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  1. You guys just switched the map and you already want something back? It hasn’t even been that long ago since the map switch. It’s just astonishing to see this. -support
  2. is just what we need to improve on. Its not getting pinned
  3. -support it will be used for multiple people to minge and play derogatory songs. it is gonna be one of the “one time wonders” Addon where people would use it for one day and the next day people would stop using it.
  4. I have been bugged about posting this so yea here it is! Successful raid of Sith.
  5. Haha this is so funny. You arent gonna get anywhere by disrespecting. This was your fault. You deserve to be banned. and you did nuke the ct discord and you were punished.
  6. Tbh this is common when I always hop on the server. It’s judt so petty to do that and you know you won’t get punished for it because clearly you think you are breaking no rules. It’s so mingy too. I mean like everyday I hop on I get mugged in the middle of the road in front of PD and get killed when attempting to drop the money. It’s so ridiculous so I’m going to -support. This warn is justified due to you having no intent to roleplay and just spitting on cops and calling them pigs for no reason.
  7. -support very disrespectful especially towards the Community Owner not mature
  8. why is this in high command logs?
  9. Stormzz

    King False warn

    I don’t know why I need to express my side. I didn’t warn him once. I don’t know the full story in what happened. I Just was noclipping around spectating the event.
  10. Name: Stormzz Rank: Reserve Advisor How active are you in CERT? (Semi-Active/Active/Inactive): Active What do you want to see change within the department?: nothing What do you think command can improve on? Nothing really. They are doing their best. I just feel that there shouldn’t be a member that is high command in 2 different government department Is there anything you think command should know about yourself?: no Signature: X Stormzz
  11. Awesome update CWRP SMT!
  12. Stormzz

    RIP JUUL *Updated

    So right now I would get a new juul. I don’t know how you got the prongs to fall out but I’m not going to question it.