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  1. +support same that 41st case
  2. +support he has helped me mature he is ready for GM has done great on staff
  3. what about giving 501st JT since they are an attack battalion and make sense that they have this type of equipment and maybe just maybe, giving heavy the hex shield, we could also add a breaching squad with shotguns and submachine guns.
  4. In-Game Name: CMO EXO Omega Steam Name: omegarwp GL SteamID: STEAM_0:0:99704700 Are you a Senior Moderator+? Yes How many post do you have on the website (150+ REQUIRED)? yes, 327 (328 with this one). How often are you online on the forums? Every day almost all day What timezone are you in? CST Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team (100 Words Minimum)? I would like to help with the forums administration, I am a person that likes helping this community that has given me a lot of fun and great friends, so I see this opportunities to place my little part in this community be helping the people and staff members, also I would be a really active forum diplomat since I am on almost all day and the forums page is always open on my phone, so yea I would love to help as much as I can that's the main reason I want to join to the forum diplomats, also this would help me to use a lot of my free time helping with the forums. Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? I think I have a really good judgement, I haven't had any trouble with my sits in game or my support tickets, this might be proof of what I say but I think that the people that play and works with me at SWRP know I will never take a decision if I am not a 100% sure that this would be the correct path to follow How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? I would hide all his pots then I would try to talk with this player, so I could ask him about on what server he has been banned then I would give him the server ban appeal link and try to talk with this server SMT so he can know what this player has done and place the strike on his account for spamming, if the specific server SMT is not available i would search for any SMT
  5. Reapo i hope you get this you have dedicated lot of time to this server Good Luck
  6. -support taking this to chat box this actions shows he is inmature just a SSGT need General permission as far as i know i like you but you are nort ready for BCO
  7. I don't know you but you have great feedback of PRP community, and reading your application I think you could be a great addition to the support team. +support
  8. +support I know he suffers with that XD
  9. for any update or suggestion talk to CMO+ Made by CMO EXO Omega