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  1. I think you misunderstood what he was trying to say and the attitude you have on this post is not really appropriate.
  2. I'm reporting them for what they did, not for what they could have done.
  3. It took me around an hour or less to set up our system from what I remember. Very easy and has never backfired.
  4. Simply because ARU makes guidelines on a hidden sop doesn’t change the fact that they can’t do that in the motd.
  5. I'm aware of that and this report isn't about that, its about the reasons they used to gain access to the rest of my house resulting in the destruction of my printers and loss of 100k per printer. They could have ticketed and charged me with possession. I had a gun out in my property against 3 armed intruders and since it was a pistol my only violation is the silencer.
  6. My apologies for indicating that I thought that you were doing damage control after tabbing back in from posting my report and getting brought so my perception was that it was damage control. The previous sit we had you declined to warn and stated that refunds for the destroyed printers doesn’t happen. You ignored me repeatedly stating that I had a video. After being returned and rightfully complaining about the Meta game in ooc, you told me to take it to the forums so I did. After taking it to the forums I am not going to suddenly switch back to ingame when I want all 4 of them warned for the reasons indicated above. The video clearly indicates there was no “visual” or actual clue signaling there was illegal activity. I don’t know why you didn’t want to see the evidence I had ingame during the initial sit especially since it wasn’t much of a sit in my opinion.
  7. A complete search after the situation was declared over with the perpetrators arrested/fleeing. I never truly understand why Government are allowed to arrest you for calling 911 and then raid YOUR house despite them never being inside other than 1 guy who ran out just as quickly. I have an issue with ARU command more so because it just seems like they are circumventing the MOTD rules. As for the reopening of the sit I don't really care, I was told to take it to the forums and after that my interest in resolving it ingame dropped to 0.
  8. It wasn't a misunderstanding, it was FailRP and Metagaming. I don't care that it says whatever in the ARU SOP. I care about what it states in the MOTD. After taking this report to the forums like I was told to do by Bruh and Ronin who didn't warn all 4 of you at the end of the sit, suddenly it turns into you offering to give a refund and offering to let Ronin warn you. Considering I did what I was told I decided to stick with the report and frankly I refused that 6 million because I don't like the principle of it. Why does it suddenly end up with you offering a refund 20+ minutes after the sit concluded and I was told to report this on the forums. Maybe I would have taken it if it had happened after the sit concluded but 20+ minutes? What I really want is Government to stop Metagaming and breaking the rules? Seems simple man, just follow the MOTD like everyone else since I can almost guarantee if the roles were reversed and these 4 were reporting me for breaking a rule, I would be warned without hesitation.
  9. Your in game name: The Illusive Man Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170490584 The player's in game name: ARU SM Ryan TRJ21, FBI SAIC Derick SAF8, FBI SAIC BRUH SAF1, SRT PFC Torty 1S77 The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:177289514 (Ryan), STEAM_0:1:123730107 (Derick), STEAM_0:1:179822315 (BRUH), STEAM_0:0:160202308 (Torty) What did the player do: Metagaming by using a "Drug sniffing dog" to rationalize searching the second story of my house which was blocked off and with no one up there since before the cops arrived. They then using the same excuse with no visual, or any evidence whatsoever except the metagaming ARU K9 use a warrant to get into a closed off area when there was no noise or anything coming from that room. I'm not sure where in the video they switch to saying that because there were shots fired they can search the entire house despite no one being witnessed up there. I lost an estimated 1 million, and only was released by Ronin who further declined to warn them for whatever reason despite him saying that it was failrp. My guess is that this happens a lot and usually people don't have evidence. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: A Warn for FailRPx4/Metagaming/NITRP each. Any extra information: Just because it isn't in the motd doesnt make it ambigious. It's FailRP and metagaming plain and simple. I clearly did not want to RP that there was a drug dog, and it was very very very irritating losing my stuff that I spent 30 minutes of my time on because of these people. I also have an additional 10 minutes of footage from before this point that I cut out as it didn't pertain to this report. If you want to see that I can upload certain portions as I did have a private conversation near the beginning of the recording that I will not include. I would just like it to be clear that Ryan should know better as no dog in the world could "smell" a printer from that distance which also leads me to the conclusion that he metagamed and the rest participated in it which is why I want them all warned for the exact same reason.
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