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  1. *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Lore Name: Alex Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: 2 Security Officers. One Junior Researcher, Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 966. Hypothesis: SCP 966 will attempt to hide its appearance from any human personnel that are in its CC. This will be due to SCP 966 not wanted to alert possible prey. Observation: When the Security Officers forced SCP 966 to uncloak and go against a far corner, it remained there until personnel withdrew from the CC after placing a D Class Personnel inside. The SCP then seemed to almost toy with the D class as it ran around attempting to avoid the invisible scp. Suddenly SCP 966 appeared behind the Class D and immediately killed him. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: SCP 966 could have escaped when personnel attempted to place a class D inside its CC, perhaps having more Security Personnel on station to deal with the SCP. Conclusion: SCP 966 will attempt to play and toy with its prey before moving in for a quick kill. Possible use of SCP 966 in field tests against hostile interests against the Foun dation is recommended to be looked into however it may be denied just as the previous requests were. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  2. th3


    The best time to ask about staff tags is during the staff meeting which is Sunday at 7 pm est.
  3. th3

    VII Family Report

    +Support FailRP is obvious among all of them. Should all be warned appropriately.
  4. +Support Billy said it was false
  5. +Support Sounds like a honest mistake
  6. +Support Active Friendly Put effort into his app/fixed it from the previous one Good luck!
  7. th3

    Admin The best

    I’m sorry but you should really follow the correct steps to apply for staff. Until then, -Support
  8. th3

    Minge hour

    It’s not allowed.
  9. -/+ Support As mentioned above your answer to question 16 is not fully correct. The max our Tmods can Minge is clearly stated in the Staff Handbook. It is not 200seconds. Also as I mentioned in someone else’s app, your response to q. 16 doesn’t seem to include how exactly you would defuse the player yelling at you. One thing I believe that separates Gaminglight from other communities is the way our staff team handles players who are being verbally abusive with them. I would like to see how exactly you would calm the player down during the sit beyond simply gagging them. So in conclusion I will change my -/+ support based on a change in your answer to question 16. Good luck!
  10. -/+ Support As Kade the 2nd said, it seems like your answer to question needs some work. What I would like to see is how you would handle the person in the sit who was yelling at you. A key thing that separates Gaminglight servers from other servers/communities in my mind is the staffs ability to defuse situations with players who are being verbally abusive with them. That is what I don’t see in your app. I will change my -/+ support based on a different response to q. 16 that takes into account what I mentioned above. Good luck!
  11. th3

    Jailbreak rules

    Player reports for the meta gaming and make a suggestion my dude!
  12. It’s gonna stay at staff only so that people can recognize staff easily.
  13. I’ll ask if this is possible and if it is that would be neat.
  14. The description needs to be changed lol. Also the command for the job is all lowercase. Example being: shades_task_force Second thing is with the team name it should be in all caps. Example being: TEAM_SHADES_TASK_FORCE_E4 Also you indicated you were adding the m4a1 but included the code for the ssg. Just something that I thought to point out. Is there still an issue with the R&D command job with its whitelist?
  15. What I can say is that the whitelist issue with that is on the list of things that should be fixed. As for the R&D class, I don’t think it was noted down as also being broken... However I’ll add that to the list we have.