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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R5_Wt2TvObrJGOQA2llC9kmYzkpnIAmBojMYH6KDz0o/edit?usp=sharing the hug of death
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WmAvUaNLeByYpunKRhskGR3F9e411cOpHI_iaq6esx4/edit?usp=sharing clown case
  3. Grade: 92 A- Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 I saw no errors in lore. Creativity: 20/20 I Have never seen this kind of test. Presentation: 12/20 I wish you used google docs so you could add more. Writing: 40/40 I saw no errors
  4. Grade: 95 A Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 I saw no errors in lore. Creativity: 20/20 I have never seen a test like this. Presentation: 15/20 It looks nice but if you would use google docs it would look better. Writing: 40/40 I saw no errors.
  5. Grade: 90 A- Test Quality: quality Lore: 20/20 It had no errors in lore. Creativity: 18/20 I Have seen lots of 294 tests but never seen what you put in the cups. Presentation: 15/20 like I said I wish you would space out the things. Writing: 37/40 I liked it and saw no errors But I wish you spaced out all the things you need
  6. + support he sounds like a good guy.
  7. Grade: C 75/100 Test Quality: standard Lore: 20/20 Good Lore you even had the right amount of pills scp 500 has. Creativity: 5/20 Ok yes scp 500 will cure what they got from 1025 scp 500 can cure you of everything. Presentation: 20/20 I loved how you had pictures and I love you evidence. Writing: 30/40 I see no errors but it short and you had the wrong scp in the start you said scp 294.
  8. Grade: B 86/100 Test Quality: quality Lore: 20/20 You were right about the 1025 Creativity: 12/20 its ok. Presentation: 17/20 I wish you would use google docs so you could add more. Writing: 37/40 I saw nothing wrong with the grammar but I wish you would write more.
  9. Grade: F Test Quality: sub standard Lore: 10/20 yes 999 is nice and 173 is rude but you need to add more to it. Creativity: 12/20 I have seen this test be for. Presentation: 10/20 I like the top part you added. But you missed parts you need to have. Writing: 5/40 there's not a lot you needed periods. and you are missing like every thing you need. You should look at other peoples work and also look at the format.
  10. it's sad to see you go I did not know you well but you were a nice guy.
  11. Grade: 75/100 C Test Quality: lore: 20/20 It followed lore. Creativity: 17/20 It was good but I have seen this test once before. Presentation: 11/20 It had no color and no pictures. Writing: 27/40 I liked the writing but I saw some errors and the thing was short.
  12. Name: Jog Hanson Rank: Lead Researcher Time In Research: 3 months Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100-word minimum); I think I should be in research command because low ranks like JR's and AR's Trust and ask me Questions. They will ask me stuff even if there is command on. They will come to me first. I have been asked more then once by JR's and AR's to supervise their test even when there were three command members on. Something I could bring to the table is I'm on the sever a lot so I could be more active than others. I could also bring more people to the table that would enjoy research. I have trained 20 people in one day before and I will continue to do this. In conclusion, this is how I will make research better. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; What I could do to make research more active is to host mass tests. I know every one In command does mass tests but I want to do about two a week. I have seen how many people get on when someone does a mass test. I will try to do research competitions like who ever makes the best test log they will get about 25,000 in game dollars. I will also make research more active because I will hold two to three mass trainings a week to get some more people into research. I will try to be as active as possible because I know some people get on their Job because command is on. In conclusion, this is how I will make research more active. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1erLpuZalxTSEHkY86-Qo8zeNcj2t7f3LCejv8E8VMz0/edit?usp=sharing I hope you like it.
  14. Lore name: Jog Hanson Steam ID: Steam_0:1:523088959 Rank: Lead researcher Activity: 9/10 I will try to make it 10/10
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EA6_gxKwpZY7G_LpzAk29KYN-9qufSALHVxHZTZAw7E/edit?usp=sharing this was hard to do. hello?