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  1. We need the steamid 64. Please use to locate it and then copy and paste it in your post. You also need to pay for the job before you post
  2. What if people actually need to /demote someone when no staff are on?
  3. 1. You need the model path, or the link to the player model you are wanting. 2. It’s the discretion of the event team member if they wish to include you in the event as what you put on the description
  4. Take the loa, you don’t need to worry about games while on loa xd
  5. th3

    Dakotas LOA

    I’m pretty sure everyone understands putting real life matters before a game! Best of luck and I hope everything works out
  6. Noted! We have reviewed this issue with our servers and we will be working hard to fix it ASAP! Please allow up to a week for any bug fixes to occur as we go on a first come first serve basis. Thank you!
  7. It’s the responsibility of the custom class owner for that. Also in the custom job format post it says what I attached below.
  8. A heads up to stress behavior that should be avoided.
  9. Already a Trial Moderator on SCPRP.
  10. th3

    Smokes False Warn

    Accepted! To have your warn removed, go to the "Bans" Section at the top of the forums, navigate to your profile, find the warning for this appeal, and for the reason on the appeal, link this post.
  11. Denied I don’t think a ban would be appropriate unless this player causes more issues on SCPRP.