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  1. Stormzz

    JMS's SWAT Resignation

    Haha join the dark side!
  2. [GL] Stormzz ADMIRAL Shepherd Admiral Naval i am active all week
  3. Admiral Shepherd for the Win!!!!
  4. Payday 2 Squad Arma 3 GMod FiveM Fortnite
  5. Goodbye Igneous. It was fun working along side of you and RPing with you for the countless amount of hours on end we walked down the DB and fought in events. THank you for being there for me! You were a great GA and a outstanding SA. Good luck on Head Admin. See you on SCPRP.
  6. I have unlimited gamer time.
  7. I tryed it in game. This is just the regular model with out any body groupings. Try it out in game. Trust me it’s awesome!
  8. What you want to see? - Admiral model changed to a realistic one Why should we add it? - Adds more rp and has a load of body group tools. We could ado add a dress code and it would look Epic! What are the advantages of having this? - it would increase rp and it would let us stand out from others. Most servers have the generic SciFi admiral models but if we add this one we can stand out Who is it mainly for? - The whole server but to be changed on the job Admiral, Grand Admiral Links to any content -
  9. +Support When you first applied for admin. I ignored it. I thought you were very immature. Now that I have seen you on staff, handle support calls, see you rose. I am comfortable saying that I support you applying for Admin! Good luck Logan.
  10. Dude where do I start. We both were in 5th fleet. We worked along side of each other. Until you became BXO, then BCO. You started fading away. Working on other things, like your discord, 5th fleet, and staff. You started becoming less and less active. Has things progressed, I believed that you left the community. Later to realize that you had been staff on SCPRP. Later when you resigned, we had become closer. So many memories we made together. I’m going to miss you a lot! It has been a honor working along side of you. Good luck on future endevours. Stay in contact with me on discord.