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  1. -Support It looks like you're trying to report him for admitting he broke NLR in a sit that was handled. Firstly, him breaking NLR would not constitute a staff report. Secondly, as I just stated, this was handled in-game with a formal warning. Sure he's being a bit "snippy" with how he's stating he doesn't care about the warn, but frankly that wasn't an ideal sit and given the situation I can understand his frustration. Also, if someone admits to breaking a rule, you don't need further evidence.
  2. +Support Clear powergaming and what we've sadly come to expect from this individual. Regarding it not being specifically mentioned in the rules, this is irrelevant as the MOTD states that not every situation can be accounted for and this is very obviously against the spirit of the MOTD.
  3. This right here. This is a brilliant idea and I hope to see it executed!
  4. Piller

    ZJ blacklist appeal

    To clarify, that policy is for punishments from the staff side, such as bans and warns. They can still be, and usually are, punished in RP with their branch.
  5. Mass -Support You knew that ZJ was hacking, yet did nothing, and then you knew he was back on an alt and still did nothing, well except mass promote him. Each instance was a massive lie to every single person in security and the server. Additionally, this was only like a month ago, I highly doubt you've changed enough in such a short period of time.
  6. -Support Was just removed from Nu-7 for tranq abuse. Not someone I'd trust in staff.
  7. This was handled in Nu-7. -Support for any additional action.
  8. Accepted Please talk to an Senior Event Team+ to recieve your training.
  9. Denied You may reapply in 2 weeks.
  10. Psh, my one year was last month! But honestly, happy to have you!
  11. Piller


    What these three said!
  12. Additionally, there's no poll or proof of warns.
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