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  1. -Support There is no effort into this application Rushed If you want to get to a higher rank I suggest you try
  2. [GL] Alpha

    Alphas LOS

    https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/48102-alphas-loa/ I can’t copy from phone
  3. Name: Alpha Server: PoliceRP Job Name: Kingpin Weapons To Be Added: tfa_csgo_nova SteamID STEAM_0:1:158575448
  4. Dear SWAT, I have been accepted into SRT and i cant be in both i wish you all the best swat will always be my home. I will see you guys around and thank you command for a good time in swat yall work really hard
  5. -Support There is no evidence of abuse and also Prop Climbing is mingy and against the rules
  6. [GL] Alpha

    Gafgs Ban Appeal

    -Support It got denied nothing is going to change smt and EMT made their decision and as they stated it stands