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  1. Ummm blitz. NSFW is bannable. As its littleraly stuff that isn't safe for minors/kids. So yea.
  2. Chief_

    Salty Report

    Then i'd like to welcome you to the 1 week ban. :3 JK +support
  3. In-Game Name: Chief SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105726197 Rank: SCP-RP Senior admin | TTT Moderator | SCP-RP Event Team Member/Note Taker | MTF Omni Specialist | Security SM Reason for leaving (If Private, Fine): Hello everyone. Most know me as the oldest senior admin. Some as a friend. Some as a "minge". I feel that my time has come for constant rp on the server. Recelently i've been getting bored on the server and dont feel like I get as much joy as I use to. I will still be hoping on sometimes but I wont be an official rank on the server. Also i want to be doing good and school and this got in the way. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?: I will do my best Do you agree to contact your Head of Staff once your 48 hour notice is up?: Yes Some things I like to say. Zeeptin - Will you ever unblock me man. ;-; igneous - Thx for the perms to m202 d-block Rang - I still have PTSD from the land matresses Rookie - Continue being a great SMT Member and cop (i'm rping on fiveM as a SAHP LT cop) Hoovy - Keep TTT up man! Catsro - Thx for letting me be ET note taker. Inaccurate - YOU FUCKING MINGE STUNSTICKING ME. JK Love you (yes homo XD) Bread - Good luck on Super Admin Blackbeard - Your my X senior admin bud Rektify - I will miss you Skela - You saw my toes one time. :3 Trap - Trap you are a trap. :3 To anyone else i did not mention. I will miss you all!!!!! I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU. ;-;
  4. Yea man. Why are u rdming that crim. Ban yourself.
  5. Went to the bathroom irl. My friend went on my computer and killed someone in valks sit... got banned. Then unbanned.
  6. --Support - No steamid : STEAM_0:1:513365848 -Lying about ban reason - TRUE BAN REASON: ARDM X2 | Repeatedly Changing name to avoid punishment | Wasting SMTs Time
  7. I was told that we shouldnt change the spawns unless it was like oviously broken. Like a mtf spawning in the admin room, d-block, etc. but if its a normal change like from medbay to mtf bunks then leave it up to smt. Unless its majorly broken.
  8. Yea. Especially on those as they are hydraulics and would crush a person.
  9. Please no more argueing. Or i will lock the post. Also
  10. Chief_

    Gordan False Warn

    Tranqs can be heard. He can attack at any gun noise.
  11. Chief_

    Ban appeal

    Boozle. You asked for a ban as he ltaped. Then rookie banned him.
  12. Chief_

    Ban appeal

    STEAM_0:1:46095124 Is his steamid. You banned him on behalf of boozle
  13. Chief_

    Weiss player report

    +/-support + Model should've been changed long ago. I even mentioned it to many people on the CC. - IDK if he was doign it on purpose but he should've pulled a thing otu so you guys could see him when he was on the other bridge.