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  1. Mewy Minge

    Mewys 48 hours

    Thank you @Lime King youre honstly my favorite high command members/commander you have made fbi so fun! @Logan thank you so much for the fun patrols it was really nice
  2. I have been getting really bored of this game and haven't had any interest to it so far I played for 5 seconds recently and got really bored of it so I might as well clear some room up for df and have a slot reserved for someone' who is more active @Calamitythank you for helping out when I wad new to the department it made me feel happy @Ecott thank you so much for letting me join and be part of this department @Smaug thank you for hosting try outs and getting me into df @Noah Lee you're a really good command member please keep up the good work @Abrams thank you for being my ride a long buddy @Logan thank you for the funny patrols!
  3. What you want to see? - I want to see smt to increase the limit of the custom clan slots, would be cool to have more than 5 people per class and it could be a new addition for people to pay Why should we add it? - it would be super cool if we can add this for more people can get on there custom clan slots What are the advantages of having this? - More people will buy the custom clan package and it would help clans out with getting people on custom classes Who is it mainly for? -crim Links to any content - N/A
  4. -support you admitted to saying a racal slur
  5. -support Please check under the discord there is a weapon buff channel to make these changes
  6. There is robberies everyday when I'm gov I dunno what you talking about
  7. -support gov needs a good counter to
  8. Hudge -support the last bank system brought 0 roleplay and all it was is just a shoot cop thing this bank system robbers actually have to roleplay and drop bags off to a spot this server needs more roleplay and less gun play in a opinion.
  9. -support department diss isn't a thing there is only player diss..
  10. noo the ardm rule still stands with it that would be really crappy if cops just started ARDMING
  11. i mean thats there problem for being courrpted i just think a warn isn't needed and could be handled better in rp
  12. -support we had this in the past and it caused nothing but problems to the police department and other units
  13. What you want to see? - I Would like to see more corruption in the government and it taken out of the motd Why should we add it? - it would bring a whole new roleplay to the server of course if you get caught you get demoted/kicked out of the department could be even jailed for it What are the advantages of having this? - It would bring way more roleplay to the server punishments like this should always be dealt with in role play instead of a warn because it isn't Fail Rp as there are bad government officials IRL, Ardm/RDM Rule Still is active to thus though Who is it mainly for? -Both Sides Of The Law Links to any content -N/A
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