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  1. Bruh our generation be gone, we will miss you cryo
  2. +support and here is why Great person and leader he is an OG and has been apart of GL for a while Has a good rep with the server overall good person, good application hope you get admin you epic gamer
  3. Fleet Admiral - ImperialRP Admin - SWRP Gamemaster
  4. this is sad I will miss you twosix, and RIP gensec high command
  5. HeadShot720

    False Topic

    well IP 31st, on a real note I will miss you my man, and you did not fail us you were a damn good commander I was hoping for you to get general
  6. +support and here is why they are the normal speed of a trooper and constantly having to run for a moment due to their low run speed they should all have the same run speed as navy because we are the only people with arrest baton at the moment
  7. I remember you and I will miss you always remember the sky is the limit
  8. +Support Active and knows what he is doing I thought you were sega for a fat minute you would make a great medical officer! and I wished you fleshed out more on your application
  9. @Psycho dangit krug why did you do this first blackstone then you the only good generation is gone ;( i will miss you, my brother, and i want you to know have a wonderful life brother
  10. Personality: kind outgoing, funny attitude Strengths: Good leadership, intelligent Weaknesses: Talking in front of a large group of people Fears: Blurgs, Sea creatures on Naboo Most memorable experience: Leading a Venator into battle on Geonosis Occupation: Fleet Admiral of Imperial Star destroyer #2991 Backstory: Born on Naboo mid 18 BBY family of 2 republic senators Harrison had always dreamed of reaching for the stars and years later His father enrolled him into the Republic navy a class of 40 only 10 would make it in the republic navy months of training Harrison is enrolled into the Navy as a Midshipman and the beginning of the weeks before the Clone Wars. One year later the cocky midshipman has became a Republic Commander for the Navy during the great battle of Geonosis with little bridge crew they land a Venator on Geonosis being the main ground forces for this three-day-long battle and being attacked constantly by separatist ships and surviving and almost losing the Venator. Nearing the end of the clone wars now being elected a Fleet Admiral of the Venator he has been stationed at his entire time of being apart of the navy and the end of the clone wars he is in charge of an Imperial Star destroyer #2911.
  11. I wouldn't say he isn't ready he is active just need to be a little more serious I would say. ImperialRP Fleet Admiral - ImperialRP Admin - SWRP Gamemaster
  12. +/- Support and here is why yes he does minge yes he is not a great influence he has room he can do better he fleshed out on his application and gave it effort he can improve a lot ender deserves a second chance to improve hence why I am a +/- ImperialRP Fleet Admiral - ImperialRP Admin - SWRP Gamemaster
  13. MEGA + Support Very creative GM deserves this positions has the experience to back it up good luck divide!! ImperialRP Fleet Admiral ImperialRP Admin SWRP Gamemaster