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  1. +Support Just make it so if this is added, people can toggle it on/off
  2. +Support Really? A warn for "Holy fuck you suck", cmon mfs really are waaayyy too soft on gaminglight nowadays.
  3. Mf went out with a bang lmaoooo. You are a great guy and friend Georgie, good luck with life man. But I dont think you'll be able to see this.
  4. Do you even play the server anymore? The sniper we have before the M98B was the AW50, which is also a .50 cal sniper and was literally only slightly worse. The M24 is a pretty bad sniper, is mainly only a decent secondary.
  5. It Level 40+, Yes however you have to be an Advanced Juggernaut. Requiring you to be promoted all the way to SFC, Apply, Get Accepted, Get promoted twice, and then if your level 40 you can be trained. The only way this job can flag up is if D-Class start the raid and loose, once the job dies it has to flag off. Any ideas how to make it more balenced? Also the minigun isnt even nearly as good as the one on the server, it just sounds cool because its a minigun. It should be a better version of the Augers. Again, we are trying our best to balance the job and rewards. Currently GenSecs HULK job is very restrictive and isnt guaranteed if no one has the whitelist that is online. Ill get GenSec HCMD together to possibly nerf the HULK job a bit more. Its a HCMD Job thats getting the m98b... The whole point of this new addition is to change up the way things work, as the job of GenSec is an extremely boring one after awhile. We'll look to nerfing the HULK job. We would but thats not possible, you can flag onto your D-Class CC after the raid starts.
  6. We'll look to nerf the HULK class however the raid can only be started by High Level D-Class jobs, preventing newer players from starting it and they dont have to get involved if they dont want to. The only way the HULK job can flag up is if D-Class win the raid and someone actually has the Whitelist. While yes the reward for D-Class isnt as good as the one for GenSec, D-Class are the ones starting it, have a defenders advantage, and 0 NLR, and the prize is guarantied while GenSecs isnt. I understand the concern but Coltable is working with Security HCMD and Site Admin to help balence this. Alright ill speak to Security HCMD and see what we can do! HULKs arent allowed in LCZ and have to stay in D-Block, once they die they have to flag off. I mean I doubt anyone saw CI's Red Ware Raid working when it was proposed, is there an exact reason as to why that could actually be beneficial to the update or...? While a good idea that wouldnt work. However with this raid idea D-Class have defenders advantage and have 0 NLR, so you can absolutly swarm the GenSec trying to counter the raid.
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