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  1. You were a good 5 mins naval see you boy
  2. +Support nice actually ARC models for Stealth
  3. -support this is phase 1
  4. -support this is not 38th im sorry
  5. @Becket that's not the correct link you have to get the workshop id not the searching link
  6. Rip we all have mistakes (notice the old warn I gave you Xd)
  7. rishi has a lot of walls and yes its an actual dark RP AK 47
  8. the secret is that i convinced eman to make SWRP a BorderRP server that's why
  9. Enlist today to the most important branch of the Republic Army and fight along with the grand admiral Join us and become into the next Admiral of the Republic Get all access clearance and help to maintain our base and Venator applications open at