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  1. Well have fun in your other departments my guy!
  2. Emmu06

    SS Website

    For all your SS needs https://sites.google.com/view/glschutzstaffel/home ~Oberführer Emmu
  3. At the current moment, our Field Officers are filled I believe and command is currently closed in general along with enlisted. If you wait until the server opens up, the apps should open up. If you have any extra questions, you can talk to me on discord as I am the highest of the High Field officers ~Oberführer Emmu
  4. Yes as the server isn't completly up yet xD
  5. Its been a rough month to 2 month long tourney as a member and the eventual Lt Col of one of the best Departments on this server. I started as a member of state back in the age of Snookie, where I only managed to last till SNR until he was removed, replaced by Cole Phelps, where I worked my way up to around I believe 2LT before he was removed and then Richmond took over, leading to my revival of SPMU under my supervision and reaching Major until he was removed as well. After being appointed Lt Col, I continued to help make State great again with better vehicles, new sub departments, and new faces. And I would have to say it is a rough time especially now due to the removal of the Bike from the server, reversing the growth I created back under Richmond. The point of all of this self reflection is that throughout my career on GamingLight, State held a large precense in most of it. So its sad to say that I will be stepping down from my high command position. I would say it is not because of any of you, some of my favorite moments of the server came from this great department. But with my many months playing on Police RP, the same burned out feeling comes as well, hitting my push for state hard. And I am sad to go, as a lot of the people who I first saw join as maybe a 2LT or even a SGT have grown up to becoming low command and generally good state troopers. You will see me on the server from time to time, as I still have work to do with SS as it needs a major revive and just to check in on things as well as staffing but I would rather leave State when it was booming and looking much better than its roots(besides Gaur of course lol). I do have some mentions: Ghostly: My boy, even though you liked to do certain things by yourself like apps and the like, it was fun running State with you my man Papa: Even though you are gone at his point, you were a blast to have here and kept it entertaining every time David & Livebait: I'm not sure when you two joined but you were like prodigies of mine who worked up to Captain and leading your own sub departments, keep up the good work my guys Huner: You racist boy, I'll miss ur random ranting Kai, Echo, & North: See you guys on 1944 rp. Also Kai, thanks for keeping SPMU up to the end, making it amazing until it crashed spection. Jeff Jr, Cody, and Elvis: Even though I don't see some of you on sometimes, keep the DOC dream proud for WOLFGANG Alistar: My boy, you always knew how to make me laugh. Keep being you my guy! TOBI: GET OFF LOA MY DUDE Anyway... This is 1K36.. Signing off for the very last time... PS: My resignation can be considered formally active once the next meeting when I make my formal leave.
  6. It would be a better threat if we could actually read it
  7. +support Great Guy He will be a great readdition to the staff team Good Luck ~Emmu
  8. Name : Emmu Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:88078539 How old are you? : 17 Staff Rank (Must be Moderator) : Senior Moderator Have you Donated? If so, how much? : Yes $50 How long have you been staff? (No Less than 1 month) : Almost 2 months What is your general knowledge on the rules? : I have a good knowledge of the rules. What can you bring to Event Team? (150 words+) : I used to be an event team member for a CWRP server before I switched to GL. On that server, I was a senior Event Planner, meaning I helped put the new team members through trials(which I had to go through myself) of sorts regarding various skills such as building event props, writing up new event documents in preperation for future events, helping out in events such as acting as npcs(examples would be vulture droids, special droids, etc), writing scripts for briefings and debriefings, and eventually leading your own event with guidance from Seniors like me. This job requires the ability to think outside the box while also working in advance to make sure that everything works. It also requires that you be quick witted in changing up plans and adapting to what players might try, such as breaking props or messing an objective up. I hope to bring my experience and ability to adapt and plan effectively to a new environment of Police RP. How many warns do you have? (No more than 10) : 2 Why do you want to join event team? (150 words+) : I want to join the event team because I want to apply my skills to a new environment as I mentioned earlier. As I have seen in Police RP, the creativitiy of events on Police RP can be lacking at times, not going to lie. I hope to add my mind into the collective of the event team and SMT and come up with some great new ideas that could spice up the server. I always want to do more for the server and I feel providing new ideas and fun new events for the player base to enjoy can be another way to make the server better besides just staffing. I also love to help people out on the server. So by becoming an event team member, I can use my experience to help others get into the swing of things. I can also helped with the logistic aspects of planning such as documents or just making sure everything is in the right place. I am also a good builder, which I drilled into others as a Senior event team member and instilled in myself, so I can help apply those to events. But most of all, I hope to make the server better by providing its base with some cool and new events to enjoy, which are well organized and executed properly. Thank you for reading :3 ~Senior Mod Emmu
  9. Emmu Hey Hannah. It’s yah boy. Hope you have a good few days up ahead. If you wanna talk, you know where to find me :3