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  1. Uh, sir, I believe you meant to say I was too good for him. Also Huner, enjoy the brand new 8th layer of hell.
  2. Congratulations to you three, glad to see you found a spot and possible home in SWAT Duncan !
  3. Congratulations guys, never really understood the “get more known” denial reason though. One of my favorite quotes from Skyrim was “Sometimes the famous come to us, sometimes men and women come seeking their fame. It makes no difference. What matters is their heart.” But again, congratulations!
  4. Blitzton

    SRT Resignation

    For those of you that don't know, my community resignation is put up in the General forums, it's more of a goodbye to the server, not all of you as I will try to stay in touch from time to time. Thank you all previous and current SRT members for the experiences you've given me. Good luck.
  5. Hello, everyone. It hurts me to make this post as I can already feel the nerves crawling up my spine. I joined this community in around late July and since then have had a blast. I've met plenty of people in which I could call friend, people who cared about me, who listened to my problems and I listened to theirs. I remember first loading into the server, having no idea what to expect, no clue as to what adventures awaited me. Through my time I blasted my way up to SGT, and immediately applied for SRT. This department became more than a group of maniacs hell-bent on killing any wrongdoers, they became a small family to me, a group of friends to hang out with and just enjoy my time with. From SRT I learned so much, good and bad. I learned the server, it's people, I had opportunities to chat with SMT, High command of other departments, and many others who work so hard to keep this community as good as it possibly can get. I learned more leadership, and organizational qualities from my time in Low, and High Command. Overall, what I'm trying to say is thank you, thank you to SRT, the people who are and have been in it, thank you to all members of Staff who work hard to make sure the Server runs smoothly, and thank you to all people within Gaminglight. Through the past couple of months you have given me one of the most joyous experiences I could ever ask for. If you're curious on my reasons for leaving, let me try and explain. Whilst I did say this was one of the most joyous experiences I've ever had, it was also one of the most stressful. A lot of what happens to you within Gaminglight is completely out of your control. For example, the latest SRT update. While I'm happy to see the department get the boost it always desired, it came at the cost of losing many great people, and what most don't understand is that these changes were not entirely High Commands, but more SMT, and Zeeptins. Now I'm not making this post to rant on them, so I won't, I just want to explain that these decisions made by these people, caused a lot of backlash towards me. I had to deal with many a people complaining, and bitching towards me, blaming me for the changes that weren't mine. This sort of situation has made me think of, and ultimately decide now to resign from this community, cause whilst it has brought me plenty of new friends, and beautiful experiences, it has also brought drama, chaos, and a wide variety of stress upon me. I said it before, and I'll say it again, thank you all for your time spent towards, and with me. I wish you all the best, and I wish this server the best in improving, and growing as a community. P.S. I will try to communicate with the lot of you from *time to time* through TS, Discord, Forums, Etc, I just most likely won't be in game from now on. Thank you all for Reading, Blitzton
  6. Blitzton

    bye srt

    I'm sad to see you go Squishy, you along with Duv were some of the most free-minded people in the department. You never failed to say what came to mind, no matter how others would feel about it, and I respect that, and I respect you. Please keep in touch with us and try to keep building yourself outside of SRT. Best of wishes, Blitzton.
  7. I never thought I'd see this day come.. Duv, it truly hurts me to see you go for you simply were just one of the most amazing people in the department. You were never afraid to speak your mind, no matter if command would like it or not. You always brought up new ideas full fledged, and was always willing to help where help was due. I am, whether you believe it or not, truly sad that I won't see you in the new department. Please keep in touch with us, best wishes, Blitzton
  8. Blitzton

    PoliceRP Status

    First of all I would like to give a huge congratulations to Zeeptin on graduating for college, I hope your ready to take the next step in your life. Second of all, if you guys have suggestions please make suggestion forms and he along with SMT will view them, no need to put it here.
  9. Now that’s a King raid, good job boys
  10. - Support - Lack of Evidence - Almost seems as if you’re lying On a side note in response to Smoke, SRT have a chemical specialist for a reason, if you feel they breached the SOP then you are free to make a report form on them within SRT’s informational. Make sure you have evidence though.
  11. All good Duncan, noted and marked.
  12. Blitzton

    Logans LOA

    Noted and marked, have a fun time!
  13. That’s not the point and that wouldn’t help, this kind of action from the SNR calls for a full fledged support, given that the reporter has enough evidence to back it up. And if anything it should be taken to low command, I mean think, what is a Sergeant going to be able do except take it up to low command anyways? And then low command would most likely tell him to make a report. See the loop there?
  14. FIB? You mean the pathetic family that already visited Rockford and was quickly destroyed? You say I won’t forget it, well, oops, already have.
  15. Blitzton

    Operation UNPLUG

    With all the issues that this group has caused in game, and out, Im happy to see this. SRT are on standby and rrady to fire. #OperationUnplug