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  1. +/- Support It sounds pretty weak but I like the idea of a new D-Class job. Also it would be nice to have it not for a senator rank because some people dont donate enough to get the good D-Class like Pro D-Class and others.
  2. Rumor has it, zeeptin is still deciding till this day
  3. +/- Support A ban is too harsh for this, i'd say a warn and forced to change the model and if the owner doesn't change it i'd say delete it. From this statement right here it sounds like if he has his keys out he and doesn't move he becomes invisible and this main reason is why i think he should only receive a warn. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Support based on what Kuma said.
  4. Sixx

    ssg buff - Accepted

    Why are we trying to make all the guns on the server equal. Worst guns have been suggested to getting buffed and better ones nerfed. Why not just have it so some guns are better than other but make the better ones more exclusive and expensive but the worst ones more readily acceptable ( Used more for low ranking jobs ofc). Either or, +/- Support -Is it really needed not really -Is it bad, yes -Why make most guns in their classes equally as good
  5. +Support Not being able to swing while sprinting , so sure
  6. +Support If D-Class CCs are allowed to have it, I dont see why we can't have it. Just make it more expensive though.
  7. +/-Support They are trash now so I think they kinda need a buff but at the same time GenSec activty improved when the knives were nerfed soooo
  8. -Support The USAS is trash and the area strike nerfed has been denied like 4 times.