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  1. As a previous NSA Chief of Staff I think this will be very bennificial towards them cause it would be realistic for them tracking the terriosts down and fbi arresting them and investigating and interagating. Instead of all of them responding to a bank raid. But there is a cache. The terrorist job would only be approved by staff admin+
  2. Bro honestly +support you are so active you have experience in handling situations that stress other people out you have much experience being in a high position you dedicate so much to swrp good luck!
  3. 1. Make a staff complaint and the Manager, Head Of Staff will deal with it. 2. Calling people minge in OOC isnt bad at all. It technaclly doesnt count as player dis. This post isnt pointless but its irrelevant to the face that it will do nothing.
  4. I have the game on Xbox One. It's pretty decent but im going to be real honest with you.....Destiny 1 is better. Destiny 2 is trash due to the amount of pay to win, all the gear is revamped in color and power level thats it. The Destiny franchise is dying slowly. But hopefully you will enjoy it though.
  5. Stormzz

    How much do I minge

    I know I didn’t see you minge really often.
  6. Stormzz

    How much do I minge

    I don’t really seee u minge that much tbh I don’t see u do it at all
  7. Stormzz

    JUUL dupe

    Don’t juul, stay in school
  8. Looks more like city rp than policerp but I mean it would be useful and attract new players +support
  9. -support it’s not harrasment if you have a problem with staff harassing yu make a report about it all gmod servers have people who attempt to harass other people, yu can’t escape it as finch said the server isn’t toxic, the trolls are i personally find this post useless in the context of nothing will happen. Minge isn’t clarified as a disrespectful word it is someone who breaks the rules There is litterally a command to “minge” people
  10. Must be a staff side because I can report posts.
  11. +support The Event maps look nice And the models look very realistic
  12. Name: Stormzz Rank: First Lieutenant Why do you deserve this position? The reason why I feel I deserve this rank is because I am very dedicated to 5th Fleet. My goal everyday is to make 5th fleet the biggest battalion out there. I feel also like I deserve this promotion is because I am very active on the job, enforcing the rules of the Venator, and guarding the Venator Crew. I feel that I would be a goof fit fot this type of position. I have had experience holding a high ranking in the past. Have you ever been warned? No not currently on SWRP. Will you be willing to attend Commander meetings? Yes What is the purpose of 5th Fleet VCMDR? (100 words )What the purpose of a 5th Fleet Vice Commander is to lead your Troopers into the ship. They are suppose to be looked up to as because they are the police of the ship. The purpose of the Vice Commander is to maintain the activity, performance, and overall capabilities of the 5th Fleet. THe purpose is to help assist the COmmander in anything that he requests. As well as keeping the troopers in check, making sure they dont minge, etc etc etc. They are held up to a high standard when it comes down to managing a battalion. They always must be active on forums, teamspeak, and ingame. I promise to do so.
  13. +support Very active Dedicated to CWRP and Gaminglight Very mature Has experience being command Good luck!