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  1. Chief_

    Are they real?

    Cause I made one on the gensec one cause they complained that went real so I hosted a vote. Then everyone posted it here.
  2. I am going to say this. A huge NOOOOOOOOO to the one able to shut off power to the facility. That would make it a defcon 1 instantly. Also how it opens every single door in the entire facility. So every cc is open. Aka defcon 1.
  3. Chief_


    What do so of you identify as? I identify as a special snowflake ❄
  4. That's not the problem. To do the keycard upgrade we would need to use the new keycard scanners that have to cracker to them. Which they could also go into rooms we don't want them to rp in. Like the nuke room. Also to do it with the current ones. We would need to add them to the due. Or have a person follow them at all times. Which would make it hard on staff due to them having to tp to whoever needs the door open.
  5. Its not just for staff dis. Its also for having no intent to rp and not complying with staff. Then harassing staff I think it's what calamity or Willy said.
  6. I thought that 035 could only buy a keypad cracker.
  7. Chief_

    Perma Banned

    -Support. Especially the ones for community diss that I don't you trie to appeal and the saying go to hell in staff chat.
  8. +/- Support +It can be seen as disrespecting GL SCP-RP because of them talking about it. +he could have used the words not fun or boring. -He is indeed entitled to his own opinion I think it should just be a verbal warning on his record. Not a strike but just a verbal so he remembers to watch his wording.
  9. Agreed. But question when you guys called thermals for MTF raiding. DId you see the door open by itself and nobody there. Because if there were people there you shouldn't be calling it cause it ruins the attempted cloaking. But still +support.
  10. I am sorry. But we need His steam ID before we can administer any punishment. I'll try to find his steam id but it's not guaranteed.
  11. Yes. That's why we don't regret during ones that don't listen. Because they are expendable.