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  1. Name: Omega Rank: Gamemaster trial SteamID: STEAM_0:1:55975235 In-Game Name: 327th ARCL BXO 0mega 6855
  2. WTF why do I have 2 votes on the first question
  3. what about implementing a system where you can win credits for things like having 1 week on a GL server or maybe 100 posts on forums reward so this way we can bring more people to our community, we don't have to give a lot of credits maybe little amount that foments the players to stay on GL or be more active and this won't affect donations since it is a slow way of getting credits and helps the community.
  4. This no longer accepted use the new col app format
  5. Requirements: Title: (Name)'s Colonel Application Poll Title: (Name) for Colonel Question Title: Would you Want Me as Colonel? Choices: 1. Yes (State Reason) 2. No (State Reason) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In-Game-Name: Current Rank: Do you have any warns?: have you been banned from any GL servers?: do you have any recommendations?who?: how many time do you have on your current rank?: do you have OCT?: Why do You Want to be a Colonel? : Why Should Colonel be Trusted to You? : have you applied any other time for 327th colonel?: Activity Schedule: Are you Well Aware of the Responsibilities and Expectations that a Colonel Holds?: if you are denied wait 1 week to apply again