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  1. Well its been a long time coming.... After 3 Years I've finally been forced to resign due to my IRL situation for joining the USMC. I truly never though I'd make it this far, I just wanted to be a CPT in Security, but here I am now. Security will always be my home on this server, it was the branch I started and grew up in and is almost always the underdog on this server when it comes to love from SMT back in the day. The main reason I've always stayed was to help Security get the shit they needed and to find HCMD that can continue the strive to push Security further and further, which I've completed. Anyways I wont go too in-depth into this resignation as Ill be back, I just hope that for the time I was here I've helped Security, Research, Medical, and Maintenance in one way or another. I wont be leaving any mentions besides 2, if I don't mention you then it means im just saving it for my real server resignation in the future. Mind: The Ol' CPT who striked me when I was a CPL, The Brain Boulder, The Forever MAJ & COL, The guy who played on a plank of wood, The guy who crashes whenever he loads Oil Rig on Rust and still insists on flying, The Furry, The Black Long Haired Oily Purple Mexican Mind, My Friend. What can I even say! Me and you have been complete opposites in almost everything since Day 1 but we still somehow managed to to get along well and be productive all this time. Your a great guy and I cant do anything more than to thank you for all the times you've helped me grow and succeed on this server. Get to Site Director and continue the fight for Security that we've been leading for all these years now. Sprink: Your probaly surprised I mentioned you on here lmao. However Sprink, Though were no longer friends anymore, we still go WAYYY back. All im gonna say is to watch out with the people you hang around with outside this server, there's alot of people who wanna do nothing but see you fail and mess with you in every way imaginable, be better. You have a good head on your shoulders and your going to make it far, better be atleast MAJ by the time I come back. See yall later! Heres some clips. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/27IHxhRsnSYYP/RVPbz5jVFHGy?invite=cr-MSxpREIsNTUzMDExNyw https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/23PBC3gLr-DGH/dGz2JwLRVdD7?invite=cr-MSxWSHQsNTUzMDExNyw https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1UapgmlrpRS4C/5Ox1922Yj3R9?invite=cr-MSw2aVAsNTUzMDExNyw https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1oh4eTxNxZxrZ/U4g4pzDURkcL?invite=cr-MSwwTnYsNTUzMDExNyw Theres alot more but I'll save them for later. Misisspi - LCZ Manager Sixx
  2. We are litterally reworking our jobs and adding 1 new one to bring back a dead sub-branch that's been taken over by MTF and Security. Your logic of "Theres no need for any major change, just use what you have" is stupid. Litterally the point of HCMD is to improve the branch where they can. HP and Ap hasn't been updated for medical in forever and the combat multiplier has been considerably increased, being at 0 85 now.
  3. The gun does 187 damage with the combat value being set at 0.85... That one taps most Sec jobs and were gonna allow D-Class to have 0 NLR and constantly snipe GenSec! Fun Roleplay! You really switched up
  4. +Support Good update, now everyone quote me and +Support
  5. Have a good LOA mr Django sir!
  6. Name: Sixx Rank: DoRS Branch: Research & Security Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 7/17/2022 - 7/26/2022 Reason (If private that's fine): Going to Cali + MEPS for the Marines. Will be available on Discord.
  7. Sixx

    NLR timer.

    +Support If possible without causing lag, im 100% for it.
  8. Its truly sad this is how you went out. You were a phenomenal member of the O5 Council, you always put in the work and gave a helping hand where needed. I remember always going to you about big changes for Security because you were the most open-minded person who gave great feedback. Its Ironic, the thing I admired most about you was that you were never afraid to argue/state your opinion, but that ended up being your downfall. O7 Sparkle, you were a great member of the community.
  9. +/- Support It would be nice and I would love to have it however they were removed because they caused alot of lag back in the day and people would blow up the old chess table and it would ignite on fire.
  10. -Support I agree with the people above. Also, I dont want like 50 SGTs msging me to transfer, its a clusterfuck within SA waiting to happen if this goes through.
  11. What are you suggesting? - Increase the amount of XP Researchers get from testing on SCPs, mainly to help promote RP on the server and give players more incentive to join Research. The new rules for getting XP could be as followed: Safe Class: 750 Euclid: 1250 Keter: 2000 XK (Mainly for event SCPs): 3000 How would this change better the server? - Helps promote more RP on the server. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Increases incentive to RP, gross! Who would this change mostly benefit? - Research Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  12. -Support No, TFA is better than m9K
  13. Accepted! With great consideration and me being in a perfectly stable mindset, I've decided to accept your position of HOR effective immediately. Please speak to me in TS for your training. Get to work solider!
  14. GenSec Overthrowing Plan Pt 2 +Support Great Update for E11!
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