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  1. Damn, sad to see you go! Good luck for whatever you chose to do in the future.
  2. utetwo


    As you can tell from the above image: I'm not active! I haven't been on the server for several months, and I want to free up a space for another gaymer to take. (In case you missed gist: this is a 48 hour notice) Thank you all for the great experience that is SRT! I will see you all soon--- Oh, wait, I wont!
  3. If you could provide a link, we could see whether it would crash the server or not.
  4. I like the idea, but I there aren't links, and it might crash the server. Great thinking though!
  5. I don't know what's going on, but stay safe.
  6. Since early July, 1998, I have found myself restless; unable to sleep. You may be wondering "but why? why would utetwo not be sleeping?", and well, it all comes down to one thing: the lack of a PoliceRP Motto. I am calling on the collective PoliceRP community to conjure a slogan (motto) for PoliceRP. I have faith that our collective brainpower might just be enough to figure this out. I urge you to let your creativity flow, and come up with a slogan. After all: nobody has anything else to do. If we step outside, we die instantaneously, so we ought to be doing something productive. The lack of PoliceRP motto has given me clinically diagnosed insomnia. In fact, I am posting this at 1AM where I live. Some believe shitposting at 1AM can only have negative effects, but I believe otherwise. Let me know what you think the next (and first) PoliceRP motto should be. Perhaps, one day, our new Manager might find merit within it and adopt it as a testament to PoliceRP. From the least active community member, Utetwo
  7. utetwo

    utetwo LOA

    In-Game Name: utetwo Steam ID: coming soon Rank: MSGT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): April 28 through may 7 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): private
  8. utetwo

    utetwo's LOA

    In-Game Name: utetwo Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:231735645 Rank: MSGT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 4/18/2020-4/25/2020 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Everybody in SRT is active, hardworking, and dedicated. I feel I am letting SRT down by being inactive. I have drum practice, programming/electronics, biking, etc. In addition to this, I recently started learning french secretly. (One morning I am going to pretend I don't know english, and somehow only know french. It will be amusing to see my families reaction). I just don't have any time for SRT. I have been inactive lately due to this, and I apologize dearly. I don't want to go as far as resigning, but I do feel I need an LOA to compensate for the inactivity. See you soon, fellow humanoids!
  9. Solomon, you are great on SRT, and I know you will be great as a PD Lieutenant!
  10. Sorry. I don't know who you are! Add a poll!
  11. +Support 40 warnings is too much. He should have been banned already.