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  1. True. But this could've been apart of a first strike done by valk. Since he was apart of a different community he was deemed a risk.
  2. Jimmy. You can give a verdict. Also indeed, that wasn't talking your own sit. Taking your own sit is when you are directly involved. This excludes blatant rdm and such. But only admin+ can really do that since they are the only one who can warn of duty at least. But still recommend calling staff for a sit.
  3. Chief_

    Player Report

    That is true. It is hard to read. But if you look at it. You can tell that there is only 1 person with SCP in their name.
  4. -Support Today we literally got rushed by multiple reznovs with molotovs. We comedy lost d-block when we had alot of gensec on. It would be cancer as I think more one are trying to get/make cc's with molotovs.
  5. I would be willing to possibly support depending on what you do. First Make your account NOT PRIVATE. Making your account private doesn't really help. It makes it suspicious. I'm not + or - supporting. Just posting this.
  6. It has finally reached that point. I have joined the community in 2016. 2020 has finally hit. I have seen so many friends go and stay. Some even blacklisted for good reasons and some for minor reasons. I have never been apart of such a community that I have been able to stick to. When GL gets boring something new pops up. Like how it was getting boring of it just being Military RP then PRP etc, SCP popped up. I was only a wee mod when I had my first staff report. Now after 3 years with GL I have achieved the rank of Senior Admin! I never expected to get a rank higher than admin. I want to thank all of the SMT that I have been with since my arrival on SCP. They have helped me along the way and they have been nice/fun people. I also want to thank EVERYONE! as they have been one of the KEY factors in making this community the way it is. Thank you to everyone. If anyone wants to ask my questions just respond down below and ill get back to you as soon as I can.
  7. By the order of the [Redacted] Acess to this document is to be restricted to Clearance LVL 5+ Input Administrator Clearance ... ... CREDENTIALS ACCEPTED ... ... ERROR ADMINISTRERING MEMETIC KILL AGENT Hello 05-# MTF UNIT Alpha-1 Designation "Red Right Hand" Identification: Chief Rank: LCPL Callsign: LC20 Recent Occupation: S.W.A.T CMDR | Navy Seal VCMDR | Seal Team 1 lead Reasons for Recruitment: Dedication to the force. A recent interaction with SCP-f#### proving he can "detain" things he doesn't understand. He was recruited for his extensive military personnel record with being Seal team 1 and even taking shots for the people he was guarding. Medical Issues: Has PTSD triggered by SCP-106 as he has witnessed many of his comrades be taken by him. His left leg is damaged from interactions with SCP-966 with the most recent tearing off most of his leg skin and fracturing bones.
  8. Yes. Anymore arguing or unnecessary comments will possibly by hidden if causing issues.
  9. If they throw it and you run to close then that's not purposeful. But if they are screaming and running into the middle then ya.
  10. Uhhh no. Its 40+ warns for the server. Unless he has 40+ warns on scp. He doesn't get the 40+ warn ban.