPPORT This has been talked about SMT would have to make a new hitbox for every model on the server to add limb dmg values.
  6. +SUPPORT I LOVEE the Fixermen
  7. Demon Dice

    Jays nu-7 app

    Accepted Contact An FTO For Training.
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