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  1. lord name: jog Hanson steam id: STEAM_0:!:523088959 rank: researcher activity level: 10/10
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RpkLClzV4e3tkq-r_EUbqj_yWHO0s2NSEDOPzfIPiSI/edit?usp=sharing I hope you enjoy
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hGo3XqmTiJySi_njmExp1nuSXC6niHsWcofN-LzKL5o/edit?usp=sharing I hope you enjoy.
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b91FSBThp9hQNWnsiIkKUI-GCF07EYW6Y3rzwITKdUw/edit?usp=sharing this test was hard to pull off but here you go. I tried to do this test 8 times then it worked.
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oJfyofaFnSK8YEgFqCpemSNALnCREU2130bEKGMRDdw/edit?usp=sharing bear.
  6. Researcher name: Jog Hanson Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 999 item class: safe Question: SCP 999 is the nicest scp we have on the site. So I push his/hers niceness to the test. I what to see if someone insults SCP 999 if it will hate them. Even what him dead. Background research:http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-999 Hypothesis: I think this little guy will not hate them. I mean he is so nice and cute. Even when you hit him he still loves you. Events from the test: I picked up one D-class and a escort. We picked up SCP 999 and moved to the cell with the hole. I told the D-boy to make fun of it. The D-boy did not what to but we got him to. He called SCP 999 fat, ugly orange slime, useless and more. He was calling the slime names for about two minutes. When he was done we ask the slime do you hate him the slime gave him a hug. This shows the slime still loves him to me and the guard. Conclusion: This happen because the slime is super nice. He can all was forgive someone. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes because SCP 999 still loves him.
  7. Researcher name: Jog Hanson Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 173 item class: Euclid Question: SCP 173 is a statue that can’t move when people look at. My question is can SCP 173 fell emotions can he help us. Can he/she learn not to kill people. Can we show affection or will he kill everything? This is what I'm going to find out. Background research: http://www.wiki.scp-net/scp-173 Hypothesis: He is not going to like them hugging he and kissing him. He will probably snap the three D-class’s necks. Events from the test: So we had the guard open the door to SCP 173. We had the D-class look at the door. We put the three D-class in the left corner. We had one d-boy go and hug it. He was kill instantly. The second D-class was refusing to hug or kiss it. So the third D-class hug and kiss it then died. Then the second did it the he died. He did not what to do what told him to because he said the 173 was ulgy and gross. Then my escort and I left he went to the D-class hall. There was no need for the infirmary because all three D-class were killed. Conclusion: The three D-class died because SCP 173 is hart less. Even after the hugs he still hated the D-boys. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: yes they all died.
  8. sorry about this post