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  1. this guys a faker dont fall for his lies



  2. th3

    My map bug

    You said you already tried uninstalling all the map related addons right? Then restarting your game and installing them again.
  3. You should get more time in my opinion. -/+ Support
  4. If those warns meet the requirements for them to be removed then +Support
  5. th3


    I am updating every keycard scanner so I would assume people’s access to certain doors may change once I’m done.
  6. th3

    Myan-False warn appeal

    Do not tag SMT Also I don’t see the point as I wasn’t even on the server last night and the warn matches with the report I made. I think it was just a mistake.
  7. False Warn Report Questions Your In-game: th3 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:170490584 The admin's name in-game: PTU SM MyanDaBeast 1A98 The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL]MyanDaBeast What warning did you receive: Respawning While EMS is online/Appeal Accepted Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I reported someone else for respawning while EMS were online and it was accepted by Myan and then I was warned. Any extra information:
  8. ^^ Please include more about why you deserve the rank rather than as Felix said, simply writing about your journey to it. I think your application is good but including that story in there serves no purpose and doesn’t add anything at all to your application besides making it really long.
  9. In regards to Keycards, I am going through the keycard scanners and adding it to the appropriate ones
  10. -Support Why should you be entitled for a second chance when you told someone to kill themselves in a VIDEO GAME. I think this should remain a global blacklist and have his forums account restricted as well. I was staff on policerp during the time this happened.
  11. th3

    Smokes Old Warn

    If it’s false, if it isn’t false then you shouldn’t be appealing it because it’s valid. If it’s older than a year then it can get removed.
  12. th3

    Smokes Old Warn

    It has to be over a year old in order to be removed. You are saying it isn’t false so therefore you can’t get it removed unless it’s a year or older
  13. Igneous gave me the go ahead to place them in there. However if Carpenter decides otherwise they will get removed