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  1. +Support You guys needed this!
  2. +/- Support I can see this being abused by SCPs like 5208 for where if there's a vent then what if they just hide in there? Also if it is a teleport system would everyone be able to use it or just SCPs..would you be able to spam go in and out of it...? There's just alot of problems with abuse I see.
  3. +/- Support Honestly your a pretty chill and cool guy but I haven't seen you much on research before and after your LOA, but this could be because timezones. Anyways i have no doubt you would still do great in that position so best of luck man!
  4. Sixx

    Security CCs.

    +Support Ngl we are MTF CCs that spawn in LCZ so I agree to make our NLR 3 mins but I disagree with restricting Security CCs to just LCZ. You have to remember that in order to go into HCZ as a CC you either have to be CMD or be a CPL+ with permission from WO+, and to go into EZ you have to be a SM+ with a MAJ+ escort.
  5. +Support This is a much needed improvement for security
  6. + HUGE Support The amount of people that minge on that class is unreal, this would help A LOT.
  7. The CSGO deagle for me is just invisible lol
  8. -Support This is a branch related issue, not a server issue igneous has to deal with. You can make a suggestion to the branch but that's about it.