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  1. Name: EthicalRank: RND Call Sign: R01Steam name: Ethical [GL]Discord ID Name: Ethical # 9282
  2. Ethical

    Dear Fame / SMT

    Everyone screws up and knowing this community and the great people behind it like Hannah said I do believe they will forgive you just take time no matter what you did
  3. Ethical I wanna say to whoever gets the CC gratz and RIP Devitt I never got to know him but I still respect him Hannah, you are one of the greatest SWAT that can kill anyone honestly GG it's nice you are doing this
  4. Yea a full -support from me chief
  5. Where was this said?
  6. +Support -Active -Knows What he is doing -Great Guy LOVE Ethical
  7. Like Cheif said I agree but I don't think that is a Steam ID as the would look like STEAM_0:0:000000000 He is under heavy sedation why would people have visions of him? No detail with it
  8. Have my +suppot GL
  9. Gratz was it worth it? Must be a YES
  10. Ethical

    My time has come.

    I will miss you bud do good in school for us and come back at some point
  11. I have never seen you in game