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  1. A Note in the final clip which chineseman posted himself you can see he's calling CI out before they entered the site.
  2. Topic Title: Player Report - "Chineseman131" Your in game name: Hades Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:74802533 The player's in game name: Chineseman131 The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:421018708 Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 11/12/22 What did the player do: Meta gamed Multiple times while on a non-Spotter Whitelist. Evidence (required): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RgNZ7nBR5YYfbGwuM8FxyMzaur8IQuUt?usp=sharing What do you believe should happen to the player: 2 Strikes and a 1 rank demotion in the branch he did this act in. Any extra information: This goes under the Metagame rules since he was on a non-spotter whitelist. Only spotters can call out CI raids because of how strict their rules are. He has also been told by a Site Admin+ to stop but did it a second time which is where the two other screenshots come from. Gate camping is not allowed and I think doing this twice is enough.
  3. Post name: “General Suggestion - Ban Zeta 6 Class Until Fixed What are you suggesting? - Banning the Zeta 6 class from the server until it is fixed. How would this change better the server? - Barely would change anything since the foundation has several other cloaking agents and Zeta 6 is the only cloaking class that Crashes the server when its on surface. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Be losing 1 sad, broken class that gives everyone else a disadvantage when it dies on surface. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Everyone who is prone to crashing since this class will Crash you if it does die on surface. Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZF1YgTjgfskqgRm-GiMwJQ9iHT4CkUoZ?usp=sharing this drive contains the only clip of me nearly crashing due to a zeta 6 dying to us while he was on surface. I could not clip any others due to me of course crashing.
  4. In-game Name: Hades SteamID: STEAM_0:0:74802533 DiscordID: Vanny#1858 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): E4 How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? A lot Why should you be in E4 (75 word minimum) I should be in e4 because I am cool and E4 is very cool like me so they are copying me so i should be in it of course and also i am very good and well at pvp. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I am epic. How active can you be? 1 hour per week Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes
  5. I'd rather just have the kac since its also got a scope on it too. Most new players like scopes and have a harder time with irons.
  6. Mobile Task Force Epsilon Eleven (Anything White is Default values) Job: MTF E-11 Enlisted Addition: tfa_kac_pdw Removing: tfa_bizonp19 HP: 175 Armor:150
  7. I LOVE EDITING MY D4'S TEXTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Added kevlars approval but still keeping the callout message since its epic and talila wanted me to.
  9. Mobile Task Force Epsilon Eleven Branch Update Date: 8/14/22 Table Of Contents MTF E-11 Commander MTF E-11 Officer MTF E-11 NCO MTF E-E11 Enlisted MTF E-11 Trainee MTF E-11 Rangers MTF E-11 Field Training Officer MTF E-11 Marksman MTF E-11 Spotter MTF E-11 Combat Engineers MTF E-11 Rapid Care Unit MTF E-11 Ambush Specialist MTF E-11 Pathfinder MTF E-11 Cold Silver MTF E-11 Cold Silver Alpha Unit MTF E-11 Senior Officer READ TEXT BELOW The reason behind our proposal We’re donator, you’re paying to get stronger things better things. We’re reinforcements to the site. We go against CI alone than other MTF on surface. Makes us different from other branches since some other MTF branches have been catching up to us. In the past we had more HP to compensate for how we spawned on surface. Here's Danny's Paragraph for the non short attention span forums users: So throughout my time being the epsilon-11 commander I've tried looking at my branch from all angles to see what works, and what doesn’t. I’m not under the impression that E-11 is the perfect branch: our restrictions hold E-11 players back; we spawn the furthest from any gate, and we have the longest travel time before we reach any action. On top of all of that, some enlisted feel the benefits of E-11 are not enough to compete against other branches. We tend to get our uniqueness overshadowed by other branches that manage to do what we do a bit better. MCU & CCU manage to overshadow RCU due to that fact that RCU spawned the furthest from the site, and on top of that was evenly stat matched with MCU. Combat Engineers are overshadowed by FE who spawn onsite and can do the same repairs E-11 Combat Engineers can do making them the better choice. Bulldozer gets overshadowed by enoch due to its speed decrease, and lower health pool. The main point I want to try and get across is that epsilon-11 really could be doing a lot stat-wise to offset the amount of setbacks we get. In the majority of other servers you’ll go to CI tends to be the donator branch and is the strongest branch on the server, and there’s no argument because it’s a donator branch. However, on our server CI is free & E-11 is the donator branch but is not the strongest on the server. For E-11 on the server currently they’re basically donating, and join for 3rd place. If we want to see E-11 grow, and be healthy we need the ability to try and closely match CI while also trying to combat the fact that E-11 will more often than not arrive at a site where the issue got solved by onsite personnel, and then they just stuck on sweeping duty. If everything works according to plan we’ll be able to see positive growth within E-11 instead of the constant enlisted decline that we see pretty often. - E11 Commander Danny (Anything White is the default Value) Job: MTF E-11 Commander Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 250 Armor: 225 Job: MTF E-11 Senior Officer Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 225 Armor: 200 Job: MTF E-11 Officer Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 225 Armor: 175 Job: MTF E-11 NCO Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 200 Armor 175 Job: MTF E-11 Enlisted Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 Armor:150 Job: MTF E-11 Trainee Addition: N/A Removing N/A Job: MTF E-11 Rangers Addition: Removing: HP: 175 Armor: 200 Job: MTF E-11 Field Training Officer Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 250 Job: MTF E-11 Marksman Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 AP: 175 Job: MTF E-11 Spotter Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 AP: 150 Job: MTF E-11 Combat Engineer Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 200 Armor: 200 Job: MTF E-11 Rapid Care Unit Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 AP: 150 Job: MTF E-11 Ambush Specialist Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 AP: 175 Job: MTF E-11 Pathfinder Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 175 Armor: 175 Job: Rapid Response Team Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 200 Armor: 150 Job: MTF E-11 Cold Silver Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 225 AP: 200 Job: MTF E-11 Cold Silver Alpha Unit Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 250 Armor: 225 Job: MTF E11 Ranger Bulldozer Addition: N/A Removing: N/A HP: 300 Armor: 350 Job Additions None Links: None Approved by: O5 Council, Site Admin, MTF Nu7 HCMD, MTF D5 HCMD, CI Military Gamma Command (Helped revise some HPs), and CI R&D Gamma Command. (Kevlar never responded to any of my pings or messages and told me in the past he doesn't care about any e11 branch updates. Whoever was not listed was either non combatant foundation or not apart of the MTF Branch Union. This will be the only time an HP buff for this branch will be happening.)
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