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  1. -Support You haven't waited 2 weeks Not enough effort
  2. -Support Can be mingey Blatantly dissed staff/ GM Team Not much effort About peer pressure being a leader you can not fall to peer pressure
  3. [GL] Alpha

    Alpha's BG App

    Name: 104th LTC Alpha 1843 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:158575448 Rank (Must be LTC+) LTC Why do you want to be a general?:I want to help more than one battalion like my own and I would really help out the battalions in the server by being this so I could help more than one battalion. I would always be active and not always be on to take care of all the battalion to make sure everyone is active and everyone has enough players to actually have our ping experience and I would always be there for questions and help with anything and everything at all. I would always make sure everything is OK with my troops I would always be there for everyone and I would always make sure I use my power in a good way more than a negative way like most people do which is sad but I feel like I could help the server having a good BG Like everyone’s over it will take a while to get me used to it but I’ve eventually will take on and be the best that I could ever be and I hope I will get excepted because I feel like I could help and my intentions are very true and good I feel like I could be a lot of help to the server because of how much I’ve been on this and I’ve could help and I’ve always wanted to be holding a high Rank and this is my chance Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?:I believe I’m trusted him on the server multiple people know my intentions are true and most of the people on the server know that I could do this so might not think but I promise you if you give me a chance I could do it I feel like I would always be there and I would be put on a strict trial. And if I mess up I am now I understand that and I will be very serious about that and I hope that if I do get excepted I am more than what I was expected to be and I would always help I’m pretty sure everyone knows me on the server to the new ones but I’ll try to get myself one know when I’m on the server and everyone that and everyone can help I feel like this is the position I could hold you very much and very long time won’t be in a while but I still hope I can do it and I think more than enough people trust me I’m a server and if not I hope I did gain the trust from the times of me being a BG How often can you be online?: 5-6 hours a day 8 hours in weekends How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: One from a while ago for rdm and RDM On Police RP i killed EMS I resigned from my Delta Squad life to be more active as on my general life or second life i plan on resigning from CAO Once i get BG if i do so i do not fall inactive I will focus on my BG life and be active
  4. You Were The A Great LTG I wish you would stay as it but i hope you do medical Proud
  5. Do not Reply on your app i know its to answer a question but it is frowned upon
  6. -Support No effort into this application You don't take staff seriously When you are on you are always on Jedi i have seen you on staff maybe Once or twice Fail Rps a lot You are sort of a minge No Poll Sincerely Alpha
  7. Jessy sometimes you just have to suck that up I have got so much shit when I was a commander like how I didn’t deserve to be in my position and not respecting me because of my age I tried my best to ignore that shit
  8. +support even though he was a CRO for a little amount of time he has good intentions mature responsible good leader
  9. Yes Becuase i did not Relaize the powers of GM But i do as a Moderator and i take it very seriously I explained to him those were the reasons i got removed GM in no shape or form did i tell him to take it down