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  1. Minor +Support I don't want to +/- support because I do feel you should become staff. Well-known Zero warns Mature Past admin Just came back to the community Has never been (at the least) a decent person to me. This might just be me, I don't know how he treats others. You seem like a great guy, I would like to see you on the staff team!
  2. +Support No NCWS That fine it too much
  3. +Support It would look nice, I see no problem with it!
  4. utetwo

    PD P250 Return

    +/- Support Keeping the HK could incentivize OFC's to want to get promoted for better guns Might be better for the OFC's There's not really a need here
  5. Awesome work guys! The new cars are beautiful.
  6. Good luck! You deserve this! Your one of the best staff members out there.
  7. I'm sorry max, I have no doubt in your abilities, you just need to show more activity! Your a great guy and once your activity improves, I will definitely +support. Also: You might want to fix those grammatical errors.
  8. Welcome! I'm excited to see you here!