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  1. As of 5/6/2019 the listed members are now official SRT recruits Echo Elapin Behappy If you are in another tac branch, you must put up your 48hr notice Contact an FTO for training Congrats!
  2. I’m really gonna miss you bro. Please come around TeamSpeak sometimes. Also I’d appreciate a carry on apex on the occasion hehehe. One thing, you are definitely not a failure in my eyes. It was unfortunately a series of events that lead up to the moment. You were on the right path which was completely ignored by most people. Hopefully when people get their senses back you can come back to policerp someday.
  3. ^^^^ there are people that have done so much worse when comparing permanent bans.
  4. What you want to see? - The Wire mod and money pot being added in Why should we add it? - It allows for individuals to make more complex and advanced builds in addition with the added RP that will come with such creations What are the advantages of having this? - it will open the door for individuals with more advanced building ethics make some incredible things like an automatic gun shop . The money pot is a form of collecting money. For example hobos can have a money pot on the side of the road where people could drop money into. Min addition, both addons come in at just around 7mb (Money pot is needed for creating automatic gunshops) Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -  https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=160250458 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=french&id=109905241
  5. So before the switch to Billy's Logs, Super admins, Senior Admins, and Admins had access to whitelist to every single job on the server with the exception to donator jobs. This is currently broken as far as I'm aware. As a Super Admin, I can only whitelist EMS, Police and two ranks of SWAT. This is seriously making it hard for players to get whitelists as managers are the only ones who have 100% all of the whitelists and when there aren't andy Admins+ to force-job players on classes it is impossible for players to play on classes they need whitelists for. This is what my !whitelist looks like https://gyazo.com/c0148ff01ba6f207e9a3573f543f8631 (I do not know if SMT is aware of this issue however ill just make this post so it is official)
  6. When Logan drives his car
  7. I understand your situation and I apologize. But you have been marked inactive for about a month without LOA. You're lucky you weren't removed. If you cannot hold your position, either put up a long term LOA or decide if a resignation is worth it. Best of wishes with your family
  8. Huge +Support. I have been around long enough to personally see chikens progression from a minge that everyone dislikes, including myself, to a changed and quite frankly reformed individual. When chicken expressed interest in joining SRT, SRT high command sat down and decided the only way we would let him in the department would be if he left WTAP and was under extreme supervision. Chiken literally became a new person, this once trouble maker was now one of the best, if not the best SRT members. He was extremely respectful to all of his peers, including in the criminal party. He continuously kept his cool when people were neglecting to notice the changed Chiken and were accusing him of his past. This is very apparent with several high-influence members of this community. Chiken was on the right road for a change. He no longer wanted to be known for his tainted past and rather wanted people to see him as a mature and professional individual which I firmly believe he had become when he joined SRT. He is changed, in addition, he doesn't even meet the warning limit for a perm ban. Warns were duped and never removed which was neglected when the ban was issued. One last thing i wish to add; I have been with e community for two years and I have never seen someone change so drastically in so little time. I think it is a shame that he was banned without exploring his side of the story.
  9. @smt how does that work?
  10. -Support no longer meets requirements (Active warns)
  11. -Support I was in game to review the evidence and what I saw in the video was clear fearrp. You were outnumbered at least 4-1 which as it states in the motd, is classified as fearrp if you do not comply. If you look at it frame by frame chiken actiallt pulls out his gun one frame before you did. This is how we irreverent because the fact of the matter is you were still out numbered.
  12. @Sam @Aaron I was called to a sit because Sam had requested a higher up to the situation. The sit lasted 20 mins in which I gathered information from both sides. Here are the issues I have: No 1. Was there any reason for you to go up and call them both pigs and spit on them. Then, as they give chase to attempt to gain contact with you, the usual happens and you fire your Negev and kill them both. This is the issue, I understand why you wnt outdoors in the first place to look for your friend's car. There was no reason for you to go over to the police car at the stop sign other than to tell them that your friend's car was stolen. Instead, you went up to them. called them pigs and spat on them. In my eyes, I see that as a form of cop bait as you are going out of your way to get a reaction out of them. Now if you argue that it was in RP, then why did you start running away and automatically assuming that they were going to arrest you when simply put they only wanted to gain contact. In addition, you could have called staff if they were to arrest you as that's definitely not something cops can arrest for. Instead, you turned and pulled a Negev on them. I personally believe that this was NITRP . After extensive reviewing with Steve and myself, we deemed that a warning for NITRP was valid in this situation as your initial action would have inclined to an rp scenario. In my eyes, you failed to roleplay by simply mowing two officers down when you first initiated the role-play act. I will stay neutral in the whole situation. I could care less if the warn got removed but in my eyes, this is a tremendous breach of RP. I will quickly add Johnny has 40 warns (41 incl this one). I am very light on my punishments and will only issue warnings if they are a repeat offender or the infractions as severe enough. I deemed that given the number of warnings and chances Johnny had, a verbal warning was not going to cut it. This was something I got input on from staff on at the time as they had to deal with him in the past couple days regarding similar issues.
  13. Were you the Naruto from Chaotic?