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  1. I appreciate the feedback, those were mainly ideas to create a point: we need more things to spend our money on.
  2. Awesome! I'll add those links to the post. I'll give you your credit, don't worry.
  3. I posted something similiar to this except with a different approach: We already have ways to make money, but not enough ways to spend them.
  4. Not yet, my post is more a concept at the moment.
  5. I propose that we add more ways for a player to spend their money Grinding in PoliceRP is very rewarding, and there are many ways to do so. Because of this, it's common to see people with up to 100 million dollars here in PoliceRP, however, they have nothing to spend that money on but two things; Cars to get to places quickly Guns to make more money This is a problem, this is one of the main reasons people leave PoliceRP; lack of spending choices. Adding options to grind is great to retain your player count, but if the players have nothing to spend their earnings on, they will quit. How would this work? First of all, you would have to come up with a list of new things to buy, such as: Accessories for your character, a way to show off your wealth (Idea by Phoenixboy300) Food and water, without them, you die Gasoline for your cars Decorations/furniture Security devices for bases Turrets Advanced cameras/monitors Alarm systems Motion sensors Doors that go down in "lock-down mode" Etc Adding things like these could really distinguish Gaminglight PoliceRP from other DarkRP servers, and could potentially bolster the average player count into the hundreds. How players would purchase items There are multiple ways that players could buy these items, I suggest we add jobs to sell the more specialized equipment, but have NPC's to sell the basic things, like Furniture and Accessories. A few jobs that could be added: ADT Salesman (Security device seller) Advanced clothing dealer (Basic clothes will be sold via NPC) Advanced food dealer (Basic food will also be sold via NPC) Etc Conclusion I hope this suggestion is considered by staff. I believe these additions could dramatically increase the servers popularity and incentive to buy VIP+ (If some of these jobs are VIP+ exclusive). Please share any criticisms and/or suggestions building upon the idea. Thank you for reading! -- utetwo (pronounced eut-two)
  6. I might start a new suggestion about this, mind if I quote you on it?
  7. There's really nothing to spend money on but guns and cars. You only use guns to commit more crimes to earn more money. Maybe there should be new ways to spend money rather than earn it?
  8. Just based upon what Dredgen and Eternity said, this specific way to make money won't work, as it's already failed. However, there could be different things that can be added to make the experience more immersive.
  9. +/- Support I like the idea of making new ways to make money/get arrested, but because this option didn't work before, I don't think having a drug market is the best way to carry out your goal.
  10. utetwo

    Police database

    + support This would be awesome, I like the idea, as long as it does not induce any more lag. Perhaps there could be a new department dedicated to monitoring CCTV cameras?
  11. Name: utetwo Rank: PO Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active Why do You Want To Stay In The Department: I was accepted into the department yesterday and hope to become TAC someday! It's a fun and important job to play as well. What Do You Think Of The New Map?: It's awesome! I'm not a fan of jurisdictions though...