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  1. Not another one , wish you well
  2. We may not have interacted much together, but it still hurts to see you go, wish you well.
  3. Ah, I was told they were lowered, should be done now, just paid the missing 10$
  4. Job name: Tango-12 'Forgiving hand' Adding Player: STEAM_0:1:189118265 Paid by : STEAM_0:1:189118265
  5. o7 man, you was one of the better one, and congrats on enlisting, become a CPT but irl for me
  6. Aww man, you was a real one, but thats what happens in life, you gotta keep going forward and focus on yourself, o7 lad
  7. +Support Bro people have been waiting so long for this, we definetly need a Halo RP server, not only will it give halo fans a place to RP in and have fun, it would also be a great benefit to gaminglight having the only playable Halo RP server, that would greatly increase the community's number and of course, the gains that comes with it.
  8. Idk if its the same for you but for quite a lot of people we cannot open the favorite menu for some reason. I've made a bug report about this though so hopefully they fix that soon.
  9. +Support Even if not used pretty frequently, It's boring to just have a siren, we want something more immersive, something that screams SCP you know.
  10. +Support Chill guy Active Knows the rules well
  11. +Support Active dude Knows what he is doing
  12. +Support does that mean we cant use enlisted as meat shield anymore?
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