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  1. Science I understand it you guys work your asses off and I appreciate it I do and I am sorry you don’t get the respect you deserve
  2. I not on this but i will miss you alot
  3. Assault BG means you have command of those battalions not that you lead all the missions whenever your on I never get to command and you always put me down and in both those I never knew you were field command
  4. MAJOR +SUPPORT He Will be a kick ass bxo like he was echo to the 501st He is what the 38th Need Respectful Mature Responsible Respectable
  5. -support you are not that active whenever I am leading an briefing or anything he make fun of my age by mocking me not ready If you want to be a BG put more effort you have been a bxo for a while but has done nothing
  6. Your current BG is me so please do not disrespect any of us we are stressed as is with all the people resigning in the general core dorm of us have to take on extra responsibilities so please do not say we don’t deserve to be s BG and please do not start drama