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  1. In the spirit of full disclosure, donators do not get special consideration based off how much they donate for ban appeals. It also doesn't matter about previous levels of activity. As for the ban reason I highly doubt you just were being a smartass to actually get blacklisted. But that can be determined by Matthew when he reviews this.
  2. How would this be implemented?
  3. Blacklists are not appealable. Based off your name on the ban page, I vaguely remember hearing how much of a problem you were which is why you were blacklisted. -Support
  4. th3

    Lil JJ Ban Appeal

    Smoke didn't know you were still here lmao
  5. It's a visual glitch.
  6. th3


    This conflicts with other addon's which is why it was denied last time.
  7. +Support Show our scaled indestructible lizard friend some love with a hp boost.
  8. Huh? I would say the information is more specifically helpful for COVID-19 instead of the flu to be honest.
  9. I smell the doubt from a mile away. Most of the time the reason why a suggestion gets denied is because SMT tested it and determined that it couldn't fit into what the Server needs. Other reasons could be that it isn't something they think the server should get or if they already have something in mind. The most common reason is something else is already being added/removed/changed so its not beneficial to do an almost similar thing twice. Two stones, one bird.
  10. I would say that being blacklisted has nothing to do with it as Voxis was not only Staff on PoliceRP but also staff on SCPRP after he was unblacklisted lmao. As for being fit for staff I would say Voxis has the needed maturity as well as drive to be staff especially since he was always thinking about ways to improve and offering thoughtful suggestions for both servers. Also his actual activity isn't based off the mere instance that you never saw him on the server, given that timezones/real life can determine when someone is on. To be honest it just seems like you are being rather ignorant with trying to hold these things against Voxis when they hold no merit. Perhaps people are holding grudges due to interdepartmental involvement from what I hear. Aren't you blacklisted? Thought your account would have already been banned. +Support Voxis is probably the most qualified for staff on PoliceRP out of all these applications so far. I can't speak for activity but I'm 100% sure he exceeds all other expectations. -Mature -Knows the rules -Knows how to handle staff sits and player complaints -Has an in-depth knowledge of the staff handbook and follows it to the letter -Literally one of the best staff members I had on SCPRP, would make a great JMT member.