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  1. This wouldn't be possible without zuther the great event team, staff team, and sSMT. R.I.P mike.
  2. Hmmm. I know they don't work together but that could be a thing. But it ain't. Also where was the stiff about that queen. What I heard was what I typed. The other things I think are cannon. Maybe parts of it is lore but hmmm.
  3. Chief_

    096 ideas

    They have been either burned out lost.
  4. Chief_

    Weirdest SCP

    The thing that is weirder about it is that it Stella things that day its number. So does it steel info about it even if someone gives it a new name?
  5. It was founded by the 05 council. Compressed of scientists and A1. They were tasked with missions that would be un ethical. Then they went rouge for a unknown reason. Truly the fusion and goc should work together as the goc can destroy SCP's that are to dangerous and the foundation can contain the ones that can't be destroyed or shouldn't be destroyed. CI aren't good guys. Goc and foundation are.
  6. Just text to tell him not to power game. Also he is a scp. The foundation classified him as a scp. But since custom job ur aunt under scp section.
  7. That that roll at the same time. Also their roll reason had to be for RP. So if its a d-class trying to do that. It wouldn't work cause its STEEL! Also rolls are random. Also one roll at the same time. And if you think it's a false roll call staff.
  8. Chief_

    Meeting Times

    I agree with October.
  9. Chief_

    MTF/NTF Radio Bug

    If you type 1.002 it changes to 1.001. Like how if you type 1.001 it puts you on channel 1
  10. Want to play Minecraft some time. :-: made the 2nd.
  11. He was also a excellent HOS. I am trying to follow in his footsteps. Gl Mate. Also hmmm Minecraft. XD