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  1. -\+ support +The staff app was written pretty well +You are a pretty good man from what i have seen -little inactive -can get a little offhand at some times but i think he deserves the promotion to senior admin!
  2. + support staff app was greatly written, nice man to work with, kind person great reasoning, and overall great person! Forgot to mention also active on the forums.
  3. + support great person to work/rp with very dedicated, very respected, can get a little offhand with the minging but still a great person staff app is greatly written.
  4. HeadShot720

    Staff Report

    @OddVenom venom im still very confused why trae is being reported can you elaborate a bit.
  5. HeadShot720

    Staff Report

    @OddVenom I do believe the LTAP punishment was unnecessary i think you really didn't mean to leave i think a diss warn would have been a at least.
  6. HeadShot720

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    When i was told about OddVenom player calling 912s dad gay i left trae the decision on what to do i came in just a few minutes before and venom did say a few choice words but i still didnt know what punishment should have been enforced and i did leave trae to finish his sit and he went to rang to enable a 3660 second minge. he was asking to take the warn and i did not know what to do after i got just completely engulfed with this so for now i am -\+ venom.
  7. +support The warns are pretty old, i have been playing with him recently he is definitely trying to get them appealed serious and he seems to be good whenever i play with him.
  8. Name: Harrison Rank: CI SGT Time 4/22/19 - 4/26/19 Reason family vacation to California and if it says im playing terreria that is my older bro he is staying because he had too many missing assignments XD
  9. i didnt mean to post this yet sorry i was thinking way ahead
  10. + Support -the application has a lot of detail -catsro is a nice guy fun to hang out with and helpful all the time -from being a partner with you in CI your are pretty mature about your rp job i hope you make it b keep up the good work!
  11. File Number: N/A Lead Researcher: CI RnD AR Harrison XR8 Assisting Personnel: CI HVY CoolSteve CI RCT RABBIES Test Subject: SCP-098 Subjects Involved: N/A Test Name: Testing the capability's of SCP-098 and how it acts around humans in a docile state Hypothesis: I hypothesized that SCP-098 would act friendly in most of this and would possible get a little agitated during the tests i conducted on the crab mutant i conducted 5 tests : 1 i wanted to see if SCP-098 was capable of speech i tried multiple ways but to no avail 2 : i wanted to see if SCP-098 would go into a enraged state so i asked if CI HCY Coolsteve would insult SCP-098 and i semmed to work by killing the CI HVY and the rest were jsut basic tests. Observation: SCP-098 seemed to think it was a human but not being able to speak only make letters on a wall with a cleaver and it semmed to have gotten angry with any pictures of humans mutalating crabs it seemed to be set into a enraged state. Conclusion: My conclusion is that 3/5 of the tests seemed to have worked on SCP-098 after the tests were done it seemed to want to be back into the foundation i wanted to take a blood test sample then it refused to and attempted to kill me. Additional Information: N/A
  12. Name: Harrison Rank: SGT Time 4/19/19 to 14/26/19 Reason going to California and having a family trip
  13. Dakota you will be missed you were a great lt and a even bigger body