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  1. RIP, my dude you where I great cody and I don't regret training you when I was just a Brigadier General, Good Luck!!!!
  2. Good to see that you'll still be around (join 327th!), we will miss sasee
  3. tbh I think this should be instantly denied for the next reasons 1. Breaking 2 of the forums rules stated in this post 2. Calling people that gives feedback dumb 3. Advertising, even though he gave a reason that its a complete lie 4. Says everything bad he mad was because of his brother when in the first place it's your fault leaving you session open and its impossible to know that it was actually your brother 5. taking an immature attitude on his own application and also this is an update from my -support
  4. try that and tag me if it doesn't works
  5. So I was bored and I made this XD hope you like it!
  6. omegarwp

    new weapon pack

    What do you want to see? - a new weapon pack added Why should we add it? - its looks and work better than the ones we have rn What are the advantages of having this? - better RP experience Who is it mainly for? - all the SWRP community Links to any content - Clone weapons: Rockets: CIS weapons: Extras weapons: