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  1. I Love you one the true homies
  2. + Support + Cool Guy + Would make good Naval Officer + Serious
  3. +Support Havoc 2.0 But Donator Maybe not every job should have a Fortification Tablet though
  4. Jaeger.

    Johan NCO APP

    + Support - Good App - Funny guy
  5. What is your In-Game name?: Jaeger What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:553847139 What is your rank?: Soldier I How long have you been in the Pyke Syndicate?: 10 Day What leadership experience do you have?: JMT, HC, Low Command Why do you want to be a Pyke Officer? (100 word minimum): I Wish to become a Pyke officer to help support Pyke by helping it keep playing by doing simulations, Training, and continuing to do tryouts and supporting the lower members of pyke and hopefully convince them to stay in pyke. I also wish to do a flag up to get pyke on letting them know a raid will happen if they get on so they will be bored with nothing else to do & to give out GC to those who decide to get on and also reward them with promotions if perform well. Also, make sure raids are hosted frequently and help others get their quota done Why should you be trusted with this rank? (100 word minimum): I'm decently trusted on the server being on for a while now, I've been trusted within the Navy as a Captain, Inquisitorious as a High Command Member, and Army as a High Command Member Reaching high ranks within all 3. I've also been trusted with staff becoming JMT and being a Senior Admin a few times around a year ago before I left the server for like a hundred times. I know when to be serious and when to joke about. I know my responsibility and the job requirements I must do when I hop on the job the Officer job Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of a Pyke Officer you may be removed from your position?: Yes Major's+ perms to apply: Sudden, Harry
  6. + support + Former Senior Admin + Cool Guy + Good Application + Chill and careful guy + Dedicated Member
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