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  1. Thank you for this Tom. It’s nice to see that people are actually mourning this tragedie. Most people that I’ve talked to ONLY talk about how he apparently said sub to Pewdiepie, and then they just laugh it off. I find that ridiculous, so again, thank you.
  2. Blitzton


    What you want to see? - A body grouper addon added to the server Why should we add it? - It would allow for further personalization and or customization of specific models on the server. For example, SRT's Command job as far as I'm concerned, within the code was supposed to consist of more Kevlar around the body and a down riot shield face-plate, but it is missing the addon required to change the bodygroups What are the advantages of having this? - -It Would Allow for more customization - It's only $6 - It may help departments and citizens be able to get more in-depth with their models Who is it mainly for? - Government Jobs - Civilians - Crims - Custom Classes Links to any content -
  3. Are you older or younger? I’m curious
  4. +Support This is beautiful, I feel more people would actually want to train if they had the proper area to do it in
  5. +Support Ok, now I hate to join the crowd and complain but I have to agree with what a lot of people are saying, here, let me try and list some points 1. Yes the AWS does require some aim and skill, and some movement techniques to avoid. But something to remember is that the average ping on the server is 10-250, if you spam an area with AWS rounds you could be hitting someone that’s not even there anymore. 2. Hannah, love you, but arguing that the frag grenade counts as a reason to not change the viability of this gun is downright stupid. The frag is almost useless and is more of a “hey look at what I have,” considering how small the splash of the grenade really is. 3. On the topic of SRTs armor, a lot of you forget that our department used to have between 20-25 people with the breacher and sniper whitelist that had 255 armor each. Command had upwards of 300, but was it unbalanced? No. People built smart bases that counteracted the usefulness of armor, the AWS on the other hand removes the need to be quote on quote “smart.” Its just hold left click in a general direction to win. An SRT specialist as taken down within 8 bullets, meaning one AWS mag could potentially, in theory whipe our entire department. 4. I do realize that the AWS does cost money as it is a custom class weapon, so let me provide a suggestion. Considering it’s more like a light, light machine gun, reduce the spread significantly, reduce the damage a moderate amount, and reduce the magazine size to 60-80 rounds. Making it more of an over glorified assault rifle. Still powerful, but for a different reason.
  6. I’ve got two 120s at this point, my Demon Hunter Desrael, and my Warrior Blitzton
  7. — Quick Intro: Hello! For those of you that don’t already know me, or those who haven’t read who posted this, my in game alias is Blitzton, or Blitz, whichever you're comfortable with. I’ve been apart of gaming light on and off since around early July, and have been an acting member of SRT since August 4th, 2018. I’m currently the Team Leader and or CoCommander of the department overseeing both SRT and SWAT to an extent. — Hobbies: Over the past couple of years I’ve adopted a few hobbies, video games is obviously the first one, Rollerblading, Lacrosse, and most recently I’ve been getting into Flight Simulations. — Aspirations: My life has been one big decision so far on what I want to do for the rest of it. I’ve bounced between multiple sports, hobbies, and profession, but could never settle on one. Only recently have I finally been able to hunker down on the the idea of making it into the United States Air Force Academy, with the goal of making it into flight school, and graduating as a Second Lieutenant. — More Random Things About Me: I believe my profile says this, but my Birthday is November 14th, 2002, so I’ll be reaching 17 this year, scary shit. Im the youngest of my two siblings, one is currently 29 and married, the other one is 24 and in an Arts college after spending 5 years with the Marine Corps. Sempre Fidelis. To most I can come off as a sarcastic asshole, and that drives a lot of people away, but for those that stay they say I’m kind so that’s nice I guess lol. My favorite music ranges anywhere in between the loud Rock, Metal, and Dubstep genres/subgenres, to the relaxing themes of jazz, hip hop, and lofi, however, I tend to not like modern Counry. I know, bite me for not liking country. My favorite games include, Darksiders, Halo Combat Evolved through Halo Reach, everything after that sucks, World of Warcraft, TIANFALL 2 WOOO, Battlefield 2, Battlefront 2 (the good one), Crash Bandicoot, Papers Please, and of course, Subnautica. Anyways, whether you read it or not, this was my introduction. I hope you learned something about me that you may not have known previously!
  8. - Support The only vehicle supporting an ice cream skin that I know of is the G2 Bearcat, and unless you want to give citizens a 4 ton truck, and all hell to break loose, than I suggest you reconsider.
  9. +Support I would love to see that building finally have a use
  10. Don't text and drive kids, otherwise you'll end up like me or Logan
  11. And? By the time you organize a team, get the EMS to the situation, get him to Rez, taze the guy, cuff him, and THEN get a PT to take him, there’s likely going to be several other gunfights that do or don’t involve you, or he’s just simply respawned. Now yes, you could hunt him down with an admin but I feel that a disappearing body is more immersive than a talking fairy scolding him for 3 minutes. Besides, revive arrests can only max out at 8 years per server rules. In summary, and I don’t mean to sound rude but I probably will, it’s a useless addition that I feel would cause more issues in terms of gunfights than it would solve.
  12. - Support As you said, most martial laws turn into massive killing sprees. Why encourage the sprees further by making people WANT to shoot us INSTEAD of going to jail?
  13. How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Or fertilized?
  14. *Has flashbacks of, “two seconds...”* the horror... I mean uh, welcome back guys! Glad to see you both returned to SWAT.
  15. God I’m gonna be the bad guy in this... oh well -Sadly I have to say -Support As neat of an idea as this could be, I - 1. Don’t even know if this is possible 2. Disagree on your arguement on it taking, “less time” as a bullet to the head is faster than a menu screen 3. Believe that this could be abused, assuming that the mod has no ability to set limitations 4. Realize that it would be extremely difficult to go in and change every single jobs accessibility to the vendor, as to avoid citizens with gas grenades 5. Realize that this is a Semi-Rp server, and I believe that a quick reset is sufficient As a side note, even if there was no menu and it was just, “press e to gear up,” then it would be extremely difficult to get it balanced in terms of what jobs can use the vendor, what they can get out of it, and how much money each item would cost. Personally I think the idea is sound, but not fleshed out enough, and could cause more problems than it could solve.