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About Me

  1. howdy men and woman and none humans i hade lots of fun on gaming light but some shit just makes me never want to play it ever again but i bet i will come back 1 day its just to much for me i can't deal with being on the side lines watching everyone move up (most of its my fault) and its not fun being the same fucking rank for 6 months *GlaDos* *cough* so i am leaving still be on GMOD if you find me i will say hi. ok now on to all the people i met. Ceese: still remember when you 1v3 D-5 with a fucking golf club lol Cyclone: the Cmen you know i hade lot of fun with you and i will talk to you soon Vonbraun: um idk Canada and your a good guy you even might not know this is up Bloodstream/ZJ: ACM huh you i did not like bloodstream now i know why Box/Change: umm good luck in CI EOI best GLaDos: god idk but you do not like lots of command buddy Tomato: um thanks for being one of the best people on gaminglight D : only thing a remember is shit ton of RDMing each other moncher (something like that i forgor ) : your a good guy keep it up moonrose: keep it up thats all i have to say. eyelander: old RnD command for DHOR nice work twix left and right: keep your stuff going all 0-5: keep it up and BTW give more fucking love to research and medical sorry if i did not put your name for SCP moving on to IMP moby: shore for life baby fundamental: hey um thanks only thing i can give you. EG6/binglord: DT is best ngl but ST IS BEST T but fr keep it up miyo: nice work as CMDER and SNR CMDER TO ALL SHORE: love you guys if i come on and i don't see shore i cry ok kallus/iforgot name fuk: um good GC never really talked to you to HC: umm some of you are bad but most are great crazy: best shore for a long time but i hope you help shore out hade like 30 others but sorry if idid not put you name myb but i will remember you if you need to DM to talk or anything (Checkedsauce7#0117)
  2. Hello gaminglight family: I would just like to say this is only my RP resignation as I will still be putting my time into staff I am now in school for a few months or more and I also now have a girlfriend. I won’t have time to do rp and staff it has been a great time for the whole year I have been Roleplay if on the server I have meet a lot of great people along my way I have had my ups and downs and done things from here and there but I’m not gonna bore you guys and give some shoutouts. @Bear_ me and you go way back I still remember the days before you got fixer in IC we have had a lot of great times ups and downs and I appreciate everything you have done for me. @Bon I still remember the days of you being a shock VCMDR the good old days we have had a lot of great times together you have taught me a lot over the time you have been here and you deserve to be where you are right now. @TAlila | Tay Keith! we have hard are differences but you did a lot for the server when you were here in imperial Role play and I thank you for caring for us. @bopSeeing you come up in the ranks was so cool no matter what you have worked hard to get where you are at and you completely deserve it. @JokerFormerBossno denying the credit where credit is due you have worked hard as boss during your time and we appreciate everything you have done. @Keeganthere is no denying the hard work and dedication you have put into the server you have done a lot especially during your time as SGM. Thank you my man. Ducks- sorry couldn’t find your @ you have done a lot for me especially and I would like to personally thank you for the good times and laughs you have given us on the ISD. @WiNMiss you in RP man hope you are doing well Wheat- gonna miss you bro ——————JMT/SMT————— @Nimoyou have worked so hard on this server to get to your position and you have also given me a lot of good laughs. @Ruxout of everyone you never gave up on me from time and time again you saw something in me that I didn’t see. And I can’t thank you anymore. @HotshotNGL First time I meet you you kinda scared me NGL but you are a really good person keep up the hard work man. Name- sorry don’t know your @but you have worked hard keep up the good work and keep making the staff team good. I enjoy all the times we have had together Ik I didn’t shout-out a lot of people but if I did I would have to tag everyone in the community cause over the past year I got to know a lot of wonderful people. This is Wolffie/BH7 Final Sign Out.
  3. Never once when I first saw the ad for Gaminglight and first loaded up the server did I think that I'd get as far as I did getting the Seventh Sister position, never mind meet so many great people along the way. Working, School, coursework, Exams, a new girlfriend etc have just made it impossible to continue my time in GL SPECIAL MENTIONS TO ALL PEOPLE WHO I CAN REMEMBER Milkman - Was the first ever person who I talked to on gaminglight, was in the same purge tryout as me and got to the fine grand rank of LCPL in purge and then medical before resigning BOP - very great dude Jaeger - The dude that promoted me to seventh sister, very cool Valoons - The one dude that made me laugh the most in the whole server, one of my favs, used to hate you tho, also knew you since I joined purge Kashak - Knew you since I joined purge, I remember when I got removed for not filling out roll-call at LCPL because I joined purge after it was announced and you defended me and said "But I see him on everyday", hope you get SCMDR!! Nimo: Was the dude that I appealed my removal due to roll-call being announced before I joined and added me back onto the roster - giga chad Azreal - Very great funny dude, very dedicated and motivated to IQ and GM team, best of luck to your future, thank you for just being you Azimov - Very dedicated to Purge&IQ, cool accent and personality in general is admirable, hope you the best irl and in game! Dragon AKA Fennec - Awesome dude, known you as far as I can remember, will only ever think of your name as fennec tho Lukas - Very great dude, have known you for as far as I can remember on the server, also got to LTC 2 times in purge and IQ, HOPE YOU GET COL/OVERSEER! Walter - The very man that trained me for purge, always will remember you, great dude and I hope you the best in life Killuabz - Didn't get to know you very much due to you resigning before I could get to know you better but I'm sure you were a great dude Dank - Really very great dude, always made me smile and laugh. Hope you the best in life! Also the best High IQ ever. Matrix: Grats on Admiral Garrick Versio, very chill dude, idk how we met but we cool Rex - I think you're chill, forgot though since you've been on loa for a bit Wraith - Great dude, very chill, seems like a very nice vice commander and a guy to talk to MR. PC - Love this dude, Combat trained you for GM and look where you are now, hope you the best on your progress in the GM team. I do hope you become an Senior GM or even a Head GM at some point! Chico - funny guy, inspired me to get to where I am in GM today! Zefer - Seems like a very nice dude Regent - Great guy, is in RG and I love RG since they guard you and stuff Name - Said I have till the end of the month to improve activity or I'll be removed but instead waited 3 days Vertigo - very chilled out guy, always has been reliable for advice and help in my time in IQ Kev - Great dude Ducks - Never ever saw you on due to time zone Pisces - mad man with like 45 tryouts and sims in like a day or 2 Seaman - very nice dude, you resigned a while ago and will likely never see this but you were a great inspiration to me during my time as a GM, also very helpful Joint - very great dude, always was there when you needed him, hope you the best BUB - Very great dude, very funny and laughable, someone i am proud to call a friend any day of the week Hex - We haven't spoken rarely if not at all but you sound very nice and caring so I like you Keegan - Was a very helpful Senior Game Master, loved by the team and more, submitted my mega event doc to you but you kinda forgot to review it and give me the go ahead but we cool dw dw Striker - Didn't get to know you that well since you resigned before I could aswell, but still have heard good things about you so I hope you a good future Rice - Very funny dude, always have liked you Purge 2LT Finn - You got alot of potential in ya, you'd make a great commander one day LUCIFER - Loved this dude and was sad to see you go, called me Mr Biggus and always helped me out with my broken skill points whenever I reset them too much, still don't know why you got blacklisted tho was my favourite SMT 100%!! Purge SPC Judge - Was in the IQ general voice chat for 12 hours, mad respect Astro - Chill dude, still remember when you was a lil baba purge brawler MSG BON! - I took your GM sit to get emperor palatine's powers and you were really nice so I like you, besides that the only time I've ever seen you was when you were a general one time Kitchan - Remember when you were a Purge 2LT, still think you were wrongly removed from purge tho Milford - never spoke to you so idk what you were like before you resigned Goat - Great dude, never really saw you alot due to timezone but from what I've seen of you you're a great dude The Gaming Goat from SCP RP - Will miss your memes in the staff discord's meme channel, definitely has the best memes in that whole staff discord. Always never fails to make me laugh Sainty - funny guy, hope you the best as ST VCMDR Grim - Very awesome dude, got removed for inactivity as a Commander because he was grinding CSGO as sigma as he is GRONK! - great dude 100%, resigned a while ago but i loved this dude Raptor - Combat trained you for GM and helped me with my resignation event, hope you a good time in GM! Bilf - Great dude, thank you for all the memories and fun we had together! Was great to call you a friend aswell HEAD GM MANDO - YOU AREN'T GOING TO TAKE ME ALIVE! TO ALL THAT I MAY HAVE FORGOT DO NOT WORRY THERE IS JUST SO MANY DAMN PEOPLE THAT I HAVE MET THROUGHOUT MY TIME HERE!!!!! love you zeeptin for making these servers
  4. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss I dont know what to write here because I dont know if i can put into words how i feel at this moment. It's as if the last few years has been building up to this exact moment. Here, in the cold room of my apartment, i look at my keyboard and reflect on everything that has happened. My name is Robert Peterson. I am a 26 year old software developer from the United States of America. For the past two years i have led a double life. A life as a Researcher at a Facility dedicated to the containment of hostile monsters and entities. I studied those monsters and developed bonds with my fellow Researchers. I have climbed the ranks of Research to the very top. Looking back on all i have accomplished, it's hard to describe the feelings that flow. I first joined GamingLight SCP-RP in the summer of 2019. My main goal at the time was to interact with the SCP's on site and to play with them. I learned really fast that it wasn't as simple as i assumed it to be. Strict rules were in place and i had to follow them. I joined research in September of 2019. I was AWFUL for the first few months. I had no desire to follow any sort of rules or listen or even try to learn from Command. I was a loose cannon, a minge, a plague on the site. I would constantly try my hardest to annoy anyone and everyone who got in my way. When Protege got Lead researcher, i dragged him from meeting room down to 682's CC and threw him in. This was the first huge mistake on my end. I was scolded and reprimanded and nearly removed from the branch. I was demoted from Lead to Senior and I thought I had completely fucked my chances of ever getting command. Very soon after that i got PK'd and had to change my name to Tomato. That was strike two. I was basically on the door out. Command applications came and went, and i was denied again and again. I began to wonder if i was just wasting my time. Maybe i should just quit. No one on the server likes me. I don't have the talent or skills to be command. What is the point. I should just leave... And then i got command. Suddenly, I had responsibilities. Mass tests, trainings, gradings. I was scared, but through some force beyond my comprehension, I made it through. Not only that, but I began to build relationships with the people in command and enlisted. I wasn't just another face on the wall at meetings, i was a face that held some sort of respect in the community. Now granted i had a long way to go to get high command but through the summer of 2020 i was producing the best documents of my life and cranking out mass test after mass test like there was no tomorrow. The spark was at an all time high and I was for sure I was cruising towards high command. And it didn't fucking happen. I was beyond upset. So upset that i quit out of frustration. I was angry at Glados for getting AHOR at the time. I was angry at Weiss and Starstep and SMT and JMT and Admins and everyone. I quit, i had enough. No more getting fucked over. I'm out Goodbye... And wouldn't you know it, it broke my fucking heart to leave. Reading all the messages in my retirement post absolutely shattered my heart into pieces. The love i felt from strangers i have never met in real life was nothing short of magical. It was like nothing i have ever felt before. So i came back, and worked my way back up the ranks until August 8th, 2021 where i received the title of DHOR. That and landing my current job are some of the proudest days of my life. I walked, head held high, knowing i had done it. I had reached my goal on the server. And the spark died. I have done it all on this server. Every test, every conversation, every document. I ran out of ideas 6 months ago and have been burnt out for over a year at this point. I took an LOA last week for a few days and when it came time to get back on the server Sunday i realized............ I didn't want to get on the server. The spark i had is gone. The inspiration i had is gone. I haven't written a document in months. I have barley done any command logs in months. It's time for me to hang up the lab coat and step away. When i was a child i didn't have any friends. I was socially awkward and was dealing with un-diagnosed mental issues at the time (OCD, Autism). High school came and went and i managed to even make a few friends and get a girlfriend. College came and after 3 years i Proposed to my Girlfriend. Going into summer of 2016 i had it all. Then i found out she had cheated on me and left me. Then all my friends stopped talking to me. Then the next girl i tried dating was killed overseas attempting to provide aid to the people of Syria. My depression had reached an all time low at this point. So much so that one night i was sitting in my room.... Crying with a bottle of pills in my hand as i told my mom over the phone goodbye...... Thankfully, i didn't take them (Love you Mom!) and attempted to move on. But depression is an ugly beast. It rips and tears at you until you have nothing left and it gnaws at the bones of your soul and beats you down every day. From late 2016 to mid 2019 i barley spoke to anyone other than family. Then, by chance, i decided to buy Gmod and play some servers. I discovered SCP-RP and... ... I had people to talk to. People who listened. People i could joke with. People i could play games with. People who cared that were not my mom or dad or family. Hundreds of people i could talk to. It was all i every wanted. It was all i ever needed. I was happy. For the first time in years i was truly happy. I'm still truley happy. Im happy. At 12:20 AM CST On October 13th, 2021.....Im Happy. As is tradition, i want to mention people who i have been friends with or interacted with that have made an impact on me. These are in no order and i will be adding to this list over the next week. Glados-You have no clue how much your friendship means to me. Seeing you online is like a welcome beacon that means fun will be had. You are thoughtful and caring and such a wonderful human being. D - One of my closest friends on the server. One of the nicest human beings i have ever met. Your genuineness and thoughtfulness know no bounds and i look forward to years of gaming ahead with you. Moonrose - Honestly one of the best people i have ever met. You haven't even been here a year and the effort you put into this branch is insane. I respect you more than you could ever imagine. Eyelander - You have done an absolutly amazing job as a member of command and i fully expect you to be the next DHOR. Besides the cringe jokes that i give you way too much crap for, you are a fantastic person and i love having you around. Light - I stole your name. I admit it. Again, just a wonderful person to be around and you bring so much to any teamspeak channel you are in . snow, nydekore, grumpysharken, Daddy D Boi, and Will Nye - All fanstastic additions to this branch and i fully expect great things for you guys in the future. Keep your heads up and keep going strong. Alexan - Welcome back. I hope you have a great time back in research ~Nya~ Parkland - Keep up the fantastic work and i expect you to be command soon Zack Morden - One of the best people you will ever meet. Kind, caring, and thoughtful. You are a shining example of a member of this community. Jummy and Vlad/monika - I coul't be prouder of you two. I want you both to always remember that. I am so happy to call you guy's friends and I can't wait for more adventures in the future with you guys. Rhodes - One of my other close friends. I hope you are living your best life buddy. Such a wonderful person to be around Soviet - Welcome back. I will visit you one day at your work i promise. Another fantastic person to be around and a true friend Starstep - Still not sure if you are a robot or not. Besides that you are another awesome person to be around and chat with. Weiss - Fought for me every step of the way, and for that i can never truly repay you. One of the best people on the server and a great friend. Skela - I cannot wait to shake your hand and hand you $100 next year when you bench 275 lbs. A phenomenal human being and a good friend. Hoovy - I hated you at first. I really did. You PK's me and i hated you. But the more i got to know you the more i realized how much that PK saved my research career. Thank you. You are a good person! Zeeptian - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this server. I will be adding more to this list so please don't lock it. Finally, I want to say this. Thank you all so much to the best gaming experience i have ever had. I love you all. -Robert 'Tomato' Peterson “We’ll meet again, Don’t know where, don’t know when, But I know we’ll meet again, Some sunny day.” – Vera Lynn
  5. What is up maintenance boyos! You guys have been doing very well recently and I thought I would drop off and say that you guys are doing a phenomenal job at being maintenance. I have made so many changes to the branch since I came here. I made FTO ranks a thing, I helped make maintenance become part of the O5 staff team (now named RRH), and more! I met so many wonderful people. I have had tons of fun but people get naturally burnt out of things over a year. Some of you may know but I recently got command in Delta-5. Meaning I have hit the life limit. So I am announcing that I am resigning from maintenance. I have some honorable mentions before I head on out the door. Sparkle: You trained me. Then got all the way up to DSD (LCZ Manager whatever). Honestly an amazing guy. Loaf: I still believe in Among Us PT. I KNOW YOU DID ONE. Jack: Look man. I took a long break and decided that instead of leaving CI, I would leave maintenance. Please don't bully me because I lied Aussie: OMG GET AHOME ALREADY. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Dumptruck: I will still beat you with a stick if you afk without afk in your name on maintenance command. Shinspin: I think it is cool to say that I think you are getting the MM slot. You are a very cool command member and I hope to see you climb the ranks. Olbap: If you shut one more god damn door on my face I think I will actually lose my mind. Biggie Cheese: Take a fucking break every once and a while. All I see all day are your logs. TAKE A BREAK MANNNNNNNN Top 10 favorite moments: (not in order) https://streamable.com/1o8hxp https://streamable.com/ys7wpl https://streamable.com/nroldy https://streamable.com/4f5nck https://streamable.com/79aotv https://streamable.com/au51q4 https://streamable.com/mac1c7 https://streamable.com/uokd9u https://streamable.com/9x1raw https://streamable.com/liby3g Well, I guess I will be off then. o/ all. See you on another branch.
  6. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:176837362 I hate to leave so soon but with limited time in the real world and other commitments in certain departments I can't make time for DOC anymore and someone else definitely deserves my place on the roster. I am grateful for Travis telling me to join and I thank Russia for the training See you all on the server!
  7. Well the time has come Gaminglight. This isn't a joke or a fake post. I've been thinking about this hard and got the nerve to finally do it. I've finally am pulling the big plug. I have to say goodbye to all of you fine people once and for all. This is my formal Global Resignation from all departments and UMC. I have been here since April 2020. I have been through highs and lows. I have done great things and terrible things. I have met great people and terrible people. I will have good memories and have bad ones. I will miss you all. I'd like to thank these people individually for their impact in my life @SupremeChow I know you left, but you gave me my first friend in Gaminglight. I will cherish you the most @ICE You and I had the most experience together in the community. I will miss you the most. SYP never dies @Tactical Brixton Squad will never die. I'm so happy I met another Jordan and such a great friend from across the pond. So happy you got Assistant Deputy Chief @Drippy Thanks for being a cool Commander and friend. You carried me through Payday 2 everytime. @Phil Thanks for being a cool dude with me. I'll miss you man. @Chip&Dail You inspired me to be the Command Member I am now. Thank you so much @Jimmy James: Don't break the server again. Happy that we kind of got close. I'll miss ya Anyways, it was a good run boys and girls. I'll miss you all. This 1L92/1U92,/XS19's final 10-7. Goodbye
  8. Heyyo, some of you may know me as Steel, or Ved Kennede on the server. There's not much I really have to say other then I've had a blast while being the Sovereign for RG, working my way from the bottom up, and helping make the battalion what it is today alongside my great team of then officers, current officers, and new commanders. I fuckin love everyone on the server, but I'm just burnt out on GMOD after spending over 1100 hours on ImperialRP alone. It was the first server I've ever played and probably gonna be the only server I'll play. I've met tons of great people, had a blast on the server and made tons of friends and friendships on the server that'll carry and have carried off of GMOD. Just wanna say thanks to everyone who made the server what it was for me, because I had a hell of a time on it and genuinely love all of ya!! Now, for some mentions: Spice - You're a great guy and a great friend and I'm lookin forward to callin sometimes and crushing you in Sound Space!! Luci - You're a fucking troll sometimes, but I've had nothin but fun with you broski, been a blast and I'm glad I met you, lookin forward to callin and chillin sometimes. Emily - You're sweet as fuck, and you've been nothing but a great friend to me throughout my entire time on the server, couldn't of asked for a better friend. Myan - You're an amazing guy and even better friend, thanks for helping me out when I needed it, and giving me the chance to show you what I was capable of doing for RG. Emoo - We didn't talk much, but you're a really cool and understanding guys, and it was nice to chat whenever we had the chance man! Talila - You do a fuck ton on imperialrp, and I just never understood how lmfao. You're goated bro, keep up the hustle. You're also a really cool and reliable guy, thanks for the help. Ducks - YOU'RE A RETARD, but I love ya bro lmfao we'll always be friends Caps - I fuckin love ya retard Name - Best NCO, Officer, and Hopefully commander. Keep up the hustle and continue what I've formed RG into today man!! Nimo - We weren't like best friends or anything, but you're a cool guy and it was nice chillin and talkin to you whenever we had the chance to just chill and call. Hobbs - I'll never forget the time I clapped you as an NCO when u attacked Palpy Milford - Kiss me??? All Commanders for all Battalions - I've got respect for you, and even formed up some really good friendships with most of you, it was a pleasure serving with you guys under command, thanks for making it fun for me!! All Royal Guard - I fucking love all of you, kiss? Joslin - You're a dope ass guy, it's always been fuckin fun destroying you in duels, and even more fun just chattin on TS late night and vibing man, keep up the great work in RG. Buk - Honestly you're a cool ass guy and was an even better friend, love ya broski, catch ya around sometime?? Jaeger - Even though we competed for High Inquisitor, you did deserve it more man, congratulations on the position and make sure to kick some ass!!! Everyone else on the server or to those who I didn't mention, I love y'all and thanks for making the server what it was for me, I've had a blast and will continue to hop on sometime to blow more people up and some laughs I KNOW THE RESIGNATION IS LATE, I WAS BUSY OK??? kthxbai
  9. Well here we are, from my recent inactivity, to the month long LOA I had taken earlier, you could probably notice I wasn't exactly the most dedicated to the server recently This is for a multitude of reasons 1. The passing of my father, this probably comes as a shock to most of you as not many people have heard me talk about this. Those who did take the time to let me talk to them about it, Thank you. If any of you were wondering, My father died June 22nd, from Covid, of this year. 2. I'm going back into school soon, I have a project to finish before going back and its getting a bit close to the deadline. 3. I've just not been motivated that much recently, I don't have the fun I used to, I still enjoy my time and loved meeting you all, but its just not as fun or exciting now, I've lost motivation. I view it more as a chore than a game, because of the pressure I put on myself to make sure I get in 2 logs a day to maintain being "Active" made it feel more like the server was a chore I had to do each day. (Sorry for rambling a bit) I'm so grateful for being able to even meet any of you, or even get to the point where I am I went from a LR in Research to a CPT in Nu7, whenever I got into Nu7 I had goals I wanted to achieve, like when I first got into Nu7 I wanted to be HSU, and eventually got that, but before I ended up obtaining that goal a while back when WO applications were going to be closed, I was just barely high enough to apply (SSGT), so I did, I think this was all the way when FrenchJM was still here, and if I recall correctly he and I decided to apply together, and by dumb luck I got in, so did French (I'm fairly certain), sometime while I was either WO or 2LT I got accepted into HSU, then somewhere further down the line I decided to apply for RRH, that though got denied, a while after that I got to CPT, and thats where I've been the past...month or 3?...My memory isn't that good and dates and times get fuzzy so this is a very loose timeline at best, but all good things come to an end. I thank each and everyone of you for the experiences that I shared with all of you, and bid you all farewell I'll miss a lot of you from your sheer absurdity, for example back when Lucas was....I think CPL, me, somebody else, and him started making quotes. It started off with somebody saying "106 grabbed my D" (he meant D-class but shortened it) I then quoted it, I'm sure its somewhere buried in general, but basically whenever I heard smth funny or quotable I typed it out in Nu7 general, captioned it with their name and posted it. Me and Lucas had a good time doing that, I think the other person was Nanafrost....not sure as its a bit hard to remember. You know fun fact abt my name, I am whats called "C r i n g e a f" and I enjoy playing R o b l o x R o l e p l a y G a m e s, and my name in a Vietnam war Roleplay was "Mark R." (because if I typed out a last name it would censor it) and when I first got trained for Research (All the way back in site 05) when he asked for my RP name, I grabbed the nearest paper I had written one of my characters on (cause my memory sucks I wrote down the ideas for characters) and the name stared me in the face "Mark Robinson" and thus I was dubbed I guess I'll stop rambling on for right now and start mentioning people I've met and remember the best Lets start off with the OG's FrenchJM: First person I made good friends with in Nu7, your a bro of the highest caliber, a chill guy just to talk with, and a funny guy in general, I miss you, Wish you were still here in the server man Snowwx: Another one who resigned, and another great friend of mine, Much like French, Guy was just funny, Me and him were the minge partners, I also wish he was still in the server, he was always a day brightener when I saw him, just like French. Nanafrost: The newest of the minge Trio, and surprisingly not resigned yet, the man do be fun to be around and play with, and as an added bonus I recently started playing D&D with him (mans a good DM) MattO: First off, Bri'ish. Second off, I always looked up to you, (and perhaps simped a tad bit) not only were you the DoTF, but you were a super chill guy, also I thank you for the work you put into Nu7 and the great job you did, plus I miss your MattO Events, remember the time I was the bouncer for your nightclub? Lucas: I may not of known him as well as some of the other guys in this list, but he was still a great friend, hilarious guy, haven't seen you on as much, or maybe I just haven't been on when you were. Noah Lee: I don't know you that well but I have a few words, Your a really intense guy at times, try to chill out a little bit, but hey its good to take the game seriously either way, still take it easy Bread: Again you probably don't know me that well, nor do I know you that well, but I still want to say that your work will not be forgotten, and I thank you so much for your time on the server, and for spending time with us, here at Nu7, also if ever there was a stylish way to resign you did it while still making it sad af, impressive. Dang: You were basically MattO 2.0 and I mean that in the nicest way possible, you just lined up too perfectly with him, you were British, you (eventually got) DoTF, you were a nice guy, and down to Earth, plus you are doing a great job! Smoll: Cool dude, not much else to say other than he's chill Rainbow: Same as smoll, chill guy There's a lot more, my buddy's in HSU, all the people I forgot, the tons of different people I've met throughout my time in the server, I just decided on sticking with Nu7 cause I'd probably either have next to nothing to say about them or I just forgot like everything about them and had no idea what to say. To round it out, Thank you all. -Sincerely Mark Robinson also I'm mingy af and probably gonna get myself banned if I stay here much longer. anyhow, goodbye everyone, but its not forever, I'll probably come back, maybe. not sure when but I will, probably. also I still wish I got into RRH, they cool af. (also sorry for rambling I stayed up all night and I've never been good at writing) (also if any of you have memes please send me them I am sad at the moment, DM's are open) (note: surprised I was mentioned in bread's resignation) (also what's O7 mean?) (This is also the shortest mentions list I think I've ever seen but I have a full like 5 paragraphs) (also if anybody wants to play Payday2, Warzone, or Secret Lab, please ping me, or DM me, cause I have like nobody to play with me besides Nanafrost) (also this is probably one of the worst resignations I ever seen)
  10. I have been on the server for a long time. I feel I don't have much fun on the server anymore , and it fells like a job that I don't get paid for. If you take one or maybe two days off you get scolded for inactivity . But thats not important anyway I think Its safe for me to just walk away from the server in general. Velimir- You were gone 98% of your time as VCMDR , but have fun with CMDR I guess. Wealthy - You are a little crazy , also you didn't even apply for VCMDR so I don't know how you just was given it but good luck. Wheat/Bread- You honestly made me want to be a better VCMDR . You always came up to me with suggestions and spoke your mind. I'm sorry I couldn't improved the battalion more for people like you just know it wasn't my fault. I hope you get this VCMDR spot just beware you might not want it. OBUnting- You are the longest standing havoc member , and I tip my hat to you. Kavis- Stay yourself my guy Bet- you'll make a good officer Barret/Bear/Boss - You and me always got along since the old ST days. I wish you the best. Steel- You are the one who really made me want to be a RG , and you've done so much for the battalion probably Sovereign ever. Name- You made me strive to be a Shadow Guard. I know since I got VCMDR my time there has been little , but I enjoyed none the less. Reddington - Your such a nice person , even though we didn't get to talk much. AK9 - You and SB3 was always the best DT. I wish you the best and stay GOATED lol. sorry Radio- You always spoke your mind and was a good person to talk to. Didn't have a filter but still a good guy. Other Hale- Your the Imposter Joe- your my favorite naval I wish you the best. Jaeger - You were always nice to talk to. If your not on this list I either didn't talk with you that much or I just don't remember you at the time of writing. I do remember all the memories on this server. Maybe in the future I'll come back , but as it stands now this is goodbye. -Havoc Vice Commander , SHG IV , Former ST 1LT , Former Naval AO Lieutenant , Former DT SGT Hale signing off
  11. This will probably come as a surprise to most of you however I have lost the enthusiasm to play IF this does not mean that I hate the battalion, IF has been one of the best battalions I've been in. The command team is outstanding which is reflected in the officers and has been one of the most enjoyable experiences out of all my time In GL and I believe It is in a great position right now but I feel like due to me losing my enthusiasm I am just taking up the spot for someone else who can accomplish more in the position and I can almost guarantee they will because of the vice commander team being so amazing. (this resignation does not mean I'm leaving the server fully) Now everyone's favourite the mentions: now due to a lot of people helping me and just being chill people I will have missed some people sorry if you are one of them IF: I already said this once but you guys are a amazing bunch of people I hope you all go far! Drayton: Amazing commander and chill guy to hang around with the best redneck I know! Sawick: One of the funniest people I know I'm glad you're my friend. Buk: The finest drilla in town! Given: Great friend and even a greater VCMDR. Kieran: A real drilla hope you go far in HCMD man. sucks at battlefield! Mikey: Didn't really talk to you but you made some questionable choices but you were just trying to help IF grow which it has! and overall you are a chill dude and a nice person and you must be doing something right to have gotten this far. Jaeger: nice destiny 2 player model lol ! for real though you are a great guy congrats on High command. Talila: You never pick up when I call you... Joe: You were one of the best Garrick's ever the amount you did for IF was insane and you 100% deserve fleet admiral hope you go far boss man. Classy: You probably wont see this but you were a great friend still sad you resigned hope you are doing well man. Ducks: Funny guy and one of the chilliest people I know Trace: Weird welsh man and a cool dude Chico: Sus Cloudzz: Cool dude from the land down under! Caps: Bad destiny player!
  12. Well boys, it's the time to say goodbye... After 6 months in Nu7, it's the time for me to go sadly. I am really sad to announce this because I really love you guys and this server but the reason why I am resigning is because I started to play with my IRL friends again and I don't find the time to go play with you guys. Also this resignation is like a big break for me. Yes guys I am going to come back. When ? I don't know.. Maybe 4 months, who knows ? Anyway, I really enjoyed every moment with you guys I don't have any bad memories about this server and my experience as a Nu7 Command Member. I want to thank every command members that promoted me from RCT TO MAJ. Thank you so much guys for believing in me I appreciate it I wanna write something to all of you boys ( the one that I played a lot with ) Dang: eyyy lets start with the new DoTF congratulation ( it been a month but I say it again lol ) you a total speedrunner dude XD you joined Nu7 and then you became Commander and after DoTF bruuuuvv your unstoppable and I wish you become SD WantedIdeas: Always saying I was inactive XD well it was true lol just joking anyway Thank you for the good moments we had together bro You know that I became a CMD Member because of you ? Be proud of yourself man x) Ill never forget that. thank you for everything you did for me and I hope you become Commander bro. Lars: Vice commander but no mic ? Your just built different dude Also Thanks for the voice reveal xD but I dont know if it was real or no lol. I wish you to continue grinding in ranks and hope that you will continue your great job! Rainbow: New COL ?! Dude your speedrunning Nu7 Command lmaoo. Your the most serious guy in Nu7 I know. No cap xD Your doing an incredible job as a Command Member and I hope you will get idk Vice Commander tomorrow ? xDD good luck ! Toasty: We didn't talk too much together but you got COL for a reason, because your doing a good job dude I hope you will continue that hard work Alex: *monkey noises* Bro you are hilarious for real xDD I had so much funny moment with you broo ( im better at Minecraft PvP than you btw ) and I hope you will get COL someday mannn. Thanks for those good moments and pleaseeeee learrnnn how to WRITE BURGER XD good luck man ! Bread: Best Commander ever no cap. You did so much for us men. You did so much for everyone and me and everyone appreciate your hard work and the time your spending for making Nu7 better. Your not Vice Commander anymore but in our hearts you are and dont forget that. I hope you will stay in Nu7 and continue your hard work. Good luck Bread Mark Robinson: MY MINGING PARTNER ;--------; We cant minge anymore nooooo... I met you in one of Bread's PT and after it we became the minge duo xD I will miss those moments with you and I hope you will continue your good work. Also try to get a mic before I come back xD just joking x) Zarl: High Command dudee. Calling me inactive ;---; Also RMD'ing me on HSU ;------; Thanks for all those funny moments xD I wish you luck for the future ! Congratulation on Captain! It was fun trying to kill you on Minecraft XD Soul: Eyyy mister DHFE ! You can take my place as HFE now xD and congrats on Captain! Also HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE LIEUTENANT COLONEL ?!?!? It was fun to play with you I hope you get MAJ ! Peanuts: Eyyyy Peanutss BE ACTIVE just joking I can't put you on a chair and abuse my donator powers anymore ;----; painnn... Thanks for the good moment I had with you J0LT: I hope you will succefuly buy Skela's maid outfit xD good luck with that lmaoo and continue your good work as a DHFTO Smoll: one of the 3 French boys ( including me ) always calling me inactive ;----; and always telling wanted to do his job xD Btw wanted if you read this go update the roster you lazy weeb xD Anyway I am so proud that you became 1st Lieutenant! I believed in you and I was right! you are an incredible person and I hope that you will continue your good job as a CMD Member. ( Im better than you at rocket league no cap ) Vortex: dudeeee when I met you, you were Nu7 RCT AND NOW WOW your a big 1st lieutenant big boyy congrats SHEESHH. I am proud of you men goodjob! Goodluck with ur Command career Darkrat: one of the 3 french big bois! your so serious when you play xDD sheesh a real soldier always working with others and making tactics xD Congratulation on 2nd Lieutenant you deserve it dude! Lucas: eyyy lucas the payday tryharder x) We had so much fun moments together xD I hope you will continue to grind in ranks and continue your hard work. Also a little tip, when something or someone make you angry in game, just dont mind em ok ? this can put you in trouble if you dont follow the rules alr ? I hope you the best Shepard: Dudeee goodjobb on Warrant Officer menn you deserve itt !! Continue your hardwork as HBHM and get 2LT !!! To the rest of Nu7: Thank you guys for the good moments we spent together ill never forget those. I dont know if I missed some poeple but if so im really sorry and it dont means I dont like you it just means that im dumb and I forgot you xD Stay safe everyone -The guy who never trained anyone in Nu7, Snowwx
  13. Admiral Matrix Resign seems like my time has come, im going Resign from Naval Reason i got busy stuff in real life and i wanna tryout DIffrend Battalion, im not leave in from Gaminglight dont worry, this old guy become diffrend Battlion to help other poeple if needed, so time to say goodbye on Naval lets start with High Command to low command Win , yo WIN you're best Grand Admiral Thrawn and have in fun & helping out other poeple but still Classy much better sorry. Ducks you old Quacker, you are best High Admiral, i hope you get Grand Moff Tarkin . so tiny lol joke XD Mikey you are best Fleet Admiral i ever met, even allot fun stuff we each other even in Sims, keep up good work, i hope you will get High Admiral soon. Joe you are Grand Mafia and best Admiral Garrick Versio, i know but this time i cant pay you, so....keep up good work with IF and Naval. Adam keep it up good work as Admiral, you are best guy i ever met i dont know who did Roster Updated so fast i wonder hmmm?... not Ostrich you are one of best Naval i ever met, also keep up good work with DT please dont hunt me down, i am too younge to live for. Ugs this is you're Chance to get it, i wish you luck :), also damn thats allots Medical MO. Evan you are best man i ever met and other friends i know, so i wont leave gaminglight dont worry :), also another thing mabye i come to you're Battalion Everyone else, i hope you understand, i know you will miss me, but i wont leave dont worry because this Birthday boomer boy stays and have in fun, mabye i become something else but greater, also i have been covid-19 vaccine so thats why i Resign, because i got busy life job so i cant do stuff as high command that is reason why i resign, but i will stay as lower rank but i will help poeple who needs my skills and my help for you guys. Sign by: Matrix
  14. Corky

    Corky's Leave

    I dont feel swat is right for me, Im leaving SWAT
  15. Hey yall sledge here, im not good at these whole forum things so im just going to get straight to it. It seems it is my time to go, I will no longer be your ninth sister. It has been great working with and beside you all and I wish the best to all of you. Be good people, and I hope that the ninth sister spot will be filled with someone better than me. It has been awesome reaching a vice commander rank as at the start of my IQ life I only planned to make it to 2LT. Anyways I guess I should name some people; Jpackis: Big minge, but a great guy and we had some fun Dawn - You can thank this man that I made it into purge, you can take that as a good or bad thing but nonetheless an absolute legend. Ghost - Although long gone a great commander and my first (Senior) commander. Doom - my commander for the majority of my time, great guy and I am happy that I got to work with him, if only for a little amount of time. Emily - Also minge Redwood - Isn't in purge anymore, but I enjoyed sitting at the border with this man for hours on end. Rex - Great man, he helped me through purge and is a great officer. Matrix - Good guy, cool purge man Jenson - Really good guy but British so -5 points Also north, hawkeye and the other old command definitely helped me in my journey If I didn't have you here, it's just because I don't have room to put all of you 155 wonderful men and women. Just remember, I want you to all be successful and be good people! I'll be throwing some of my old quotes in here, for old time sakes. (OOC) Purge BTO MAJ Sledge 9696: Lets all agree Kray is thicc (OOC) Purge BTO 1LT Sledge 9696: Eyy its horshot [COMMS] Purge BTO MAJ Sledge 9696: Purge if you are not at DB Im going to give you a prostsate exam. Its been an honor lads! Sledge, over and out! "With a heart full of love and gratitude, I now take my leave of you. I most devoutly wish that your latter days may be as prosperous and happy as your former ones have been glorious and honorable.” -George Washington
  16. “Zero is powerful because it is infinity’s twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang. They are equally paradoxical and troubling. The biggest questions in science and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity. The clashes over zero were the battles that shook the foundations of philosophy, of science, of mathematics, and of religion. Underneath every revolution lay a zero – and an infinity.“ Charles Seife 0. Zero is such an amazing number. Representing a beautiful beginning or a terrifying end. You can most likely see which this is focusing on. Hey guys! So yeah, here we are. By the title you can see where this is going so I won’t waste any time. So, if you are reading this. I MAJ Zero am officially retiring from CI and its rankings. This was an incredibly hard decision to make but here we are. So, you are probably asking why? You have been able to see that my activity has really died compared to what it was. The main reason is: The server has really changed man. A lot of my good friends are retiring, being banned, or just turned into someone else. This community is such a crazy place and I love it but as of recent I just don’t get the feeling as I got when I was a lower rank. It just feels like a job that I force myself to get on for. It no longer feels like a place I can play on the server have fun and do quotas all at the same time. It lost that feeling over time and now it’s just too much. I recently am going back to irl school and don’t have as much time as I used to have. But I'm so glad of all that I experienced and all the people I met. CI is entering another era which isn’t bad, but I feel out of place in this new era. This isn’t a final goodbye. I may come back and will occasionally hop on Zer0 ops and raid with you all. Other than that, I will be on Guts rioting and helping people get the chance of loving CI as much as I did. I will also stay in the discord and talk with you guys. I will also stop by in TS and say hi every once in a while. Anyways Onto the mentions: SITE ADMIN Skela: Oh my god skela you are such an amazing person when it comes to this server. You were the CI general when I joined and you would always convince me to do my best and get on. You 100% deserve where you are now. Phil: An amazing ET lead and SD. You had so much character to you and it was always a joy to work with you. Coltable: You are such an amazing lad. You know how to lead a branch with confidence, and you are doing your job incredibly well. We may have not talked outside of the server, but you are an amazing person and I hope you drive CI far and well. Blackbeard: We may have had our disagreements but you stuck through after omi9 was removed and I respect that. Good job on DOTF man. HIGH COMMAND Enuz: You are a chill commander you are doing good man. I hope you go far man. Fizzy: I saw you grow from a 1LT all the way to HCMD and that was a crazy trip. You lead insanely well and you are the only CI Military HCMD I was closest to on a personal level. You even bought me into Zer0 ops and I am really thankful for that. Take good care of CI for me dude. Neo: You were the closest RnD I got too. You are such a chill and logical dude and I 100% respect that man. You did and are doing so much for RnD and I am proud of you for that. Take amazing care for RnD. Vindertech: You are another close friend in RnD. You know how to help lead RnD without taking it too seriously. Good luck in HCMD man. Saint: You are a real relaxed CMDR and you are helping E11 out of its dark times. You are doing good work my man. I hope to see you on the flipside. (Also when you get drunk again invite me lol) Jack S: You are another friend I have in HCMD. Hopefully you help security as well as you can. Also don’t leave all the work to Mind and Sixx lol. SENIOR COMMAND Coolcaz: The most and I mean THE MOST chill person in security. You always treated all D class with respect and played alongside them instead of against them even on security. I’m putting you in Senior command section because you better get SCMD. Or else I take your Diluc Yato: I saw you climb with me all the way to where you are. You are a super nice dude and always a joy to be around. Get to nu7 HCMD for me please. J0LT: By far my best friend in CI. You are always a fun and happy dude to play with. I climbed all the way up to you and oh my god it’s been a ride with you dude. You were in CI CMD when I joined and I really got to know you more once I hit SM and CMD. I hope you take good care of CI while I’m gone. Just remember Mental and physical health comes first before the server. Apple: You have done so much for RnD and you are another great RnD Friend I made. You lead so well and you are one of the people hard to say goodbye to. Get to HCMD for me. Atlas: Another RnD Friend and you have a lot of potential in you for an amazing leader. Stay in contact man. Ages: Best furry on the server. I will miss the LT gang we made with maze. We will need to play SOT together some day man. Get to HCMD gang for me. Protégé: Funny minge. Been striked more than I can count. Replace CI wardrobe with fursuits every now and again. LOW COMMAND Mitchell: You are a great ET and Command man. Lead ET Well man. Gamersquadman: Man, why did you have to leave CI dude. You are a great dude and you can lead well. I hope you take care man. Evil: Bro you are such a good staff you were there when I first joined the server and you are a really nice guy. Hope you go far. Echo: I see a lot of potential for an amazing command in you. You can lead ***** well you have my word on that. Sosok: Saw you grow all the way to command. Teach some of the enlisted to snipe sometime. Warren: Bro you are another one of my best friends in CI. You are such an amazing guy and friend. I am looking forward to seeing you hit SCMD soon. HCMD MAKE IT HAPPEN Lil Jon: I’m going to be honest with you Jon: I didn’t really like you at first but you but as I got to know you I see now you are a chill person and you got a lot of potential in you for CMD. Good luck man. Alexx: You have a lot of potential as well good luck in command buddy. Toaster: Funny guy and good command. We need to play payday 2 again because that was a fucking rollercoaster. Good luck in command. Appel: You are another relaxed guy and I look forward to seeing how far you go in CMD. Mexican: You let me into Guts which is such a fun cc to play now. I will make sure to hop onto it when I go on the server and cause some chaos. Yohan: Scottish warlord that is pulling a Funk and going both paths in military and RnD which is a bold move. Lead sleuth hitman style for me. Ignis: Bro you got Perma banned and came back like a champ. You know how CI works and I look forward to seeing you hit SCMD when I get back. Box: Bro you are the BIGGEST minge but you got your shit together and got to command. I am proud of you dude get Bio Lead for me or I will come back and take it myself. Fallout: Great maintenance and person. Good luck in command. ENLISTED AND NCO’S Grim: The British longshot lad. We need to play genshin together sometime. Bison: You are a really nice guy and would be perfect for command. Ik it may not be for you but give it a shot at least. Take care man. Zerk: Zewo. Don’t get banned dude best minge on the server. Zambaini: You have a TON of potential. Command look out for this guy he would fit perfect for command. Travar: Trained me for ET, guided me through ET, is an amazing ET lead. What else can I say? You are a great guy take a break every once in a while, don’t burn yourself out. TTexas: Get research command or I will come back to get HCMD and move you up myself. Dan: Chill dude you can be a pretty damn good D class and lead the rebel forces well. Look forward to fighting alongside you. RETIRED COMMAND Hope: You made all of this possible for me. You trained me for CI and guided me through the ranks. I looked up to you more than any other command. I am incredibly tankful for all you did for not only me but for CI as well. Tackie: Ryan gosling??? Jokes aside you recovered from a dark time and you are a cool guy to chill in vcs with. Hope you stay happy with your wife. Crabbo: Funny and nice to be around. Why did you have to go and get blacklisted? Anyways I got some funny clips and screenshots with you Zeus: Crazy great E11 CMDR and future DOTF but you retired and left all that behind. It sucks to see you go. Silver: Trained me for Hotshot and best command minge. I looked up to you as well and looked advice for hotshot from you. Lee: You were such a great command I saw it as a little friendly competition to see who can do better. You obviously won but it was sad to see you go. Noble: I remember looking over your OR application and now look at you. Doin that goofy shit in vrchat. Hopefully you are recovering well. Kevi: A great RnD to be with. You are a really relaxed guy with and was one of the RnD friends I made. It sucked to see you go but stay in contact man. Oh and that PT was wild. Maze: Minge and apart of the 2LT and 1LT gang. You are a fun guy to be around and I even convinced you to transfer to CI. Sad to see you go dude. Comrade: Chill dude hopefully you are doing well in the gulag. Omegle was fun as well lol. Funkmasterjack: Great RnD and Military CMD. Sad to see you retire. Jay: Inactive lol. Nah im kidding but you lead E11 well hope you’re doing well. Bagel: Sad you retired. You were another great friend I made in RnD. Hope you’re doing good. Panda/PDA: I saw you grow all the way to CMD and I am proud of what you got. If you want help with genshin lemme know. Mary: You are most likely the reason I stayed in base as a D class because you told me an FTO would get to me. You were a great RnD command. Sad to see you go. Altair: One of my best friends in CI. Dude we climbed ranks together and did so much. I helped you seek help about the issues you were going through. It was incredibly sad to see you go man. OTHER Marty: Best D class main on the server. I look forward to rioting more with you Derpendalek: The absolute BEST minge. You were pretty much my first friend in CI and we would goof around with Trap expert. Hope you’re doing good man. Gubby: Another one of my earlier CI friends. Certified minge squad and could never get past CPL. I hope you are as chill and mingy as you were man. Alright that’s all the mentions. I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you. I will always consider CI as family no matter what. If you guys Wanna hangout, talk about stuff, play games, or anything of the sorts... Please feel free to dm me! For now, This is Zero signing off. “Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.” -Trey Parker
  17. Name: Raul Seesaw Rank: 2LT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:173696381 Reason for leaving: Imma be real with yall, work has gone more intense then every before and now i dont think i have the time to be on the server much longer. I want to thank command to giving me the opportunity to be in command and see if i can be that leader. I want to thank Wanted for giving me a chance to be Head of Recon, i tried my best to give the branch but i believe i know a guy who is much better in that role then me right now. To my old Omi 9 crew and current Nu7 crew, thanks for letting me be apart of your branch family. I know it sounds more cheezy then Chunk E Cheese but you all did something to me to make me become the man i am now. I hope we see each other down this road once more. Thank you all again for letting me be in this Branch.
  18. Well back when I started on the server I thought I was going to be able to stick around for longer but that has changed. I have been on a LOA up until now so you might've been wondering where I have been or you might not. Over the past few weeks I've been getting overwhelmed by my school work and stuff surrounding my life have been getting more and more stressful. I barely find time to play during the day and most of it is spent with my RL friends. I won't go into much more detail about it. This server has been great, I've met a lot of fun people and we've had some amazing moments but its time for me to head off. But the server seems to have changed, in some way it has lost... itself, if that makes any sense to you. I just don't enjoy it anymore. The RP has died out to a minimum, it's all about "PvP" and who's going to get the more "OP" branch update so that they can dominate over the others. This is just my opinion and the way I've noticed it has been for the past few months. Someday, in the future, I might return but that will probably be in a few years or so, if the server is still a thing by that point. I was going to mention people that I've had the best times with but I decided against it. Firstly because the post would turn into a 4 page essay and I'm sure no one wants to read through that. Secondly, I don't want to point certain people out and then forget about others and make them feel like I've had no enjoyable experiences with them. I'm only going to say that I appreciate everyone's help during my time in each branch, you are all amazing people with a mass amount of creativity and are the core factor that keeps the server running and pushing it even further beyond(haha, funny old meme reference, haha). Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you and say my last goodbye with this post. I hope you all achieve your goals within the server and get to the position you want to be in your respective branch. Yato Out
  19. Well, it is finally my time. I have changed my outlook on my life so this has to happen. This'll be a long one to read so you can skip to the mentions cause i have a lot to shout out. I dont care too much about spelling and grammar rn cause theres a lot to write so here we go. Part 1: My journey. My journey started when I was browsing SCP servers after first getting my PC back in November 2019. I came across GL In January 2020 and was quite confused on what to do. I was very interested in CCs and strength cause I would get hammered as a Dclass by Security CCs. I was on one day and CI show up and broke me out. This is where i met Crabbo on his CC! I joined CI on Site 5 but had no clue where to go at all. I would get lost and whatnot and i think i made it to SGT but then i left CI. However, Crabbo that day showed me the META Weapons of the server which was Scar-20, G3SG1 and Negev. Crabbo ignited my fuel for the fire that would end up getting me to where i went. I was a Dclass again and decided to join research. I mainly stood around doing nothing until some techs came around telling me to join so i can fuck around with a sledgehammer. So I did that, Beanz trained me which was pog. I fucked around as a tech for a while which was fun. I met cloaker as a Dclass and he said he would train me for Gensec which is what i did. I joined Gensec and as i would protect Dblock these strange men in armor would enter which would never be questioned. They never spoke or anything and they were badass. You can probably tell they were A1. Ah, also i was in a big ass conga line which was funny af. I found out that Crabbo was A1 which I then decided to find out how to join A1. I found that i could do it through Nu7. SO i went to Lords training, and he made me write down everything without SOP lol. I fucked the trigger discipline cause lag but won anyway. I rinsed Nu7 and would avidly play for like 8+ hours every day. Eventually i got to SGT and joined A1 through Crabbo where i heard him for the first time (his voice is too good btw) and smashed it. I would be active in both branches and their cam a time in A1 where i was protecting Rang in EZ and we ran into like 6+ dclass and they kicked my ass. I thought I was gonna get demoted by Rang but i didnt pog. I realised "why am i in two branches that do the same thing" and promptly left A1 for Nu7 (really good that i did that cause Omi9 was implemented awfully.) I continued to dedicate my time to Nu7. I played simon says with dclass and almost got removed that was fun. I killed a gensec officer 6+ times as 999 with a deagle which was funny and got warned lol. I stayed at MSGT for like 1-2 months which was shit. I eventually got to WO tho from MSGT lol. Oh i forgot that i befriended Sky to get the furry CC that was a funny CC im glad its gone. Zero wouldn't stop being condescending about the 2 rank jump tho which was funny. I passed command evals and got 2LT finally. WHich was good because Nu7 had like no command. Karooso was cool, Aqua was inactive but cool. Thats about all i remember lol. I rinsed command tho got to cpt in like 1-2 months. Novah and Pixel had that big ass battle for col lol that was funny. Pixel also sang to fool for ltcol or maj i dont remember which. But i got to Maj and they promptly demoted Bread down to me. Now Bread was always my hcmd so i didnt know what todo. I still looked up to his practices This was quite late tho, fool resigned, novah was promoted and so was pixel. Novah and pixel resigned, mike showed up and stole hcmd from pixel. IDK which order that was but that was a trip. When Pixel resigned tho i immediately passed him XD but man, Pixel was pog af and i miss not hanging out with Novah every day uh. I did a shit ton of HCMD crap like making Nu7 the best branch in terms of strength not once but twice cause of Omi9 merge, met a ton of people that had crazy potential like literally 90% of people that resigned in lcmd like Kindred, Woods, Kyrinian, Raven etc, brought crazy fucking shit to the server that is funny i mean man, dual miniguns! Nu7 snipers return and juggernaut (behemoth)! At this point eventually i had a ton of people telling me to get DoTF! Which made me happy but i knew zeus would get it but zeus then resigned and i got it! I have done a ton of stuff as DoTF like handle the Hp/armor changes, brought my favourite warframe to the server (valkyr prime aka 7101) brought Nick Fury to the server (Marvel is pog), achieved a mini micro class for e11! Chose saint for e11 hcmd and handled interesting instances like Daniels and Mateo. I cant remember much else to write but im sure i have missed a lot. Anyway on to the next part that no one really does. Part 2: my opinions of the server and tips to improve it. So coming up from enlisted to SA has taught me a lot. Firstly, there are some that want strength fast and some that want it slow. Now progression encourages people to stay in MTF so we gotta be careful about giving people stuff mad quick. Secondly, getting to command is an interesting thing, this server is essentially like volunteering at a job which some may like. In Breads case, he has been here a crazy long time and has picked up a ton of life skills he could use in a workplace already such as graphical design and documentation. So, if you like to do that sprt of thing enjoy it. HCMD is a whirlwind of documentation and work-based stuff. Thirdly, this is a gmod server, have a fun time don't force yourself to stay chief. Stop asking for reserves under command rank cause you cant get it. For CI vs MTF an issue is weapon availability and usefullness. I know eventually there will be a good weapon balance but rn and well since i have joined it has always been pretty poopy chief. Its ok to have a meta but its different when the meta is just a few usuable weapons. AKA SHOTGUNS BEING AMAZING AT EVERY RANGE KILLING RIDICULOUSLY QUICK IS NOT FUN. GIVING THE BEST SNIPER AND MAKING IT AVAILABLE TO ANYONE ON A MEETING DAY IS A BIT DODGY. But yeah, weapon balance needs help. It has needed help for a year now. Ah yeah, HCMD, be more open about decisions among other branches and your lcmd. For instance, CI, ill be honest i have never been approached by you before you post a balance update yet MTF would always approach you. WHere is the courtesy that we should have to keep relations good? It better to discuss and be open. Oh yeah, MTF job pack needs an update, a 2 slot job should be meta not average and CI should have one too. Promotions shouldnt take months and months to achieve it isnt always about how long theyre willing to stay. You should always expect to eventually need to replace a person youre promoting and shouldnt hold them back. Be less crazy about punishments guys, you may be ruining a childs experience they can get from this server. Especially during this time of isolation. Finally I would like to say that you do not take your people time for granted. You should always chip in with things to help out cause people may pour their heart and soul out for a branch with little to no reward. So be fair and understandable. Part 3: the shoutouts. THe shoutouts are an important part and i will try and remember everyone i knew/know now ok. Karooso: you was a cool kid and we played destiny ages ago but like thanks for being cool way back when Aqua: bro you was inactivie and we dont talk anymore but you was cool when you showed up ok Novah: i love you we need to play a game again soon k ill hit you up Fool: bro im retired now lets go! We gotta play destiny k Pixel: haha when you left i got insta promoted higher than you but you are cool anyway chief we never played league Harry: we dont talk but like you was pog and youre also back in security so its good to see you! Mike: You was a cool ass commander and in e11 you was pog and i knew i could count on you if i needed help Kami: girllllll thank you for CNTN bot and being such a good friend and i hope that we can still talk and whatnot, im still down to do cntn bot things and whatnot but stay cool and dont let no man tell you nothing! Badaim: bro youre cool but i dont appreciate you telling me i cant join rho but stay cool Japan: bro youre so amazing and ill be rinsing tango soon Rektify: youre not retired from admin stuff but youre cool af ok mate i love you bro and we better do funny stuff in game and ts k All the people in the hammer-down discord: bro im done writing so much but ill see you there baybee pie: ahahaha meeting go brrrrrrr that was funny and on me for not removing whitelist oopsee, we gonna play d2 soon Raven: bro youre scary when you yell cause your miltiary experience and we good homies, we be playing more games soon hoe Bacon: i love you hahaha what a sir surge: bro, you bullied me and make banging memes lol but like, haha i didnt promote you to sfto hahaha you made way too many good memes and ill miss em Kindred: i love you you are pog af chief im sorry i forgot to put you here Crabbo: Bro, i love you and you made me stay and join mtf, thanks for being a pog friend and see you on discord Zeus: youre the best bro see you on discord k and you more knowledgable than so many people on this server its unreal Luci: idk you in game but in ts youre pog af k love you Rang: I failed to protect you as A1 and im glad you didnt demote me XD, youre hella cool and i appreciate everything ive experienced from you and around you. Keep being cool with MTF cause they love having fun and being around you. Hoovy: Youre cool and i have had fun playing sea of thieves and whatnot with you chief, be good,. Rookieblue: Bro you dont play the server chief so be around more, my experiences with you have been pleasant and i appreciate the MOTD work lad. Catsro: You cool, stay cool bruh. Loved working with you but havent spoken to you in like months. Gamik: bro dont let them call you gay cause youre fucking funny, keep being amazing on the cc chief cause i love having a gordon freeman on my side, Skela: bro, working alongside you has been amazing chief. Not sure how you got away with a LOA for like 3 months hahahaha jk jk but i appreciate you. You are literally the best Non-DoTF DoTF. Thanks for getting it clarified that MTF werent meant to be weak. You enabled me to make Nu7 strong. Phill: youre mad professional but mad cool and very knowledgable, youre gonna get smt eventually but you should consider giving MTF paychecks boss. Orange: I barely knew you until you got DSD and i appreciate you understanding the sides of both foundation and CI. youre gonna get SD very soon. Weiss: bro idk you but im happy i got SA Jobs to be strong so you stop using other security classes. Doggo: love you dude youre awesome! I remember you in MTF i think chief and that was pog but hey, keep logistics afloat will you. Colt: Well Colt our jobs literally made us have to disagree a lot but im glad i argued with you. We also agreed on things as well but like im always right so far its like i won the stealth rules and you won the sniper tower argument lol. But stay keeping CI thriving will you. I know youll get DSD soon chief. Beanz: I fucking love you dude, you trained me for technical and if i had to approach an O5 it would be you. I saved you 3 times you know unconditionally so you owe me. Matricies: You was pog for security chief and i appreciate you so i hope you do good in life. Sinnik: Thanks for trusting me to become HCMD chief i hope i did you proud lad. You was amazing and the clip of you losing it to sixx was funny, Camo: You was a sick ass DoTF and i appreciate you telling MTF to shoot down O5 hahahahah, i hope i did you proud as DoTF lad. Sixx (Security one): bro youre cool af and we homies doe, i hope you enjoy the models for K9 and Heavy and if you need a model hitbox done and i can do it lad i will. Hit me up and give me the whitelist still will you, I wanna bark at some prisoners. Starstep: Thank you so much for your help with model stuff cause i was fucked at the time trying to figure it out without your help. Keep research going and enjoy 7101. Also, come up with some more Gaminglight scps will ya. Enuz: WE ONLY STAN ENUZ HERE. Neo: Yo i need to talk to you about getting MTF paid for your branches shenanigans and stealing my SCPs. Twix: I dont know you enough but do good yes. Sparkle: There isnt a more iconic maintainence than you baybeee. Sparkle i fucking love you bruh we gotta keep in touch. Mind: Bro youre cool, enjoy the K9s but dont go too crazy now will you. Hope to see you on D-class 2304 ok Jack S: Bro you got mad potential so stick around but dont let em work you too hard k? Ape: Fucking hell we homies i love you even if you prejudice me for being british at times ahahahahahahah but we gonna keep kicking as dclass and security k? I still got heavy and ccs! Sprink: Yo you cool and i appreciate you being in mtf! D; shouting you out for the help with 7101 documentation and whatnot and i appreciate you big time. Bread: Bro, you know everything about my opinion already ok. Ill be in the discord to talk and help with dillemas but like it isnt a good bye i literally see you every day. Elu: O.o my non-biological brother youre sexy af and one of my best friends and command and im glad to have met you chief. WantedIdeas: Bro, you got that potential chief, get hcmd already and lead nu7 to greatness like i did and be cool k. Niro: hahah youre wanteds brother and you did a good job of becoming a LoL player chief. Server moment tho see you in it. Capfm: be active. Alex: you got that mad potential and i think you could be hcmd one day chief with wanted so do it. Dont question stuff just go with your gut! Lars: youre cool bro stay cool with the typing and demolitionist moment k Snowwx: youre cool af so get senior cmd FrenchJm: youre funny af so also get Snr command Freddie: you better not let me down as 7101 you british hot man and do good k? Stay active hoe Forgotti: see you in server chief you funny Kiddo: cant believe youre still here, you saved me from getting removed from nu7 lol so thanks and i hope demo can fulfil your explosive cravings Echo: get HSU will you Mark: bro why do you simp for me but its ok i appreciate it Utter: youre pog af so get up there Price: if you wanted to actually be command you would probably be senior cmd or higher but youre strong af and hold pvp prowess well but like when can i join your cc? Zarl: Bro, i fucking love you dude you are amazing and you carry medical good hit me up more Rainbow: bro, youre gonna get senior command cause you already handle it all incredibly. Smoll: lol cringe Slopasaurus: people cant spell your name dude haahahah Toaster: haha you cant ask me for demo now haha Saint: Do good will you, you better carry E11 chief and get past covid. Blackbeard: bro i still look up to you at times chief cause you been here for ages stay cool will you sexy voice man nenea: get a mic, and get HCMD Hennessy: youre cool af and i enjoyed working alongside you as dotf Evil: Oh evil where do i begin. Uh, youre a good command member and we had some fun but you bully me sometimes XD hahaha but like why did you leave me to go to E11 but still i bet you will do good things as mod and whatnot. Slick: bro thanks for the valentines thing i appreciate it Blight: bro i hope you keep enjoying your stay and we will eventually play a game M8VP: bro youre pog af and i appreciate you and your cc chief that is fun playing with you. Best pvper on the server no cap Comrade: your cc monopoly is too damn strong and we homies thanks for spy and whatnot doe and we gonna kick gensecs ass as the ccs soon k J0Lt: you may be ci but you do good af in nu7 so keep it up Dang: bro we cool but dont tell anyone about the rolls i did the other day k Maze: bro we gotta raid again hoe protege: i only remeber you as admin ages k that was funny (people be like pro- tege not pro-te-ge) also stop getting kidnapped by mtf lol Now is my time to leave as SA, i will still be around cause i got the CCs and silver so ill run around teamspeak and whatnot and in game and whatnot but thank you for all being amazing and showing me what the true gmod scprp community experience is like! I can stick around for 48 hours but im not gonna do much but i do gotta talk to neo about getting mtf paid doe if i forgot you chief im sorry cause theres a lot of people i have met so. I love you all regardless!
  20. Heya anyone who cares enough about this, but I'm resigning from naval. I feel like the job I did in naval was... not even really a job, if you could call it that. I never got much done, and only walked around on server and messed around most of the time, just trying to have fun. With how I was in naval... I wasn't really going to go anywhere, and there are plenty of naval more dedicated, and better suited for the position. I'll still be around on the server, just in another battalion. I hope I can keep up the relationships I have with others, even though I'm not in naval anymore.
  21. Well, my time has come. It has been a pleasure being able to meet and play with you all. I am simply to burnt out of GMod and I'm way to busy with IRL stuff to even play a decent amount even if I wanted to. It has been an honor to be your E11 COL and I hope everyone continues to play and have fun. I will try my best to stay active in the community, feel free to ping/dm me if yall ever wanna talk or share a tasteless meme. I hope to return someday when I can be active and actually enjoy playing, I do not know when that day is but I hope it isn't too far away. I've done my time on this server, many people may not know this but I have been a member of E11 for a long time, I've loved seeing it grow from the dead branch that it was, to the popping branch that it is currently. I don't have much to say besides I will miss you all and feel free to reach out if you wanna say anything. Sorry this is relatively short, I'm not very good at monologuing lol. Special Mentions: Saint: My boy, I watched you skyrocket through the ranks of E11 and I was amazed to see the amount you have put in and everything you have done for the branch, keep working hard brother Black Beard: Legend, keep up the amazing work, you are a great a proven HCMD, I didn't know you for too long but you are a great guy (also thanks for that gift you gave me in town once) Frog: lad, keep up the grind and you'll get far my guy Nenea: Silent GAMER!!!! Keep up the amazing work, and we need to play PayDay2 sometime...... Hennessy: POV:German Man, keep up the great work my guy I'm gonna miss our deep philosophical talk about what music German people listen to lol People from the Past who deserve mentions: Raiden: My first friend in E11, I miss you, I honestly wish we still talked, I miss you a lot you were an OG Rob: Another one of my greatest friends, I miss you and wish we talked again Hawk: GENSEC gamer, one of my best friends back in the day, VR Chat when? Jay: Jay, a true OG you helped and guided me so much through my time on the server, we still talk but I've been kinda busy (my bad) Zeus: even tho you got [REDACTED] you still were a huge influence on me back when you were first a COL Sorry if you weren't mentioned, I'm kinda busy and in general I'm not very good at writing these types of things. I may hop on the server every once in a while and play D Class, SCPs, or Donor Jobs, if you see me do not be afraid to say Hello! Thank you all for the experiences and the friendships, I hope to see you all again. Dakota, Signing Off.
  22. It's hard to think of what to say, and I've had trouble thinking of what I would say on this day but I know I just have to tell it as it is. After 8 months and thousands of hours put into doing raids with you guys I'm at the end of the long journey for myself. I feel like at this point my enthusiasm to do anything with gmod has been drained and i'm glad that i can end my career with you guys on good terms. Through my time on the server starting out as a gensec recruit learning the ropes and getting my first kick in the rear for saying the forbidden word to getting command in ci back in september. Even though it's been 8 months I feel like I've known you guys for a decade because of the positive impact you guys had on me. I want to thank you guys for making my first time on a gmod server so welcoming and fun, not that I'm joining another because they would not be able to provide the experience like scp rp has. I want to say some things now to the people who i see as friends and ally’s Skela: since the very beginning of my CI career you were nothing but the best leader i had as you constantly looked out for me, trying to protect me from getting banned and letting me keep my rank after the incident. I can't thank you enough for that. Orange: for the love of god finish the meditation already. Jk you were awesome man and super chill. Coltable: my favorite irishman on the server and a great general Enuz: stop screaming all the time Arusso: super chill fizzy: with out your help with my pc i would not have been in ci now, with the new ssd it made the game run so much smoother so i cant thank you enough Hope: use your mic Kevi: 1st warhammer buddy and diss master. You super cool bro and you were there to give me the advice i needed in the dark age of when i was a 2lt, keep being you dude your awesome. Yohan: new favorite warhammer buddy, yohan i feel like you are one of the best people to join command dude i knew you would get that when you first joined i really hope you enjoy e3 dude you deserve it. Zero: your a good command member Maxican guy: watch the show Dan: Dan warburton We have a hostage Propane: Atlas: oldest friend and one of the funniest, make security give you cmd you deserve it. Warren: your awesome dude and a great cmd member Saint/Sixx: stop burping your nasty rabbit/lefty/dang: you guys are funny and older than me so i cant say much other than the fact that you were chill. Yato: strongest man in bulgaria and super chill, you always hosted great raids and a model command member. Vinder: we got to do a meme stream again bro Sosok: far and away the best sniper on the server Echo,appel,lil jon,panda,alexx,whisper: you guys are gonna do great keep up the good work. Neo: gurren laggan will always be better than cat boy shit And last but not least J 0 L T: j0lt you are my best friend on the server and one of the coolest people i know. I cant thank you enough for the way you treated me during the fall. You were the best friend i had on the server and you still continue to be. But for the love of god watch promare Alright so if i didnt mention you it was either that i dont know you or i just for got you. Even though im leaving the server i'm still gonna be around posting gos memes and kino shit. I can't thank you guys enough for the time i had with you it was amazing.
  23. I really didn't think this day would be here so soon but here we are. It would seem I'm just incapable of handling 2 branches now and a big contributor is probably that I'm not putting all of my time into Gmod anymore. I really love E11 with all my heart and everyone in it has helped me have amazing times in the branch and I just can't begin to express how grateful I am that while I was in E11 that everyone there made me feel at home. I really hate to do this but maybe I will come back some day. Everyone who helped me along the way I thank you and you guys know who you are and are amazing people. Saint and Blackbeard you 2 are amazing VCMDRs and I know you guys are going to do amazing work in this branch. I don't have any special mentions because I don't feel like typing them out but the people who I would type them out for know who they are. I'm gonna miss you guys ;-;. Actually a few honorable mentions Giovanni- if your reading this then I gotta say I would not have gotten this far without you man and I'm glad you were my commander most of the way Gh0pit- I don't remember much from the time you were commander but I do remember you were a great one too and I wish you were around as my commander for most of my time in E11 too Jay- proud that you got HCMD man good job and everyone else along the way that I may have forgotten- thank you
  24. Ptob’s SNR Marshall Resignation To All SF, It was fun serving you guys, To the ones who are new, to the ones who are old, and to the ones who have already moved onto other things. It was great to play with you guys and meet a community of new people. How the future of SF will look is unknown to me but it is up to everyone of you to build a future for it. There are problems I feel that I’ve fixed I think since I’ve been in command. However, there are problems I hoped to fix like flying at high player count and things like that but I couldn't accomplish that at all. Maybe a new command in the future will be able to fix the issues I failed to fix, but that is all a mystery. I hope that I have done enough for all of you, I hope I have made SF a fun battalion to be in. We in the past have been called one of the mingest battalions and in some cases that is true, but we have fixed that. However, the people who call us that do not know how we work for the battalion, Only some of them realize that our main purpose of flying is greatly limited when we have high player counts, We have to make our own fun and we have to stay entertained, I appreciate all of you that stayed in the battalion even though it wasn't too much fun at points, and I understand why some of you left because of the same reason. To all the battalions, SF is not your personal chauffeur, Please shut it if you think we are, I have had to report a good chunk of you because of these words, If you think you can disrespect us then go somewhere else. SF I appreciate you all, all of you are the reason I stayed and got to SNR Marshall is because of you guys, it's been fun o7. In honesty I wanted to stay either till we got our new map or till my 3 month anniversary as command on 2.28.2021, but with a member of my command being incompetent and not listening to me then my choice is obvious. Specific People Azir - I wish you were still VM, You were removed unfairly for a thing you explained and then told to just roll over like a dog, It was an unfair treatment from high command. Soph - Soph... , You have a lot to work on, you're egotistic, you always do what is better for yourself instead of the battalion, you disagree with me and go against what I tell you to do all the time. I told you to respect the sentries and to let them guard you so they have something to do yet you tell me no just because they annoy you, you need to do what's best for the battalion and not for yourself. You say you don't want to be commander and yet you stay as a Vice Commander, make up your mind. You never do anything during the meeting, literally during the last one I did all the meeting notes, I did all the talking, I asked you to do promotions and I had to step in to finish it. Either step up or step down. Sitting on bridge all day isn't helping SF, and sitting in the command office isn't helping SF either. Deaky - Deaky, good luck with command. You are the only command that in a bit I see fit for commander at this time, If you wait a bit you may be able to achieve that, but that is completely up to you and your ability to do things for SF Sully - It was fun being under your command twice, both in Shock and in SF. Good luck your second time around in Shock. Metall and Rosa - Good luck, I’d be happy for either of you to get VM if a spot opens, you two have been great officers and have been productive with both of your subdivisions, Metall you brought Sentry up from the slump it was in and Rosa you have been active and helping Cobra a bunch and deserved Lead. Rosa it's been fun playing with you in SF, racing to the highest rank (I think I beat you), I hope one day you may be able to get command but that is entirely up to you. Metall same goes for you, you and Rosa have the same chance at VM if a spot does open up, so good luck to both of you. Taros - Sad to see you go from SF, I tried to wait for your ban appeal to end and what you brought to me after, but there wasn't much I could do. Classy - Your a good Tarkin and you could probably be a good Thrawn but you need to work on things, you removed one of my command members and while not entirely your decision you jumped to the gun and removed, influenced by the opinion of others and although Azir gave his opinion and the truth which you agreed to (I was watching it through screen share) you still removed him telling him to make it look like he resigned to save his dignity, give him a SF officer rank, or just remove him. You’ve also removed one of my officers who made a mistake and was misunderstood, I was waiting for more evidence and the ban appeal to end, even the person who reported him said to wait, but you again jumped on the gun going over my opinion and removing them. You let the opinions of others guide you too much, think for yourself. WiN - You supervise SF but in reality you don't do that much, You do Sims with us from time to time and guide from time to time, but a lot of the time you're just telling me to remove people without waiting time to let things play out. If you continue to supervise it you need to step up and guide the command instead of just sitting on the side lines.
  25. Dear SWAT. About a year ago some kid on TrueNorth was told by his friend to transfer from SRT to SWAT with him. This kid agreed and after transferring he fell in love with the department. This kid was me. I want to thank high command for the hard work you guys do everyday to keep this department running, low command for making sure everything is in order and the department enlisted for being with this amazing department. I encourage you to keep moving up in the ranks and keep trying! Obviously SWAT would not be what it is today, without all of you so lets talk about that! High Command Eternity: Even though you haven't been SWAT commander for very long it has been an honor serving with you! You have been doing a great job! Keep up the great work! Nao: Nao or should I say the “Slow Weeb”. I just want you to know I don't like the Camaro and that furries are just like weebs but for real, thanks for everything you have done with SWAT. For all my time in SWAT I remember serving with you. Congrats on Co-Commander, you have been doing a great job and keep it up! Drippy: Remember that time with your furry avatar and then you got called my furry apprentice? Good times… Congrats on your promotion man. You deserved it. Low Command Ghosted: Or should I say the Master Weeb? Bruh I dont even know what to say about you there is just wayyyy too much like that one time you made me stay up until what was it.. Around 2:30 at night and watch anime intros? Just for the record I got all the anime off my youtube page and replaced it with my hobby so yeah… fun. Thanks for everything Ghosted, It was a lot of fun patrolling with you other master! Keep working hard and I guarantee you will get high command back one day! ( Word of advice, if you ever leave SWAT make sure to get your master weeb note archived haha Soul: We never really talked too much but I wish you well in the future! If you keep working hard you will get LT! MiniEpic: Ah Mini… where to begin.. First of all congrats on getting a strategy named after you, I don't think that happens too much to people. Second of all, you are kinda sus… I can't tell if you're a furry or not which you should be pretty proud because normally I find that stuff out! Also when the EmergeNYC update comes out we are going to play! "I love furries because I the biggest furry wurry uwu" - MiniEpic 2021 ChipDail: You should also be pretty proud because I also couldn't tell if you are a furry ( I’m pretty sure you are i’m but not curtaint.. It was fun patrolling with you! Keep working hard! Scruffy: SCRUFFYYY!!!! Get more active man!!!! Good luck in SWAT! Techy: It’s been fun serving with you! Keep working your way up! Supervisors John Newsome: Simps for Conrad! Keep working hard and you will get Low Command in no time! Conrad: Can you tell me what a “weeblet” is? Enlisted Noah Remix: You are pretty cool to hangout with! Keep working hard! Jack: We haven't played much but I wish you luck in SWAT! Tyler John: We are coming up on your first month in SWAT to that's cool! Congrats on your promotion last week! Keep working hard and you will be up there in no time! RookieBlue: Unfortunately I haven't been able to patrol with you at all but from what I hear you are pretty cool! I know you will do well in SWAT! Trump: Welcome to SWAT! You are still relatively new but I know you will also do good! Cadets Alex Raddish: Welcome to SWAT! I hope you enjoy your time here just as I did! Hunter: Welcome to SWAT! I don’t know if I got the change to patrol with you but I wish you luck in your SWAT career! Bane: I don't think I have patrolled with you, good luck in SWAT! Ragle: Ragle, you are pretty cool! I have had fun patrolling with you waiting for somebody to pass us doing something illegal! Odyssey: I’m pretty sure we patrolled once or twice together. Good luck in SWAT! Work hard and you will go far! Greg: Welcome to SWAT! You went on LOA 2 days after you joined so I haven't gotten to patrol with you. I hope things go well for you! Jeff: Stay away from the banana’s man. They are illegal! I’ll see you around! Past High Command Voxis: Man you knew how to get respect let me tell you that much haha, anyways I wish you good luck in the future and thank you for leading our department. Freeze: “Ah no, thats- thats hacking.” Freeze, I would like to inform you I was not hacking and that is what happens when you stand in the middle of a window staring at the enemy in siege for too long. If anyone ever plays siege with Freeze, make sure to run BOSG because Freeze loves them! Other Past SWAT Ender: Lieuteeeeenant Brother!!! Also the official secretary of SWAT!
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