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  1. Will Newel

    LOA Extention

    dude you are SO inactive (Lmfao jk yeah no problem bud. Just make sure to get it sorted within the two weeks)
  2. Operation uncrown? @PD HIGH COMMAND
  3. In-Game Name: Will Newel SteamID:STEAM_0:0:169655081 Server: PoliceRp Custom Job Name: Fuze Weapon changes: Change FN P90 to the Negev Additional weapons - $20 -Paid in full
  4. Exactly. Hannah is still technically in SWAT. She is just branching out to SRT. SRT maintains a very close relationship to SWAT. I wouldn’t call this a 48hr notice, simply a notice that she is moving from swat command to SRT.
  5. Holy shit that’s the first time I’ve seen Steve on SRT jk
  6. You have to be PATIENT. SMT will unban you when they get free. At the moment, alors of them are busy with their school lives. You will be unbanned, you’re not in the wrong, but you have to give it a bit.
  7. +Support •You’ve been an admin for ages •I believe you’re finally ready to move up •You’ve changed a lot from your previous self(I hope you never go back to that) •Has became more respectful • Activity could use a boost but it isn’t major. Gook luck homie!
  8. HUGE +Support Dont know where to start man. You are the most qualified admin by far for this position. •You’re mature •Fantastic attitude •Very level headed •Very professional •Extremely active •Never has caused any issues with anyone •Has been an admin for quite some time now Hobestly man, I really hope you get this position. I’d love to work along side you once again!
  9. +Support Decent application, I feel as if your judgment is very good Moderative activity. I have seen you on a couple of times in the past week Mature Been here for a while Only thing I can point out is to get yourself involved with more than just staff. I.E join a department like SWAT or State and converse with more members in Teamspeak. Good luck!
  10. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:169655081 Support Rank: (Support-Support+) Support Staff Rank: (Trialmod-Manager) Senior Admin In your opinion, are you active in support? (Yes and why) (No and why) Yes, I do most of my support calls during the day when there is nearly nobody on as I have free periods in class
  11. I started playing Garry's mod just as a single player but then soon used it to play a great game mode called GTA 5 RP (before lawsuits). My parents wouldn't buy me GTA so I used gmod instead. I stumbled upon AltosRP and soon after Santos RP when they merged. Combined, I was with both communities over the span of a year then I started playing a lot of Mexican border RP because it was dark rp with a great twist. That lasted for about a summer then, in December of 2016 I stumbled upon gaming light policerp. I played off and on as a criminal until I formally joined the server in March of 2017 where I applied for staff. And here we are today.
  12. -Support Reasons stated above Just perm him. Get him out of here