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  1. I mean i dont find anything wrong with 1 command life and 2 non command lifes because well some times having 2 command lifes and 1 non might still be a hand full so i suggest turning it around +/-support
  2. Crystal dont do what i did poor Jack just wants medical staff
  3. Aight did this a bit early due to school work and other reasons but well its time for be to say goodbye to CI i wont be leaving the server so you can still shoot me in the face because i didnt do an epic gamer move Would do quotes but i know im going to forget someone and i dont want that
  4. Let me correct that "If you keep asking it will only lead to failure faster"
  5. What do you mean we need the chat box for stuff like typing and minging and destroying peoples ears +support
  6. Starstep im sorry to say but you cant become a Neko but you can always dream -Support 682 with cat ears doesnt seem pretty lore friendly nor does a researcher with a sword and a ninja mask
  7. Grade: 100/100 Lore: 25/25 I saw a lot of candy taking hands that seems legit Creativity: 25/25 Great idea to steal from an SCP but if you want to get candy you can just go buy some Presentation: 25/25 Pages look older than the tree they came from but looks good Writing: 25/25 No visible mistakes except the cursing Test quality:Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: Seriously you didn't have to kill Alphas just to get some candy you could of just bought it
  8. The fek do you mean 10/25 for usefulness? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY KIDNEYS ARE WORTH? Gordan here giving you strats for how to be a millionaire in 2 days and you say 10/25 for usefulness?
  9. I legit was just doing the Extra notes Fizzy but good job being fast
  10. +Support Some good activity and he do be active on forums as well. Very good at his job as admin so he would be trust worthy with the job.Extremely nice and chill and definitely knows what he is doing.Also he has a mic which is pretty epic cant see why he shouldn't be picked
  11. I just joined medical back now your leaving? bruh