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  1. And you should have read the rules beforehand not only read them because you got warned. And this happened 6 times you only have yourself to blame lad, use this as a learning experience. -SUPPORT
  2. @Cosmic if there ever was a time where we needed your input, it is now.
  3. yea and also this has been a suggestion in the past that's gotten denied I'm going assume for a good reason -SUPPORT
  4. Okay so this used to be a warnable/bannable thing back in the day and in my opinion its outdated do to +attack now being available, if I am remembering correctly Bop said he didn't care about autoclikers. So Its not the staffs fault for issuing this warn They just didn't know about this rule being changed, so +SUPPORT
  5. NUUUUUUU You was my favorite British person on the server how can you do this to me.................. Peace man hope you have a good one.
  6. Ven is goat and is is super nice and easy to get along with, he will do great as SET +SUPPORT
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