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  1. +support used to be CAO Great guy Active -AO CMDR Omega
  2. +support I only know you because of forums but looking at your feedback and application you look like a possible great support member GL
  3. good luck men you will be missed
  4. ill stay neutral but you are a great guy my best medic.
  5. oof I didn't saw that coming enjoy it bro good luck if you need it.
  6. +support for the given reasons he is an active VC and trooper and being honest if you think about staying with your VC life is a good this to be staff since you can help to staff on off-ship events or you just have more time to help as staff. good luck -Omega-
  7. spike any day you see me on tell hey can we make my event because this needs to be a reality
  8. +support Active Mature good app thinks then acts (hard to find these days). AO CMDR Omega
  9. +support all reasons above the one I was thinking to replace me old 74th AO CMDR Omega 327th will never die
  10. -support replied to his own app no effort minge complains in game not ready I'll be honest to take more time, improve your app, make people in the game know who you are, your activity is ok, but I have received complaints about you attitude as soon as I got CMDR, I know it can be boring sometimes but minging its not the way my brother, if your attitude changes and I see an improvement on you I might +support you for the next time but for now you have too many things to learn.
  11. +/- support if you need a gun as an ARC just ask a GM
  12. +omegasupport Active old GM has good ideas fruitsnacks are the best