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  1. undoubtably one of the nicest people on the server, good luck to you man
  2. Really no downside to this as long as it doesnt lag the server +Support
  3. looks really good might have to come out of retirement for this +Support
  4. I know we don't really know each other but I just wanted to say I've always been impressed by your work effort and dedication to wardens. Your a funny guy and super chill to be around
  5. NOT YOU TOO Couldnt have asked for a better Vice Commander, going to miss ya
  6. Easily one the chillest people on the server, had a lot fun with you. o7
  7. MANNNN it's the end of a fucking era, thank you for the kind words, I had an amazing time with you in Nu7 and I hope to god I never forget it. I salute you sir
  8. You were always super funny to be around, you worked damn hard and I'm honored to have worked alongside you. Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant
  9. So good to see CA getting some much needed love, +Support
  10. Thanks for being real, sad to see you go but its understandable
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