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  1. Name: LuckyGoose SteamID: STEAM_0:1:81308264 Rank: CPT Reason for Resignation/Retirement: As most of you know i have gone to staff on ImperialRP. PRP was a great home for me, made a lot of great friends along the way, But as of late PRP hasn't been in my heart! I had a great time being PD command made some great memories along the way. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?: Yes Do you agree that once you post this, there is not any “take backs”? I indeed agree. @Tonto - I remember watching you grow in the department and to become a very respected command member. We have had some great times and i will never forget them @K1LLER - You are one of the very last OG's that is still my friend. @Hotshot - Best UC bait car team leader ever. Man isnt scared of anything!
  2. That was 3 months ago and I pulled yall into a sit and explained to you that what you did was rdm and as a staff member you should know not to rdm so thats why you got warned.
  3. Agreed this is a SMT issue but being banned for racism is kinda bad means you disrespect other users of the community and around the world!
  4. I almost have enough money saved up. A tank would be cool to wear on a summer day tbh.
  5. LuckyGoose


    Oof but a mug would be nice to have
  6. Please stop arguing this is a Head admin+ issue. So please only the people who are involved please dont argue on this post!
  7. Name: LuckyGoose Rank: SAIC Date: 7/7/20
  8. Great App would love to see more UK support staff helping out +Support
  9. +/- Not to active I hardly seen you in teamspeak and activity is key, But i did just go on a 4 day LOA so idk!
  10. For all the people looking at this app please do not start a argument on the forums or it will be locked and hidden!