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  1. Your In-game: Locus The player's name in-game: Corned Asshole The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:446377865 What did the player do: 40+ Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198853021458 What do you believe should happen to the player: Perma Ban Any extra information: 40+ warns idk what else to say.
  2. First +Support More ways to get keys yes
  3. Your In-game: Locus The player's name in-game: Don Joseph The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:482249622 What did the player do: Reached 10 warns Evidence (REQUIRED) :https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198924764972 What do you believe should happen to the player: the 10 warn ban Any extra information: N/A
  4. Your In-game: Locus The player's name in-game: It is not me The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:15032949 What did the player do: Reached 30 warns Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561197990331627 What do you believe should happen to the player: the 30 warn ban Any extra information: Got kicked by Awarn
  5. Your In-game: Locus The player's name in-game: Jobby The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:41186611 What did the player do: Reached 30 warns Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198042638950 What do you believe should happen to the player: the 30 warn ban Any extra information: N/A
  6. Going off the LOA early as I've end up driving back early. Plus the state was getting a bit to dangerous so I decided to come back early
  7. [GL] Locus

    Locus's LOA

    Name: Locus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90992581 Rank: Major Length: from 1/12/22 To 1/26/22 Reason: I've had a death in the family and have to fly out of state/country
  8. -Support The guy you rdmed you told him to get back with a state warning that says get back or your AOS/KOS. He ran away like your advert said you chased him down the road towards DOC's bench bus waiting place. He never shot y'all you did all the damage so no shots were exchanged at all. The sit had 3 different opinions which lead to this being one of the two options I picked the other staff I contacted are Miniepic, Seb, Abrams. I never gave him the Tec9 as he gave me the Tec9 to see if it was full auto as you said it was a class-2 which it is not I gave him back his Tec9 as I don't want to steal from players. The whole time thing was no where inside the reasons you were getting warned you were getting warned for RDM thats it plain and simple the sit could of taken 10 minutes I would of still came to the same conclusion that I came to. You have prior warnings as well for RDM which is the main thing that lead to me finally deciding to warn you as the other staff said it is either I warn both or don't and with you both having priors that seemed like the best option. You according to what you responded with in the sit even admitted the KOS/AOS advert was telling him to back up which means you understand that someone who lets say doesn't have audio that works is seeing that they'll back up not drop something as you never asked that. The threats which you mention never had evidence so they didn't really change anything in the admin sit. As for this part "The man named "revenge RDM" Was a police LCPL earlier Monday Morning in which he was miss using radio and attempted to RDM fellow gov. He was from what I was told demoted to cadet later by Maj Sato. I was also at that situation maybe he just doesn't like me." This has nothing to do with it even if he did like you or didn't you still broke a server rule and RDMed a player he also could of been considered breaking server rules so he got warned as well. The way I see it both warns are valid.
  9. -Support No poll I don't see you on that much or when I do see your not alive. (AFK)
  10. +Support Its gotten to the point that 99% of civis and cops just run out of gas randomly because they try a new car that eats gas way to fast.
  11. -Support This hasn't been a problem for the years its been a thing Familys of 2-3 have taken down 6-10 cops before during raids quickly so I see this just becoming an unneeded thing and over kill along with a headache for staff.
  12. Your name: Locus Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): Rogue#5297 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 917552222957617202 Which discord server were you banned on? Imperial What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? Guess my account when it was hacked did something my old one was Locus#6648 Why do you deserve to be unbanned? Because I don't believe the ban was justified.
  13. Name: Locus Rank and Call Sign: SAIC l SAF7 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90992581 Date: 1/3/22 How active are you? (Scale 1-10 with 1 being the lowest): 10 (I might as well live here)
  14. Rank You are Applying For: Colonel In-Game Name: Locus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90992581 Current Rank: Maj How long have you been in your current rank?: 7-6 weeks What timezone are you in?: EST How many Warns do you have?: 7 Permission: Solomon Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I believe I should become a colonel due to my experience within this department and other departments within helping their command directly or working with their command. I believe I should get the rank within the police department due to my activity on the server and helping out many new LT's and captains in any way I can or going to get the answer if I can't answer it myself. I have worked up my way from the Cadet rank back in early 2019 to where I am now as a major within the police department. I believe that the long time I have taken working up the ranks gives me a new look at the lower ranks I have been in many departments which have helped me learn many important lessons before I went for a PD Command spot within this community. I believe that this experience of taking nearly 3ish years to go up the ranks while spending time in other departments has given me a wide variety of experiences from the good the bad to the ugly which allows me to understand where people are coming from which helps me make better choices when it comes to promotions and demotions and DNP's. I believe that I should get this command position as well due to me being within this PRP community at many different ranks such as SPMD and CERT back in 2019 and then SRT and SWAT back in 2021 I've learned many mistakes and have learned to fix them and have learned many new things that have helped me become a better command member and community member within this server. I have also learned many lessons from other servers within this community such as Imperial RP. The lessons I have learned in the last 3-4 years are the reason I believe I should get the rank of colonel within the PD. I also believe that my activity is another reason I may not be on the select PD job 24/7 but I am on the server and TS almost 24/7 and can even be contacted via discord if that is really needed. I have helped make some major decisions within my time in this community some as PD Command and some as other departments Senior supervisors advising command which is another reason I believe I should get the rank of colonel I have learned by taking advice from some of the highest ranks in the server to be a great command member some of the following people I will mention here which include but not limited to Travis, Will, Tactical, Brucyboyo, Kevin, Ajax, Phill, Lime King, Tayson, Sato. I believe that the reasons I have said happen to be excellent reasons for me to get Colonel. I will once again however say that I believe that I have learned a lot at my current position but there is always more to learn as far as game mechanics or even in real life you can always learn more. I believe that is another reason I should get Colonel is due to my understanding that no one can truly know everything and to accept that we will all mistakes but must try again if we want to succeed. I will leave this having one final note however I believe that I should get colonel because if you don't try you never will get it and I believe that at times trying for most positions within the PD can be a hard decision for people to make as we will be under the ever seeing eye of other people within this community some may have their own baizes some may not but I believe that people who show that they want to get this position deserve to eventually get it. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes