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  1. STEAM_0:0:244919976 Is your id
  2. DENIED Sorry, but community blacklist's are no longer appealable. You may not attempt to appeal this again!
  3. Message From Forum Diplomat Please make sure to not attempt to/cause/continue an argument as that is unneeded on this report. Any arguments will be hidden
  4. My guess no as zeeptin said this "Regardless of what the Wiki team says, we are a for-profit company and we do not feel comfortable using someone else's work they are trying to protect to turn a profit on our end. "
  5. +support - Shows blatant using commands off duty (would like to know why) - Also physgunning someone while not a SNR-admin+ (don't think he was stuck) - Physgunned him into the acid. - Use powers wrongly in similar ways to how waffle did
  6. That is lovely. Soon it will be my 1 year anniversary as snr admin
  7. Chief_

    Chiefs Global LOA

    Name: Chief Rank: SCP-RP Senior Admin | Security SM | CI PVT | TTT Mod Duration: 4/1/20 -> 4/ 5/20 Reason: taking a break from GMOD and having some fun playing other games. I will be hopping in ts sometimes and saying hi.
  8. Indeed. I do still see d-class murdering others in the line for no reason. What i feel like should happen is that you can only kill someone if they are body blocking/harassing you, etc. but if they are standing in the line. You cant kill them unless they are for sure afk. +/- support
  9. -support as stated above. People may just flag off.
  10. Chief_

    AOS / KOS

    If you feel like it was a false one contact staff. Also most people just wanna get the callout first. But indeed +support.
  11. 1. Format 2. smt are going to be working on this already.