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  1. In-Game Name: Soul SteamID: STEAM_0:0:159439430 Custom Job Name: Bonez Adding 4th Primary: tfa_spas12 ($50) - STEAM_0:0:159439430 Gun Change: tfa_val -> tfa_csgo_scar20 ($10) - STEAM_0:0:159439430 Also my cc cant rob crate. Total Payed: ($60) - STEAM_0:0:159439430
  2. -support context is key, by his tone and the context you can tell that’s a not a sexual remark. Honestly if every time someone said suck my dick there was a ban there probably wouldn’t be many player left. I don’t think any sexism or discrimination should be allowed but I don’t believe this was foo intent at all.
  3. +support active (especially late at night) Mature great at handling staff sits extremly thorough knowledge of the motd overall I think barth would make an amazing admin
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