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  1. Guys stop fighting. Highly immature of both of you.
  2. One of the best Admind I have seen in a long time. Logan is active, mature, and dedicated to PoliceRP. I have very high hopes for him reaching a Management position in the future. +Support -Good Luck Logan!!
  3. Stormzz


    -support would lag the server with all of the players switching the grouper at once
  4. how do you still remember this. Im gonna miss you though in all seriousness. Even though we might have talked a bit not really that much. You were a great guy in my opinion. Hoep to see you be successful in life man!
  5. oh these models actually look awesome! +support
  6. Stormzz

    NEW MAP!

    We literally just switched maps
  7. Promoted in meeting by Naval High Command!
  8. Dont minge on a staff app. Clearly you come from another server and are staff on that. Ill be contacting the Advisor of IFN. (Im not saying the name due to it being advertisment) -support