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  1. The author of the thing literally says to expect poor performance and crashes, I don’t think that adding this to the server to make 4 people out of 120 happy
  2. th3

    th3's warn appeal

    Your In-game Name: th3 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:170490584 The admin's name in-game: th3 The admin's steam name: Boosted What warning did you receive: rdm/FailRP/Blew up the bear When did you receive this warning: 04/26/2020, 22:48:15 Why do you think this warn was false: I issued it Evidence the warning is false: I issued it Any extra information: Forgot I issued the warning to myself on accident
  3. +Support Very much needed, looks really good
  4. I assume this would inflate the economy too much if it were a thing on scprp
  5. Rumor has it that if you lag hard enough you won't lag anymore
  6. +support huge hours long minutes big seconds
  7. Not the correct thing to do. -support
  8. No proof that he said it
  9. -Support I do not believe this suggestion deals with the issue at hand, which is that Custom Classes routinely in the past and possibly have continued to bypass SOP rules and restrictions for the branch that they paid to be a part of in their own custom class which is their particular "fantasy" or perhaps their preferred way to roleplay on the server. A better way to change this is through Rookieblue's suggestion which you can find earlier above. Increased communication to clearly establish the expectations and rules that a Custom Class must follow when participating in roleplay as a Security, MTF, CI, etc Custom Class to ensure that mishaps can be quickly dealt with while avoiding the excuse of "I didn't read the SOP so I didn't know" excuse or disregarding specific branches SOP's in favor of the less restrictive MOTD at times. These Security Custom Class Owners specifically indicated they wanted their class to be considered Security. This entails following their SOP and MOTD rules in tandem which several posters above commented on examples of that not happening, which is why I talked about Rookieblue's suggestion as being more able to address the issue people raised in this thread. Changing their NLR timer does nothing but punish them for paying for a different experience than MTF, or CI which have to follow their branches SOP and MOTD rules with no distinction or special/detrimental treatment (I might be wrong about that, if I am then sorry). This is getting long winded but tl;dr. I don't think this suggestion addresses the issue with Security CC's and punishing them for not indicating MTF by treating them differently than other Gensec is not the solution. Please refer to Rookieblue's post if you need to clarify what I meant in most of this. Edit: If D class CC's had to pay an additional $50 then perhaps they should get the same nlr as normal d class.
  10. Finally something to use my 1.7 billion on
  11. It's not advisable to immediately revert changes until they have had a chance to impact the flow of gameplay in them. One day is not enough to warrant a suggestion to basically revert back.
  12. -support not feasibly possible, unnecessary, over complicated, and has been denied in the past. Forum diplomats can do everything you would need them to do and I’m certain wouldn’t mind helping.
  13. Ingame Name: th3 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:170490584 Job Name: E-11 Assault Specialist 6272 Server: SCPRP Name Change: E-11 Assault Specialist 6272 -> Bravo-6 6272 ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:170490584 Description Change: This highly trained Operator is a loyal assistant to the mysterious O5-6 Council Member. ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:170490584