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  1. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE GRADED. It is simply a contest entry for Jacks Competition on writing the best log. It can be graded if you would like, but it has no reason to be.
  2. Grade: 85/100 Lore: 15/25 Although the creativity of the idea was great, SCP-527 is capable of speech, and is described as "Just a dude with a fish head" sooo it might be a little overly inhumane to do a test like this. Creativity: 25/25 The idea for the test was great! Super creative! Presentation: 25/25 How it was presented was fine! Keep it up! Writing: 20/25 A couple grammar mistakes throughout the audio log, overall seems ok. Extra notes/Conclusion: Overall, pretty good idea. Could use improvement on the lore, however the rest seems fine.
  3. I purely just wanted to make a CI version on the views of SCP-001 (When Day Breaks) I did this for fun, and was pretty happy with my result!
  6. Name: Neo Rank & Callsign: RnD SR (SR01) SteamID: https:/ Discord: Neo#2337 Divisions: RnD Activity: 8/10 Suggestions: A lot of times when I join as RnD hoping to do a test or interrogation, I find many of the other members of CI just running D-Block raids. (which I cannot take part in) and not bringing SCP's back. Which tends to drop my activity considering there was close to no point for me being on at that time. I feel RnD should be alerted whether they are flagged in or not via Discord. Or maybe Military can do some more raids for SCP's or make hostages for interrogation a bigger priority. I also understand this could just be me being stubborn and not joining Military as well, but it would be helpful if the RnD team had more of that in the CI base.
  7. I'm aware this is late. I logged it on my phone and forgot to put it up. Apologies. This took place on 7/11/2020, but was properly logged on 7/18/2020