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  1. Aww man why you have to go, you were so cool man, gave me some laughs
  2. -Support +/-I do trust what Jack and Jay said -You did not meet the word requirements for Q15 -You said you would give him the ban, which you cannot do as a T Mod -Did not take the time to read the handbook -Q16 is very bland, as it states that YOU brought them to a sit, nobody else -Past experiences with you were not that great, you called a sit on me for cuffing you while you had a gun out while you were the only one pointing a gun at me, instead of calling an admin first to clear it up, you decided to try and argue your way out -You just got back into playing on the server Overall I would not trust you with Staffing, you need to read the handbook and have some more time on the server so people know who you are
  3. +Support +Is very mature and responsible +Has experience with responsible jobs such as RnD Command +0 Warns +Staffed on other servers so most likely knows ULX +The Why should we allow you to be an Event Team member is good +/-I would not say your reputation is too great, however im not in the position to say this -I have saw him minge a couple of times -Only 1 month of total time on the server -Event Idea is VERY basic and not interesting at all I support for the whole reason of you being a staff member for 3 months on a well known community, I would fully trust you with the position of ET
  4. @Skela I think you're the one sposed to be accepting or denying it +Support -He said please -App is pretty good Overall you would fit in well
  5. Graded 75/100 - Keter Lore 25/25 - I see nothing out of lore here Creativity 10/25 - Just feeding 999 one food item is not that interesting, some more interesting examples would be different varietys of candies Presentation 15/25 - This format was not the best, to put it simply its not one I would use much, also the 999 picture is kinda cut off which does bother me to a extent Writing 25/25 - Nothing wrong in this category
  6. Squash

    Surges RDM Appeal

    +Support What Sixx said is pretty much true, if you see Maynard attack another foundation personnel for no reason given, you put a KOS on him. You should have put a KOS on him before anything. I feel like a verbal should have been given, as it states in the Handbook you can give verbals for RDM, it was all a misunderstanding (going off of what Surge said)
  7. Graded 75/100 - Keter Lore 15/25 - 682 hates humanity, why would he cooperate at all with them? Everything like the background research is good, but 682 would not cooperate and read the book that easily Creativity 10/25 - I have seen this test done one too many times Presentation 25/25 - Format is nice and there is pictures Writing 25/25 - I noticed no mistakes at all
  8. I'm resigning from ET so that I can focus on staffing more, I might re apply in the near future, not only that, but I am running out of ideas for events Its been fun while it lasted on ET, however until then I will try my best to help the server as staff
  9. +Support +Attitude is good +Has good experience in the field of MTF +Has multiple responsible jobs such as HSU & Moderator -Have not had the best experiences with you in the past, when I was a slueth I was fearrped by 2 D Class into EZ and you tried checking my ID because of me being in EZ even though I was fearrped I think your attitude is getting better overall, you have my full support as I do think you should get RRH
  10. Just date Karen dude, I think hes hitting on you
  11. +Support +Good attitude +Follows rules closely +Good app +Fun guy to be around & would fit the ET role perfectly
  12. Something to note is that you were put on DNT for Research for running out of bunks as a trainee and not complying with Command while on the trainee job
  13. Not even kidding, while I was on RIG Unit I was shot three damn times by officers, I got info that a LCPL ordered another officer to keep shooting me, man I was so pissed
  14. Graded 65/100 - Euclid Lore 10/25 - For a couple of reasons, I am assuming that you saw 1048 make a replica of itself, however if it did'nt then we don't know that it can make copies of itself Creativity 25/25 - I like the idea a lot! Presentation 5/25 - I do feel like more work could have been done with this, the colors were nice, but i'm looking for more pictures and a nicer format Writing 25/25 - I'm pretty positive I did not see any mistakes made