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  1. th3

    Security CCs.

    -Support I do not believe this suggestion deals with the issue at hand, which is that Custom Classes routinely in the past and possibly have continued to bypass SOP rules and restrictions for the branch that they paid to be a part of in their own custom class which is their particular "fantasy" or perhaps their preferred way to roleplay on the server. A better way to change this is through Rookieblue's suggestion which you can find earlier above. Increased communication to clearly establish the expectations and rules that a Custom Class must follow when participating in roleplay as a Security, MTF, CI, etc Custom Class to ensure that mishaps can be quickly dealt with while avoiding the excuse of "I didn't read the SOP so I didn't know" excuse or disregarding specific branches SOP's in favor of the less restrictive MOTD at times. These Security Custom Class Owners specifically indicated they wanted their class to be considered Security. This entails following their SOP and MOTD rules in tandem which several posters above commented on examples of that not happening, which is why I talked about Rookieblue's suggestion as being more able to address the issue people raised in this thread. Changing their NLR timer does nothing but punish them for paying for a different experience than MTF, or CI which have to follow their branches SOP and MOTD rules with no distinction or special/detrimental treatment (I might be wrong about that, if I am then sorry). This is getting long winded but tl;dr. I don't think this suggestion addresses the issue with Security CC's and punishing them for not indicating MTF by treating them differently than other Gensec is not the solution. Please refer to Rookieblue's post if you need to clarify what I meant in most of this. Edit: If D class CC's had to pay an additional $50 then perhaps they should get the same nlr as normal d class.
  2. Finally something to use my 1.7 billion on
  3. It's not advisable to immediately revert changes until they have had a chance to impact the flow of gameplay in them. One day is not enough to warrant a suggestion to basically revert back.
  4. -support not feasibly possible, unnecessary, over complicated, and has been denied in the past. Forum diplomats can do everything you would need them to do and I’m certain wouldn’t mind helping.
  5. Ingame Name: th3 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170490584 Job Name: E-11 Assault Specialist 6272 Server: SCPRP Name Change: E-11 Assault Specialist 6272 -> Bravo-6 6272 ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:170490584 Description Change: This highly trained Operator is a loyal assistant to the mysterious O5-6 Council Member. ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:170490584
  6. This should be accepted and the ban extended
  7. The focus of my comment was on the evidence provided by Cancer in the report, not what you said in response. Proof provided by Cancer only shows you in rp and him asking about sits which doesn't establish that you were actively refusing to take sits (Which is why I -supported this) and what this report would most likely have needed to actually be accepted in my opinion. I never said you were using roleplay as an excuse not to claim sits. Several responses to this report were implying that because of certain characters having certain types of roleplay it could be excused as to why a staff member would not be doing their job. Also having been a part of staff for a long time I have never missed a sit popping up when I was engaged in combat.
  8. -support The evidence provided does not show him actively refusing to take sits. A video would be better to catch stuff like that because screenshots don't do much. Also something that perhaps should be clarified is that it doesn't matter what sort of rp a staff member is in, or how difficult it is to do rp as a certain character. Anything related to "being in rp" can't be held up as to why they failed to do their job.
  9. +Support clearly can follow directions
  10. I shot up 3 police cars and stole one to drive into a wall 5 minutes into joining the server
  11. They left immediately after I issued the warning before it would have been possible for me to bring them to an admin room. I also resorted to a ban because of his previous warnings which told me it wasn’t his first or second time minging with props.
  12. count me in but if I win I'm donating the money to charity
  13. Was at work before but basically here is what happened. I was cloaked watching d block after causing chaos for security I took a break as there were a lot of D class Custom classes so I figured they had a chance without extra aid. I see 3 giant cube props get spawned in in a cluster of d class, and immediately they disappear. I saw the name of the person who spawned them in but figured it was a "mistake" and didn't do anything. During this time there were no rdm sits being called and the only issue seemed to be prop minging. I then saw him spawn the same 3 cubes along with an airplane before immediately removing them. Since I identified who it was I knew it was being done on purpose and since there were no staff sits being called about the supposed rdmer he allegedly was trying to stop I issued a warning for prop minging. He immediately disconnected after I issued the warning and having checked I knew he had a total of 3 warns for prop minging so he knew what not to do with props but still did it. I decided to ban him for 3 days because of the 3 prop minge warnings along with the instantaneous dc.
  14. The fact that he immediately left after being punished simply factored into me banning him for 3 days to reflect the previous punishments he had received (The three prop minging warns). I'm not trying to imply he only got banned because he disconnected as he still was going to get banned regardless. The cubes were massive and he spawned three of them in a row, twice. This to me establishes that it was not a misclick after he did it for the second time after I chose to not punish him for the first time. He also spawned an airplane prop during the second time which is the instance that I chose to punish him for. I have since blacklisted the massive cube to ensure it doesn't happen again in the future.