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  1. Heyyyyy what's up guys, as the title says, this is my resignation, as you guys have most likely noticed, my activity has decreased by a lot lately, the time I used to have for the server just keeps decreasing and decreasing, to the point where I just do not have any time for it. And I would rather leave my VCMDR spot to someone that has more time for the server, and can actually take care of the branch. I do have to say though, I apologize to Nu-7 for not being active as much as I should as Vice-Commander, hence why I'd rather give up my spot to someone else that can bring this branch back stronger than ever. It was a nice experience to join Nu-7 for the first time in the approximate 2 years I've played this server (been on and off) and I can say that it will be a memory I will not forget. I had a great time here. Due to my activity decreasing by a lot, I have not interacted much with you guys for a while so sorry for the lack of mentions. Ducky - You've convinced me to join Nu-7 and was a great buddy overall, it's gonna get all better bro, you got this. Akuto - Pull up J0LT - Schizophrenia Piller - A Great VCMDR you were and an even better ethics comittee Yato - Just a legendary guy right there Soul - I'll never forget you getting me into HTF, thanks again! Nu-7 Command - I wish you guys good luck into command and you guys are doing great! Nu-7 Enlisteds and NCOs - Good job to you too guys, and good luck into making it to command, you got this yall. That being said, I wish you all a great day, and maybe we will get to see each other sometime.
  2. Hell nah denied, like bro what? We losing our best cmdr?? In all seriousness im gonna miss you bro, even if we didnt interact much together, I'm glad you were there, now that I think of it, it's the perfect occasion to thank you for getting me into HTF, I thought yall forgot about me I''m really grateful for that, and I will try and keep Nu-7 working without you even tho it feels like a piece of it is missing. It was great having you in Nu-7 brother, hope to see you again sometimes, take care o7.
  3. +Support Sounds like a great Idea and a fun SCP I feel like a lot of rules would need to be implemented with this SCP though, because it has a lot of power in lore, and a player shouldn't be able to get a micro from it.
  4. +Support Never seen that SCP being used other than events but maybe it is only an event SCP?
  5. +Support Sure why not? Would get more AFK players anyway so higher server rank
  6. +Support It is a pretty good idea and seems like a fun SCP However Make sure to give it a SWEP link or at least an idea on how to make the swep and find a model for it Specify its amount of health and Armor
  7. +/- Support Kinda neutral here, some of these changes are reasonable, but for example SCP 2191 is already a pain in the ass with its 600 hp, giving it a 1000 would be insane, he has been nerfed countless times in the past and is still a relatively good SCP considering he has the ability to cloak and kill while cloaked plus regenerates it. Honestly it is a pretty big suggestion and will need way more people than just me to consider it.
  8. +Support Yes yes yes, seems sick, and honestly would be a way funnier way to farm money, would grow the server population and therefore the server rank too
  9. +Support 194 is never used really, so it would be nice for it to be buffed and get to see it more around the site
  10. ACCEPTED Speak to any FTO for training!
  11. +/- Support Yes cuffs should be easier to break out of, however keep the strict rules about them, for example, you are not to break out of them while under fear RP, you have to wait a certain amount of time before breaking out of them etc.
  12. +Support Seems like a fun way to add roleplay to D-Class instead of either A: being a test subject which is not gonna happen a lot or B: Rushing in and dying or getting cap by MTF to be fed to an SCP. I would love to do negotiations in D-Block as an MTF as well to get security members back
  13. (In case this is the one that is gonna be reviewed) +Support Sounds like a great enjoyable SCP that would bring new ideas, and experiences to this server
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