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  1. Blitzton

    Logan's Resignation

    First you crashed your car, now your career.
  2. In light of recent events in which I will not go into detail, out of respect for those it involved, I will be leaving this community, OFFICIALLY. I'm not doing shoutouts, I don't want you to "deny" me from leaving, I don't want you to feel sad for my leaving. This was purely by choice and from my own disagreement with certain issues. I have revoked my own right, and my position as SRT High Command, and I WILL NOT be returning. If any of you wish to talk to me I'd love you add you! Yours Truly, The guy who gassed more people than Armyguy.
  3. +Support Is it so hard as to suspend your disbelief for a single moment Spection? The Negev thing was obviously a joke, and has been taken way to seriously. Smoke, as you can hear was in a rowdy call just having a decent enough time, and just purely enjoying himself. Jokes and practical pranks are going to happen. The mugging for one dollar, whilst ridiculous, is still valid. If someone holds a gun to your head in real life and says "Give me a single dollar," are you going to 'kick' him in the face? No, you'd give him the damn dollar because there's a gun pointed at your head. This is direct breaking of FearRP, and in my opinion an abuse of your staff rank. There's more than one way to deal with your issues instead of outright throwing them away and saying "NYEH." Call this disrespect if you want, but I honestly think you should have some humility and own up to a mistake.
  4. +Support Causes weird tearing and graphical issues, not only breaking my immersion but also my monitor
  5. Blitzton

    CHIKENs Ban Appeal

  6. ^^^ -Don't see you on (might be timezones) ;)
  7. Damn... You don't have to apologize to us Chiken. We saw your change, you got so much better in SRT and all of us our proud of you! I'm sorry that it had to come to this... I'm gonna be honest too, up until I truly started to meet you through SRT, I WANTED you banned, I WANTED you to leave, to give up, but it was out of blind spite and stories, and for that I'm sorry as well. The one time I don't want something to happen, something happens. Take care Chiken, and I mean that, enjoy life beyond what this community could ever give you.
  8. Honestly +Support Even without going to the bathroom, I’ve had plenty of moments where me and my SRT arrive to an active shootout between two criminals without a damn clue of what’s going on. Our first priority is always to incapacitate any immediate threats, which what I’m getting from is what Warcub here did, and then worry about their safety with the help of EMTs. It’s not necessarily committing failrp, us government try to stop these shootouts by any means four our safety and the public’s. The guy seems to have just been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn’t really break a rule, just caught off guard. I would have done the same thing. Now, if I’m misinformed or don’t understand the situation, than I apologize, please inform me of what happened and I’d love to correct my judgement, but it seems to me that he was just defending himself.
  9. Congratulations you three! I look forward to working with you in the future :)
  10. Blitzton

    Recent Actions

    An apology takes guts these days Smoke, and I respect it. Heres hoping the ones in charge do so as as well.
  11. I’m not gonna say that, that did happen, but I’m not gonna say it didn’t either...
  12. Please keep the King V. WTAP discussion OUT of this post.
  13. ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS OF ROCKFORD AND MEMBERS OF SRT It has come to a point where SRT High Command has felt it necessary to exercise our right to blacklist a criminal family. From this point, any and all WTAP Members are hereby Blacklisted from SRT. Any SRT Members found with ANY Affiliation with the organization will be punished accordingly. HOWEVER *If you are a member of WTAP and wish to join SRT, you must officially leave the family upon acceptance, at that point we would be happy to bring you in* *If you are a current member of SRT within or have ANY affiliation with WTAP, you must leave the Organization by 9 P.M. EST Tomorrow.* If the above rules are not followed, any SRT member or applicant for SRT will face severe punishment from High Command Note that SRT High Command has not made this decision out of Bias, out of Spite, or even because the current family war between them and the Kings. We have merely come to this decision in light of recent events and crimes committed by the family. If any current members of SRT feel as if this Blacklist is unfair, unjust, or biased, please come speak with High Command Immediately.
  14. Blitzton

    The new SRT

    Sadly no, we're not doing exceptions for any lower ranks, not even returning members. You'll have to earn SM or a higher rank in one of the 4 departments we're open to.