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  1. Super big +Support I literally see you on everytime I'm on, always testing and doing great work, def deserve it!
  2. +/- Support -Good application for the most part -Good test logs imo -I don't see you on at a lot personally, but this may be just due to my schedule
  3. As much as I make fun of you, I thought you were great in gensec and overall a great guy, don't be afraid to visit once in a while!
  4. +/- Support -Super kind! -Decently active -Ambitious +/-Extremely Elaborate event I'd say, though I'm quite uneducated when it comes to event planning - Incorrect steam ID, try doing RP_Lookup on yourself in-server to find it - Could use a bit more time on the server to get to know the people and what type of events they enjoy
  5. +Support! I've known Donwood for about two years and i can definitely say he is one of the best guys I've met here, dedicated, sharp, and ambitious!
  6. Cogs


    -Support No rules are being broken here
  7. +Support While somewhat low-ranking, Dak has been respectful, kind, and one hell of a shot, I think he deserves a chance.
  8. +Support Active, respectful, and had nothing but good interacting with, so I don't see why not give him a chance
  9. +Support Late night events would be amazing!
  10. +/- + Very nice and active + Moderator helps out - Not the best application - Could use more creativity
  11. +Support -quite active from what I've seen -I'd say a very well written application -Has experience -SFTO doesn't hurt -Only EM at the moment with TE, which shows that people have trust and confidence in you
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