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  1. Name: Alpha Rank EMT What you think couldbe improved in EMS: N/A
  2. You replied on your application if you read the staff handbook correctly you would know that is a instantly denied
  3. -Support From the Video it looks like there is a staff sit going on, So you proceed to Get in your car and drive off or try to but then they stop you. And Dissing people in staff reports really look bad on you Its not favoritism is the truth you were in the wrong Its not favoritism is the truth you were in the wrong
  4. There Should Be the ford explorer on the swat car dealer but it is not there
  5. Now your starting arguments please stop to prevent arguments
  6. You Replied to your Own Application Witch Automatically means you are denied if you read the hand book
  7. I understand but I am making sure they are active on forums
  8. Name: Rank: How active are you: If you are on LOA or inactive. Why: Do you want to stay in Shock : This is mandatory for all Shock (except reserves) failure to respond will have you removed.
  9. Denied Absolute No Effort Replied on Own app Dosnt Meet Rank requirements Re apply for 2 weeks
  10. Denied Inactive Just Came Back Rarely known Re apply In 2 Weeks
  11. [GL] Alpha

    The Return

    I have missed you man