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  1. say you get in a gun fight between hospital and spawn you win the fight you run into hospital get health and come out to them chasing you thats what im saying
  2. for everyone to make it clear i want to make it so if you die and get revived you can not engage in the same situation for 3 minutes
  3. honestly I understand the sit time but please allow video evidence if its already uploaded and edited under 3 minute and if there is only one other sit and 2 or more staff this seems like a better solution
  4. it usually right after like when healing or running away
  5. What you want to see? - I want to see a rule that states that someone that is revived by ems must wait 3 minutes before going back into roleplay/combat Why should we add it? - its extremely unrealistic to get shot 30 time brought back to life then to run up to someone who has a gun and start another shootout if crim must comply when being revived why can gov start another shoot out like nothing happened. What are the advantages of having this? - realism/Rp it also makes it fair for crim when they win a firefight and are at low health because imagine you win a fire fight your using a med kit and healing or your running away with a gun your at 55 health and a tac unit that now has full health because he was revived tries to arrest you. Who is it mainly for? - crim Links to any content - NA
  6. + support you can clearly see he stole the gov car