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  1. Cogs

    Cog's resignation

    Hiya heya, I'm gotta get outta here as I'm not having fun nor having the experience i was hoping for, i spent my LOA deciding what to do and I just wanna do what's best for me. I had most of my fun training people and bringing them into maintenance, and had fun encouraging people in it. But theres no reason to stress about something that doesn't make me happy. Cya cuties TOAD Bot aY0 out
  2. Super big +Support I literally see you on everytime I'm on, always testing and doing great work, def deserve it!
  3. +/- Support -Good application for the most part -Good test logs imo -I don't see you on at a lot personally, but this may be just due to my schedule
  4. As much as I make fun of you, I thought you were great in gensec and overall a great guy, don't be afraid to visit once in a while!
  5. +/- Support -Super kind! -Decently active -Ambitious +/-Extremely Elaborate event I'd say, though I'm quite uneducated when it comes to event planning - Incorrect steam ID, try doing RP_Lookup on yourself in-server to find it - Could use a bit more time on the server to get to know the people and what type of events they enjoy
  6. +Support! Giga is very active, kind, and a hard worker!
  7. +Support! I've known Donwood for about two years and i can definitely say he is one of the best guys I've met here, dedicated, sharp, and ambitious!
  8. Major +Support Quilo has shown nothing but dedication and kindness in maintenance in so little time, he is absolutely deserving of HLPR Bot!
  9. Cogs


    -Support No rules are being broken here
  10. +Support While somewhat low-ranking, Dak has been respectful, kind, and one hell of a shot, I think he deserves a chance.
  11. +Support Active, respectful, and had nothing but good interacting with, so I don't see why not give him a chance
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