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  1. Semi +Support Contrary to others, I have not seen you on the server. (Who are you?!) Application is very hard to read You seemed to throw in some "fancy language" without regard to the words meaning/context Several grammatical mistakes Active on the forums Zero Warns Long-Time member People say you are active (???) Good Reputation Good understanding of the rules I cannot give you a full +support because 1: I have never seen you, and 2: it's oddly unnerving to see words thrown around without context or meaning... Best of Luck! I hope to see you on staff very soon!
  2. Minor -Support Playing a racist soundboard is not acceptable. Not active on the forums Did not follow application guidelines I don't know who you are Semi-Active on the server I cannot give a -support due to the fact that I do not know who you are, as a result, I cannot provide plausible reasoning to give you a full -support.
  3. Sorry for the poor choice of words. It was a 48-hour notice.
  4. The class would have a playermodel and tools for rp.
  5. utetwo

    Leaving the community

    Nooooooooo It's sad to see you go, sion! Who's going to keep me from minging now?!
  6. So the best thing to do would be to test it and see if it works.
  7. (This post may be biased based upon previous experiences) Major +support This would greatly increase role-play, and would be a fun class to play. It would expand the range of RP opportunities in the server, and create a more interactive environment.
  8. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my 48 hour notice. I have recently decided to transfer over to SRT, and have been accepted. SWAT has provided me with great experience and skills, everybody in the department has been very kind and dependable to me. I wish you all luck in future endeavors. I appreciate SWAT Command for allowing me to be apart of SWAT for a while, and applaud SWAT's Command/Members for how great this department is. I wish you all a nice day! Sincerely, Utetwo
  9. I agree. It would be nice to have more details.
  10. Welcome Tru Killa and Jason to the cult!
  11. The Cult of Utetwo! Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out my new CULT! The cult of utetwo is a family of people who want to be the snazziest they can be. We are our own independent country and declare independence as of now. We are anti-government but refuse to shoot dogs. We have many subdepartments such as: Missionaries Go from house to house (base to base) and try to recruit new members. Cult Police Ensures no rules are broken within the cult. Must drive a green car at all times. Animal Control Catches (kidnaps) dogs from the streets. If you would like to join, message utetwo! Let's see how long it will take for us to get blacklisted from all departments!