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  1. Theres always a blacklist or being forced to play genshin impact
  2. I would even argue that a perma wouldnt even be severe enough due to repeating the same thing
  3. -Support IMAGINE CPT LMAO +Support Ven, i dont have to say anything else
  4. -Support Could of been a perma in most servers, should be grateful that it isn't as high
  5. -Support Sounds like you should of been better +Support Seems like an honest mistake
  6. +Support +Super active man +Mid good at combat +Very trustworthy +Great candidate App short but not bad, man doesnt need to write an entire SA for his app
  7. +Support Alright so, since Maynard just took you and tried to walk away no escort that means security can kill you? To my knowledge at least, but lets look past that for a sec. The SM straight up called you slow and Tank didnt care, he just closed the sit since the accuser asked and didnt even care if you had anything else to say. Not just that, but there were some numerous times where i was sitting in D-block intersection then some Sec OFC-LCPL would ask me if Dr bright could kill them if they escort him. I said no, of course, and asked if it happened. Most just said yes and that Tank said it was ok. I personally dont have a clip of him doing it besides people straight up telling me he does it
  8. as some in GMT time, i see it a few times. I even saw it again
  9. Well all RP jobs sort of dying which with the logic means the rest should merge with MTF (which already sort of happens)
  10. the point im trying to make is that it would be boring doing d class raids 24/7
  11. I get where you coming from but uhh ci military are just useless then, all they can do is get D class and sometimes breach scps
  12. +Support +Regardless of app his activity and dedication shows a lot. +Australian aka both GMT/EST which can greatly increase activity of both analysts and engineers on both sides +Really chill +Person
  13. In-Game Name: Alex Donwood/Zack Wilson Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:571098892 ULX Rank (Donator Rank/Staff Rank): User How long have you been playing on the server?: since 2019 Have you read the SCP-RP Event Team Guidelines Yes How many warns do you have? (Screenshot): Why do you want to join event team?: I want to join event team to do the events that i had planned long ago when i was in ET first but never had the time. I also know some people inside of ET and wish to help/collaborate with them on their events. I miss when I was in ET and wish to feel the same way I did back then. Another reason is to enhance RP. I, for one, don't really like combat events (unless its like TDM or self-defense) and much rather prefer to have a RP experience and give people more rp experiences. This includes a story line in some of my (hopefully) upcoming events so people can experience more on specific events and give me feedback on my creativity. I also would love to spark more events in the GMT side of things seeing as I am way more active on that side rather than EST so people have reason to stick on and not just afk. A lot of the times when i get on there is nothing to do besides some times there are events which greatly increases activity. I wish to give people that same experience as well as make the great GMT uprising (Joke). Another great thing is PTs, I want to advertise to people that i can and will help them with PTs since most PTs require event team or a lot of props and I dont see much of those (probably because of time zone). Especially in the GMT side if someone wishes to host a PT but there are no ET on and they don't have a rank to spawn in any props. I, for one, fall victim to this situation a lot Why should you be trusted to be part of the Event Team?: Well 2 simple reasons, 1 previous rank held as ET where i had no strikes or verbal warnings at all during that time span. I held the positions for i believe 4-6 months. During that time span i hosted many events, most of them including another event team, with a lot of different principles. SCP events/Unknown anomaly event/GOI event/Reality bender ETC. 2. Currently, i hold both CPT in D5 as well as AIN in RND which are two command ranks held in branches completely different from each other, as well as G9 and EOI in both respective branches. Now i get that ET is a whole different type of responsibility in terms of command such, but it just shows that I am still trusted by other members of the community and I believe you should too. Ill even prove it myself if the position is given to me Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Yes Describe an event you could create (Be specific): Alright so this was an event i've wanted to do for the longest time but never had the time nor exact insight on how to do it Wanderers library(WIP): This event will consist of a portal opening in LCZ safe zone SCP in a form of a book, the way to get inside is by reading the books words out loud since any other method would most likely be confusing to some, (another book will also be in CI base so they can access it). The person will advert "/advert [ACT] Reads the book" and will then be teleported to the library (would be in admin room/sky in surface depending on circumstances. Now this event will need some research before being performed heres why: There will be a series of selves as well as a guardian/receptionist to check out books, once a book is checked out no one else can check the book out till it is either returned or the player is killed. Every shelve will have different contents on them. The few I have in mind include, but are not limited to: Briliant research tests (which are the archivist library test ideas), On site SCP documents (self explanatory), Current GOI (self explanatory), current POI (this will include any known POIs mainly those found through events that have a chance/ will come back and what we currently know of them), Current unknown anomalies (This will include different anomalies through events that were on site and might/will return such as the Aether event held by ShadowPL), ETC. I will most likely add other info on branches if/when i talk to branch higher ups for what info I can/ cant give out. These "books" wont just be some rp thing you grab and take out but rather documents written and gave to the person with the book, if it needs to go in intense detail ill manually add and remove people if they have the book or not. Documents will most likely be pre-written or I will write them myself regarding all information on that subject. Books are not meant to be used in RP EX. RND find out that about G9 ETC. and will just mainly be a fun experience for curious minds so they can learn more about whats currently going on in GL. No combat will be permitted inside the library and the guardian will enforce that rule will extreme measures. Due to the passive nature of the library, the person who engaged in combat will most like be abducted and taken to a temporary prison (with a hidden book inside for them to find) and will be released. If said person does it again, they will be banished from the library and be denied entry.
  14. +Support Can confirm that i did recommend him, i knew him back in the day and he was a great guy and amazing to talk to. I believe that he deserves a spot in D5
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