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  1. I respect the hell out of that +Support for having fun in the video game alone
  2. Accepted! Im gonna regret this, you know what to do
  3. "How am I getting lost in HCZ, I made the map" - Hoovy
  4. Its stated on the requirements for applying that you should be shadowed
  5. +Support Giga is very invested in ET an I can promise you he wont abuse his powersTM
  6. Grade: 85/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Using 3033 to make sure the SCP doesnt attack and comply is pure genius Insight: 20/25 Im assuming your using the eggs to make our own army but you didnt fully state what the purpose is so its a blur Presentation: 15/25 Normal log format which isnt bad but the grey text makes it a bit harder to read and isnt eye catching at all Writing: 25/25 No notable errors
  7. -Support + App is short but to the point and I like it - Fairly new to the server - Extremely low ranks - I just generally believe that you dont have enough time If you had more experience then i would 100% +support since I like the app but I still think you need a bit more time to learn the ropes
  8. Grade: 95/100 Efficiency: 20/25 Knowing how to join D5 based ngl, sabotage the people before they can join Insight: 25/25 That bio interrupting the Inttero sorta sucks but you asked most questions needed Presentation: 25/25 Simple and has a bit of color added, I like it Writing: 25/25 No notable spelling errors or grammar mistakes
  9. -Support +i have seen you on every now and then +/- Havent interacted with you -App has few grammar mistakes -Event could be better thought out imo since that just looks like a PT/mass breach
  10. +Support Good pick, just dont mess it up again but I doubt you will
  11. + Support +GMT, Active +Command +RP Enthusiast +HLPR bot hack victim +Nice
  12. +Support +Active GMT +Have seem him on +Average RP enthusiast +Command
  13. -Support Probably owns a meth lab and 4 decayed bodies of people who found it( (+support)
  14. Grade: /100 Efficiency: 20/25 We already have found a way to reverse engineer the 049-2 process but I still like that you're trying to find a more efficient way of doing it Insight: 15/25 Not much To note here Presentation: 5/25 There is no format or document here and just the normal forums typing is used I suggest you use this: RND test log to get a higher grade in future tests Writing: 0/25 Very little writing and few grammar mistakes, but I respect the effort Notes: I believe you can really write up a nice log if you use the format, also, it is not required to make test logs so dont push yourself into making them as fast as you can. Rather take your time on one good test log and upload that. On that note, you can log a test in RND-Acitivity-Log if you believe that the test wasn't anything big but still want the recognition. Glad to see that you are still posting logs though!
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