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  1. Has been a MOD for a while, I think he needs his senior mod ASAP Good Luck ~Papa
  2. Im gonna be sick.......
  3. PAPA

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Papa Rank and Call Sign: SA KGB86 Date: 5/1/19 How active are you? (be honest please): Not very
  4. This is also a 48 hour notice. I will comment the proper format when I return home because I didn’t notice there was a format.
  5. In-Game Name: Papa SteamID: STEAM_0:1:202479144 Rank:Senior Moderator Reason for leaving: Stated Below/Accepted For Staff On Other Community Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? According to the rules I shouldnt be Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Already Have Dear SMT and Gaminglight community, I am here to announce the dreaded decision of resigning from the MilitaryRP staff team. I have truly been blessed with the position I have earned while staffing on this server and this community as a whole. I have truly tried my best to help the server and community and I will never regret it. I dedicated my life to staff and it was an amazing time. I have loved this community so much and I believe it is time for me to expand my horizons and move on. I have honestly been inactive on MilitaryRP as a staff member and I would truly rather not be any type of nuisance towards the SMT or anybody on the staff team. I feel that my position of staff could be better use to another member of staff who truly currently deserves it. I have great hopes for MilitaryRP to come back from this phase it is going through and I wish all of the staff team the best of luck in the oncoming future. MilitaryRP was always and still is the best Gamighlight server known and it was a pleasure being here to help you guys. Kai - You are mad funny and ill still see you around, I hope you go far in the staff team because you are meant to be here. North - You are the best Super Admin on the server without a doubt and you deserve Head Admin RIGHT NOW but time will tell your story. You are the future of this server so keep up the amazing work and make me proud. Awg and Will - I never really got to talk to you guys too much but when I did talk to you guys, you never failed to help me or whoever needed help. You both have also been really great to the server so keep it up. Richard - You were honestly there when I was interested in transferring back to PoliceRP and you supported me because you thought it was meant to be and I appreciate it. Keep p the great work because you are the future manager of this server and you for sure deserve it. Scheffer - The man.. The myth.. The legend... You have been here for as long as I have joined the community and have been with this server through heaven and hell. You obviously care very much and you truly deserve where you are on this server and in this community. I wish you the best of luck in your operation and I truly believe you will bring this server to victory, more victory than you have brought it to already. Despite the matter of me leaving, we are super troopers forever my boi so don't wear it out. Again thank you for your time and patience with me on this server. This is Senior Moderator Papa, signing out..... ~PAPA
  6. Moving to that nice california cliff side house lmao
  7. PAPA


  8. *CONFIDENTIAL CASE FILE FOR LEVEL 2 RESEARCH PERSONAL ONLY* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lore Name: Papa Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: Level 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Crow, Evil, Redacted Security Level D personnel involved: 669 SCP: SCP-049 Hypothesis: If we sit the D-Class down in front of 049 and give him a script of questions then 049 will end up giving us answers regarding his actions, personality, and temper because his apparent concern towards people who withhold the "Disease" will hopefully give him care to answer his questions. Observation: After SCP-049 came in contact with 669 he was very intrigued at first to say the least as they sat down in front of each other to start their interview hosted by the Class D Personal. As the class D proceeded with questioning, 049 became slightly more ignoring by giving responses like, "you wouldn't understand" when it came down to answering personal questions like, "why do you wear the mask", "will you take off the mask", "how does your apparent cure actually cure people", and "why do you cure people". SCP-049 showed great patience and compliance towards the interview and our requests in general. After our questions were finished we went on to having the D Class Personal request treatment for his non-existent disease. 049 became extremely excited while jumping out of his seat. The intimidated D Class Personal 669 stood up and the doctor proceeded to examine 669 by feeling on his chest cavity and scalp. 669's skin immediately fell off his body along with vital internal organs. 669 then became extremely agitated towards the affects of 049's apparent cure leading him to run around in a circular motion while screaming intensively. 049 failed to be surprised by the reaction in any way when it came to administering the cure to 669. After the affects wore down, 049 then became the controller of 669 meaning 669 did not do anything unless directed by 049. I then proceeded to ask if the cure could be withdrawn from 669 and he then proceeded with the answer, "Yes but why would you want to take away the cure from an innocent man". We said it was apart of our experiment and he then proceeded to comply and grow back his skin and organs in an instant. We then withdrew 669 from the experimentation room. Evil, Crow, and I then proceeded to bring 669 to the incineration room where he was then incinerated in order to make sure 049's toxins would not spread anywhere or around the facility. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A due to camera dropping and breaking on our way our of HCZ. Errors and/or safety hazards: When I had Researcher Evil extract 669 from the experimentation room he then came in to contact with him multiple times which may have possibly led to a contamination breach. Conclusion: SCP-049 does not like to talk about his past. He nor does not enjoy being asked to remove his mask because it protects him from the "disease". 049 believes he is not harming anybody by "curing" them, but he feels he is giving them eternal life. His cure turns people into immortal guards/slaves of his which we classify as SCP-049-2. We know that his deadly "cure" can be reversed by 049 himself but now what we are yet to know is if the remaining experimenter's contact with the "cure" is still infectious and able to spread after the the "cure" is reversed and we find the risks too high to actually experiment to find out because it may lead to drastic contamination of D Block and the entire facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. we try our best lol thank you
  10. I’m sorry that happened to you my man, hope all gets better. Don’t worry you’ll get through it though because your a trooper ;)
  11. PAPA

    Echos LOA

    Alrighty I will mark it down on the roster if it hasn’t been already.