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  1. My fav CI gone. You're the best man, dont ever stop being great meow meow man..
  2. +Support Mazuzam is active, dedicated, and overall an amazing member of the server. He would be an awesome staff member!
  3. (Doing this for D7 since they can't access forums rn) Name: Cogs Rank: SCA Call Sign: SCA08 Discord#1234: kkgg#3372 Suggestions/Complaints/Concerns/Extra: N/A Do you wish to remain apart of R&D: Yes they do
  4. Huge +support Scar is one of the most creative and dedicated member of GL since i met him a year ago, Has huge potential for ET, and overall is a great person. Good luck bud
  5. Name : Cogs Rank: EARCH Call sign: G8Y Do you wish to remain apart of R&D: Dude i just got back, ofc im gonna stay here for a bit
  6. One of the chillest guys in CI, cya later man
  7. Cogs

    Sixx's LOA

    who are you?
  8. i was on 343 vibing when this boi was training for HSU
  9. Cogs

    Marys' Goodbye

    didnt mention me smh
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