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  1. I feel unfairly treated on top of this, I was staff restricted after commenting my opinion on the forums about a friend, and giving them a second chance on the server. No communication was given towards me about what I did wrong so I assume it was that. I also had plans of coming back to the game master team as it was suffering badly and when I left it went downhill. You really fucked me over and you never told me anything about it. Even if i just a reason why or a dm from you it would make it a lot more respectable.
  2. I don’t think he could be trusted because he was trying to bring HC members down along with SHC
  3. Sad to see you go too. But im sure we will still talk
  4. I know this is kind of out of the Blue, but I am sadly resigning. This has come due to situations and decisions on the server that have left me with no other option then to resign. Here are some of my close friends that I have made on this server that have helped me get where I am at, and also were some fucking gentlemen! Carson: ← He is my lover Bop: First of all, he is a fucking gentleman. Amazing high command member who has helped many people especially me. You are probably one of my closest friends I have made on the server. Love you man! Chicano: Fortnite Royale MyanDaBeast: Truly an amazing person right here. He was the first person in the entire server who saw something in me. I was chosen to be a vice commander over someone else who would of been the obvious pick. Couldn't have thanked you enough man. Hotshot: You pushed out a lot of updates for the server, especially updates for the GM team. You are a fast responder! Something I personally do not have. But seriously man, the server wouldn't be here without you. GM Team: Man you guys took a lot to control but I really enjoyed creating new things for Gamemasters and making it a more unique experience on the server. I won't miss the team at all. Nimo: My IQ buddy, I swear once after this is over I will play Zeus Gaming and Minecraft. I hope to see you there man. You were another really close friend of mine thats funny but can be mean at some times. Sorry if I didn't mention you it's probably because I wasn't close to you. No worries though, it will all work out even if I'm not around to help you guys. “Don’t worry about me, worry about you cause it’ll be a long time before you ever see me again.” - Ye West
  5. we losing an amazing gm and an amazing person all around see ya buddy!
  6. Consistent Command Member, and very trustworthy
  7. Great Person, Great Experiences with him especially in GM.