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Found 10 results

  1. I cannot say enough how proud I am at the fact that SWRP has made it this far in. Even with all the Set Backs, even with all the Downfalls, We as a SWRP community has stayed strong since! I all my years of working with GL this is the Peak we have been striving for. I am Proud of all the work that has been accomplished by HC and LC. I believe both can use work but overall have done an adequate job at Keeping the Peace. I am saddened to Announce my resignation, and believe me I have been trying to hold off as long as possible but Recent events have pushed my decision to come to this. After 2 years of serving the community faithfully in regards to RP enhancement, Immersion Quality, And Overall RP Quality, I am proud to say I have done my part for the Server's Growth. From Super Admin of Walking Dead Rp To Head Gamemaster of SWRP for 5 months To CT CMDR Spike 3545, I am Glad to Say My Journey Here was Filled with such Great Events, Making Of Great friends, and Making Of Great Memories. I ask you this community members of SWRP......Keep Star Wars RP Great! The RP is in your hands! Personal Shoutouts Include: Wolffe/Texas: you SOB I love you to death and I appreciate you having my back the Whole Mile! Brothers Stick together! you were the driving force in the 104th revival process and I praise you for that! Rex/miles:You were one of the first people I ever had the Pleasure of having a conversation with and You will always be rex to me, Even when you were getting Screwed over I stuck by you rex. Never Change! I wish you all the best. Cody/Dlyan: I am proud of you for taking Charge of the 212th and turning them into an Pretty standard unit! I know you will do great things but be more active bb. Waxer/Baxter: Waxer old boy I know we didn't talk all that much but I enjoyed watching you lead the 212th as a competent CO my friend you are always waxer to me. Blizzard: You are the Brightest Flame and You burn brilliantly my friend! You are one of the best if not the Best General I have seen in a long time. Your micro managing Skills are impeccable and you listen to you men well and take feedback as a Real Leader should do. It was a pleasure serving in your ATTK formation. I hope you get General old friend. China: You are an Old timer just like me and you deserve the credits of all your merits old friend. The way you welcomed me in and over had a very relaxed air about you is Great and I will miss that going forward! Beckett: You are the most dedicated yoda I have met thus far, I appreciate you training me and mentoring me in the ways of the Force Old friend. Your skills as a Jedi are Impeccable, Your Patience is awe inspiring, and Your Wisdom is most Abundant. I am just proud to say I am one of your Last Padawans That were made Knights. Thank you for all the Knowledge you have bestowed upon me. You will always be Master Mundi to me. May The Force Be With You, Always -Jedi Diplomat VI Maxim Basuda And Last But not Least TIIN/Campbell chicken soup: You had faith in me since the moment you laid eyes on me again. I am truly privileged to have such faith placed in my leadership and even more blessed to have such a great friend. HC: Thank you for giving me the Opportunities to Lead and Fight alongside some the greats such as Pacer,Hoovy,Omega,Science! I Wish Only The Best for you All. This is CT CMDR Spike 3545 / Jedi Diplomat Maxim Basuda Signing Off! "See you next Mission"- CT CMDR Spike 3545/104th LTG Engi Spike 3545
  2. 48 hour notice of Resignation from this server I will say this was my first RP Server I ever played on and i made friends and enemy I have had fun and will miss this server and farewell everyone I know this isnt the longest goodbye thing but eh Signing off 38th EODL 1LT Hawk
  3. Hello everyone, it's General Snookiebear. Just wanted make this formal resignation and let everyone know the reason for making this. So this have been over in the thinking for the past month or so. One of the reasons is that I'm just simply losing interest in having to get on the server and expecting for people to occupy the server. There would be times where I want to play on the server but most of the times, the server is either completely dead or only has a few people on it. Rather than me mentioning each and every person, I will just give my overall expressions to everyone. To everyone that is a part of the MilitaryRP community, thanks for having me. I enjoyed the time I have spent here on this server and being a General for the RU. For those that I became friends with on here, keep in touch. I'm down to play other games. (as long as my computer can handle it lol) Along with that, the other reason for me leaving is because tbh, my mental state of myself hasn't really been that great lately and I haven't been able to enjoy the weekends especially because of having to worry about attending meetings on Saturday most of the time. It's been fun while it's lasted. Enjoyed every moment I have spent on the server and with all of you. Take this a resignation as sort of some break for myself. I've been here for quite some time and haven't really taken some sort of serious break. Just need some time to myself and from the server. I'll still be here from time to time and will hop on the server whenever I can. I'd like to resign and have the position of SGeneral. Thanks to everyone and this is me signing off. ~General Snookiebear~ ps: i'll always be your hucklebear, @Richard
  4. Hey there! I know that I have been off for a while and I want to say that I am sorry as I have stuff to deal with as a new Head Of Staff for a server! I will not be saying the name of the server in any way shape or form in this forum but if you want info about the server you may message me on the Discord Server Group @Cameron T and I will tell you! (NOT A ADVERTISEMENT). But back to what I was saying was that you all have been amazing with making my RP experience become alive!! I became a Trainer because of Smith! And I became an Officer because of North and Lawrence!! Thanks to you Three!! I can't forget the amazing 2 Generals that made me laugh when my day was Sh*t that goes to @Scheffer and @Brandon0623!! I have to say that MilitaryRP was a Great concept and it worked fine till it all crashed for no reason... I say thank you all for this as this was a hell of a good trip and I hope I will see you later in time as the server that I'm working for is branching bigger now and I hope you will enjoy if you do join!! At this point, I will be Resignation from a Captain from the Airforce and I hope that I will hop back on someday and see some new Officers that are 2LT, 1LT, CPT, MAJ, LTC or even a COL them self as I trained them! Now a shoutout to all my team members in this RP of a war!! 1. Lawrence 2. North 3. Brandon 4. Scheffer 5. Ace 6. Cain 7. Chicken 8. CHIKEN 9. JRandom 10. Manager John 11. Smith 12. ACheif of Military Police (Forgot name sorry...) 13. All Generals in the US and RU (Forgot names) This is USAF CPT AFSOC MAJCOM ATC Cameron Taylor signing out... thanks for this boy's HOOAH!!
  5. so, I don't know if anyone saw this coming but yea I am resigning from my LTG spot, there is a lot of reasons for this, for now, I think ill be at full time on my CMO and help as much as I can with my branch, it has been fun leading you guys, sorry if I couldn't be the best LTG but I have to say I tried my best, I also want to thank invaliff for his trust and help, also want to say congrats to plague and I know he will do a great job, I know this is not a full resignation but, it hurts since I have given a lot of time and effort to omega but everything has to end, see you on the medbay LTG omega out.
  6. Dear Players of Clone Wars RP, Damn, well has it been one hell of a ride. The experiences that I have gotten on this special server are unmatched. I have had an immense amount of fun, gained maturity, knowledge, leadership skills, disciplinary skills, and so much just by playing on the server. Now, I am known for pretty long resignation forms (Or at least the other one I had was really long), so for all you new players, I'm going to take you for a very long walk down memory lane. And if you are one of the OG's still here today, enjoy the nostalgia. Around the beginning of June 2018, the Gaminglight IMPERIALRP was released, and I joined on around the first day of the server being launched. Like almost all new servers in a large community, the new server will have an influx of players upon release. That is exactly what happened with ImperialRP. We were doing good at the time, but sadly it didn't last. Over the next couple of weeks people just stopped getting on, and at around the time of the server starting to fade out I was the TIE Pilot VCMDR or Col, don't really remember, but I was doing decent. The server eventually was averaging at around 5 players a day, and SMT made the decision to make the transition to Clone Wars RP. The entire server was redone, we switched to the Venator map, and we had I believe around 5-6 regiments. I was made the VCMDR of the 91st (Throwback LMFAO) and this is where my very long Journey in Venator Crew begins. I applied to join the Venator Crew on the 3rd day of the transfer of CWRP, making me one of the oldest members of the crew. From there, progress was very slow. For all of you that complain about not getting promoted for extended periods of time, you guys have no idea. As a Trial-Ensign, I was active and always did my best to RP. I was promoted to Ensign after I believe 25 days. As an ensign, I mostly did the same thing and I was promoted after around 22 days to 2nd Ensign. At this point, the Venator Crew began to grow, and so did the server. Now I don't really remember long the promotions took after this, but they were reasonably long. The next big milestone was becoming the Chief Communications Officer. This was a big step, and as this role, I got to make an SOP, and begin to show my leadership potential. After a while, I decided to apply for AO Commander, the first rank of high command. The application that I wrote was unnecessary long LMFAO but obviously, I got the position. From there it isn't too interesting, as I just worked up from there until I was given the opportunity to apply for the Grand Admiral position. The rest is history. Now, I'd like to take the time to share some fond memories that I have with people. @GuyScience - Hell of a player, and I am entrusting him with the rank of Grand Admiral. I have no doubts that he will excel in this position, and I think he will help the server flourish. @Mikedanoobgamer - Old Grand Admiral, thanks for giving me the chance to help the server as much as I can. Still, see you on SCP-RP lol. @Gaur - Also old Grand Admiral, pain in the ass, but you did well for the server. Respect. @Invaliff - When Eman and I promoted you we had a feeling you would do good, but you have exceeded my personal expectations for you. Keep it up, and help Science run the server. @Stormzz - Not going to lie, I took a gamble on you. Still determining if I came out positive, but it's seeming like you are improving. Keep it up. If I can suggest you for First Admiral, I need to see a lot more maturity from you. @Eman - Keep the server running strong man. Thanks for accepting me as Grand Admiral. @omegarwp - Favorite Mexican on Gaminglight, keep grinding man. @plague doctor - Keep working on yourself man, I hope to see a lot of improvement in you. I trust you will make a good general one day. @everybody from clone wars Our server has come a long way. Some of you are most likely new, but our server has almost completely died on two separate occasions. We have had an average of 5 players a day. Through leadership, teamwork, cooperation, and dedication, we all have brought the server to where it is today. Now it is flourishing, and I believe the future for the server is bright. The fact that we have persevered through tough times and come out better on the other side shows me that the clone wars community is resilient and won't go down without a fight. Now especially to the High Command and Jedi Council of the Server: The only way to keep the server alive, flourishing, and happy, is to cooperate with each other. I have noticed especially throughout the last couple of weeks that tensions between different leaders of our servers have been increasingly growing. I know it isn't exactly easy to get along with everybody, but all I ask you is to try. You all are role models for the entire server, and you need to take that position a little more seriously. I am not just talking to a few people, I am referring to everybody. Regardless of Naval Rank, Staff Rank, Jedi Rank, General Rank, the cooperation between you all needs to be at a level where you can all definitively call yourself a team. Because in the end, that is what you guys are. High Command, is a TEAM. When you all realize that it isn't about who has more power, that it isn't about who can do what, that it isn't about who can go where, and realize that the server is about having fun, you will all have a lot better of a time. Thank you all for everything, This is Grand Admiral Igneous, Logging Off. (P.S Not leaving the community at all, just focusing more on SCP-RP)
  7. Honestly since I have first joined this server a good 4 or so years ago, I never expected to meet the people or see on how the server would progress too its current state. After all this time I have met many different people and saw many different changes to the server. But after 4 years it kinda loses its touch after a while and you want to take a break. And with that I am going to resign from RU as of now due to my lack of interest in the server. I could give shout outs to everyone i have met in GL Militaryrp but that list would be too long for me to even put in this post so I will just list the ones who influenced me the most. Grimlock- Will never probably see this but was a great general when I served under him Alsher- Honestly when I first saw you I never thought you would have gotten to the rank you got in GL and I give mad props to that. Krimson- One of the few players from back when I first joined that is still around to this day and has helped me win many wars during that time. Rad3c/Hunt3r- Lacks quite a bit of common sense but is a great tank commander. Knossos- Best medic in GL history Tagooon- Was once a minge king to a pretty good commander of Spetsnaz Wrex- Was a good navy Commander. But nowadays is a bit different. Forcing- "I am not a minge" Reborn- The best Spetsnaz Commander and General I have served under next to grimlock and vlad. Vladimir Putin-One of the lesser known generals of RU that was great at his job and was an excellent pilot. Too bad he never got to stay longer. Richard-Great guy I think he will make RU even greater again under his leadership and to keep up the good work. IS A MINGE AND INACTIVE ACCORDING TO CNN Awg- Sexy af voice and the same to you as I said to Richard. John-1v1 me on roblox CSGO. Kopa- Good masshole like me and was a good marine VCMDR and CMDR Matricies/Marticles/Matresses/Mercedes- Great person and I think would have gotten General if he never resigned. Hanz Gree- Decent VCMDR and a great person. Scoot- Keep up the tradition in core buddy i'm proud of you. Rac-Bit naive but a good COl Upity- Eh Bobby-Victorian Cunt And to everyone else I didn't mention its just so that this list will not get any longer than it already will. Goodbye, Sincerely Furry Major General Rook.
  8. After my year-long journey in the Rockford City Police Department, I am saddened to announce my official resignation from my rank as Captain and this is my 48 hours of notice of resignation. I started as a mingey OFC by the name of Navigator and I made my way up to Sergeant Major over the course of 11 months, progressing to the present with over 3 months of command duties I am pleased to say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time inside of the command of Rockford City Police Dept. Its been such a good time with all of you, I've run dispatch, I've done a lot of work on the training procedures (still work in progress - we'll get there haha). I've found myself mucking around too much so it's my belief that my time is up as a member of low command and it's best for me to move on (among other health-related jazz). For many people in the department who really wish to be apart of command and believe they can uphold the standards set by the Commissioner, I highly encourage that you apply for command. Its been such a ride for me and I'm sure many others can agree that it has to be one of the best things you can do on the GamingLight PoliceRP and its unlikely that you'll regret it. I thanks the following: Nolan - You put me in a strong position as a Sergeant Major as Head of Dispatch and Department Communications and you encouraged me to apply for command and helped me develop much more as a player than I ever would of if I stayed SM. Noot - You were my very first ride along in PD in the March of 2017 so I appreciate you for being the first one to make me want to play on the server. We've done a bit together and almost every moment has been a pleasure to work with you. Munchies - My only Aussie mate on GamingLight, you're fair dinkum one of the best people in this place so keep it up ya bloody ripper! Dane - Your cat eating problem was a setback but you allowed me to do pd meetings when you surpassed me as CPT when I was still a lil Lieutenant, and for that, I am thankful cause I got to practice as to how not to die mid sentence. Yobo - Sheep Shagging New Zealand gay Sailor boy. (I salute you as you're now in the spirit of the ANZAC). Naby - Thanks for accidentally whitelisting me to SM, helped a lot. Vac Sparrow - Thanks for recommending me for a promotion like 12 times. You never let me on that damn podcast of yours. Aaron Hotcher - Thanks for being there when I rage quit and resigned from the staff team in February Gaur - Thanks for letting me play my guitar in your private channels at 4 am. For giving me the ability to progress in this department.
  9. So too those of you that are in USAF and have been busy for quite a while and didn't get the chance to check the forums. For all USAF members we have lost a great leader and a great fighter today. Those who don't know him he was your LTC and the Commander of DI and also a Admin of MilitaryRP his name was Closeman the greatest person to ever have in this community. Closeman has sadly resigned to move on with better things in his life but if you are reading this Closeman we will never forget you my friend, my CCT leader, my DI commander, and my favorite Admin. This post is to mourn our loss. I am Commander Brandon out.
  10. I've decided to resign from here completely. I'm resigning from MP too. I just lost the urge to play here. Goodbye everyone. It's been real.