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  1. How’s it going folks so I’m finally retiring some of you may be happy some of you may be sad just know that I care deeply for the server and for the people I’ve met while here but unfortunately things in my life have started to slip because of this and I cannot allow it to happen anymore I may still be on the server I may still be in TeamSpeak but I will no longer be your command I will miss a lot of you Now I would sit here and give people personal shout outs but I don’t think I could do that right now so I’m just gonna say thank you
  2. -support now I may be getting this mixed up with somebody else but if I’m not wrong you just came back from an extended leave from the police department I feel like you may need some more time and better activity before you get my +support much love to you these are just my personal experiences you may be active and I just don’t see it best of luck
  3. When me and him were both applying for colonel I thought I was gonna lose to him that’s how much she deserves it.
  4. Your application for civilian has been denied you may not reapply
  5. No, it wasn’t a suspected kidnapping it was a confirmed one we had found the person hanging off a bridge I was there for actual RP reasons and as much as you would like to say I wasn’t I was there with a purpose. No information was intentionally withheld from you or any other party. My story is always been the same as well. I was at the wedding to apprehend the groom who was suspected of committing a confirmed kidnapping. My goal was to go undercover as a friend of the bride as a way to gain access to the wedding. I was still carrying out that plan when you demoted me off the job unaware that a person or persons had been placed under arrest for the kidnapping. like I said they were members of state involved with this investigation so this isn’t something I’m just pulling out of thin air or some thing I was doing by myself. I did not edit the original post anyway other than to include your Steam ID now I did edit a comment I made that was to make sure I was providing the most factual/truthful statements that I could so no the editing wasn’t to cover anything up that was simply to provide the best reading experience possible for the situation
  6. Here’s the thing firstly I never threatened a demotion And at no point I said I was demoting you in any department. As well as the cover-up RP situation as you’re saying. I was under the impression that the groom of the wedding had kidnaped somebody and left them to hang off a bridge so my goal was to be a part of the wedding so at some point we could apprehend the groom when he came back. At no point was I told that we had figured out who the suspect was and that the person was apprehended so I was still under the impression that we were still looking for the groom and were planning to apprehend him. And you say I was supposed to be the father of the wedding at no point that was ever the plan so I’m not sure where you’re getting that from. Now I did say I was a friend of the bride because I am friends with amethyst and that was my plan to get into the wedding. To carry out the plan. Now I do admit I definitely did carry A tone in TeamSpeak but at no point I threatened a demotion what I said was the only reason you should be demoting me is if I’m AFK. And then went on to say that without even asking me first you decided that what I was doing didn’t fall under the spectrum of my job and demoted me. So it seems like there’s a communication issue here. But no I didn’t threaten you in any capacity and I did in fact tell you that I was filling out a player report but that was simply a courtesy so you could give your side of the story. I was also working with some members of state so this isn’t just some thing I was doing by myself. The reason I was telling the corporal to leave because he was arresting a person for killing an NPC alien some member of SMT Spond in I said let him go and just get out of here because there’s no reason to be arresting somebody for killing an NPC. as well as if you want to get really technical about it. multiple times people had adverted murder and attempt to shoot up the wedding I either Apprehended or subdue the peoples attempting to harm other civilians so I am still carrying out my job while being there
  7. Your In-Game Name: Tayson Terry Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:197725176 In-Game Name: Phamel The player's steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46016881 What did they do? falsely used the demote system to demote me off my COL job while in RP Evidence (REQUIRED): Phamel ➞ USMS Enlisted moderator demoted COL Tayson Terry 1L27 ➞ Citizen platinum for not doing his job What do you think is an acceptable punishment? server warning
  8. Name: Tayson Terry Rank: COL Date to date : 3/12/22-3/20/22 Reason: going to Mexico
  9. What you want to see? - I would like to see a rule added that states you are not allowed to make jokes or make fun of any current world events such like a temporary rule with the George Floyd event and more recently the Russia Ukraine event Why should we add it? - to help make sure everyone feels included on the server and to make sure no individual person gets called out or feels in a negative way because somebody is performing one of these actions What are the advantages of having this? - help make sure no one feels excluded or gets upset when somebody makes a joke. ruining RP and the feel of the server and hoping to not drive people away from the server Who is it mainly for? - everybody Links to any content - N/A
  10. +support well to put it bluntly PROMOTE him •I constantly see him on the server •he’s constantly riding with me and other command members •active in discord and on forms •never had a bad experience with him i think he is the perfect candidate for major
  11. -support you’re a great guy but I do have a few issues • you say you’re active but I’ve only ever seen you on two times • only three weeks as Lieutenant now I know that meets the requirement but I feel you need more time as command to gain more professionalism and maturity now these are all just personal feelings and experiences of mine you could very well be active and I just don’t see it and I just don’t think you’re quite ready to be a captain yet I think you need a little bit more command experience before you’re ready for this promotion best of luck
  12. Hit the nail right on the head YDkids good luck man
  13. I see all these quality’s in you MJTHEOG so major +support from me
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