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  1. By warnings do you mean ulx warnings? And is it warms Acura al servers or just scp-rp
  2. I think it has to be on high. @Musty Flow
  3. Yes. Not if you guys added I request a few things. Don't make one wanted for shooting cops inputs they kill them. Or today you can use a fake id, or that cops can't go if if wanted signs. (id be ok if this is just for when our are in cars) cause then you can check id.
  4. Chief_


    Agreed. So chases (even though I main crim) can end in either surrender or shootouts. This can either be a + or - support. Depending on how you see it.
  5. I + support To be truthful @Archan you should've of done this lol. This does that he was named for the first strike reason. Then banned, then came again for no reason. Then look. He was banned in 1970
  6. Btw. This report involving you didn't help. also, if you look at some of the other appeals denied. It says there wouldn't be benefit to Ivan you. Looking at the refer it says that you will constant rdm. Watch I five think would benefit the server. You can't say that you said that was in rp as that was using ooc chat.
  7. Hi, so I for some Wi-Fi today. And this is going to be my response. So Tom, you should think before you say stuff. Like how is since says the n-word and gets banned. That's essentially what happened to you. Disrespecting the community that you didn't time playing on, don't you think that is wrong. I do. I trust th3's decisions. All I say is getting a wasting and up to 1 week to a 1 month ban.
  8. Chief_

    Chiefs Global LOA

    Name: Chief Steamid: STEAM_0:0:105726197 Rank: SNR admin|A1 LT Time: Till the 30'th of this month (I think. May be off by a date or 2. Reason: Vacation. (Will not be able to be contacted whatsoever. so don't try)
  9. +/- support -I agree with everythign above. If this gets shortened. I tshould be a perm blacklist from 343 (no appeal) Then a 1 month ban
  10. The reason is most likely being to that there is no ragdoll for it. So since it is sopose to use the ragdoll it cant be found.
  11. I agree with this but there is something you might have messed up. 1. That when he said, " I have staffed on a few HL2RP servers, and have reached the rank of Super Admin on one of them." He didn't mean he is staff on a different server. He can't even be allowed to be staff in another community. So a bit more of a + support as dogz is a great guy.