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  1. I am in the middle on this while code raiding via hacked cilents or meta gaming is against the rules because Hacked Cilents is Exploting and Meta Gaming is Meta Gaming. I feel like there has also been times that people have gotten the code via very legit way. I feel like this rule would lead to more confusion so I am have to -Support it for now unless we had a specific sub-section in the rule that stated that if you can prove the code was given to you if an admin asks for proof of it you give them the proof of the PM or them saying it in game.
  2. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/weRdIYg_Dh3Z0/tnkvAYylyMEt?invite=cr-MSxJem4sMTY4NTYxMTUs His code raided which I'm fairly sure isn't allowed. so +support also from his other clips it looks like his intentionally trying to cause conflict between himself and clover.
  3. +Support We already have a normal bike lets get a motor bike as well.
  4. -Support. The reason why is because if they nerfed/removed anything to make it fair for players who can't spend money to basically PTW then I feel like this makes the game balanced for the people who can't afford to dump money into the game directly and thus decide to do it by time instead. This has also been mentioned in the TOS that they can change any package for any reason they without any notice they did this. "We have the right to change any package at any time for any reason including stopping of a server or package without any notice." Gaminglight ToS. I guess you should of read it better but they have the right to do anything they want to even if it didn't balance it. https://gaminglight.com/store/tos.php TLDR: They have the right to do it and it balances out the game its like buying the most OP thing in an MMO than it getting a few nerfs and tweaks to make it still beatable.
  5. -support. Haven't seen you on much. When I do your sorta mingey.
  6. +Support If SCP-RP seems to like it and works I feel like this might be a better way than using have to manually give operator to new command.
  7. Idk PT hits different thoe.
  8. -Support I don't see anything near player diss unless asking to be let into a place is diss.
  9. I just wanta focus my time on HRT/FBI . Its been a ride though but ey
  10. -Support While I do want to honestly say this was false I truthfuly can't when you legit https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/sjkTcXaMPtcEB/1ul6EgNe8uei?invite=cr-MSxtcVMsNTY1MDMwODIs at 0:14 see him pull towards you then at 0:17 you floor. I how ever do believe that this should of been a verbal warn if you weren't staff.
  11. +support doesn't affect anyone but the hitman it also look cool.
  12. -support we are semi serious so I believe requiring a license would be a hassle and a mess.
  13. +support Great person Active. Seems responsible
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