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  1. +Support +Also helped me when i was a Senior Moderator by a lot.
  2. +Support +Literally helped me get started as Trial Moderator +Long time staff member +Very friendly
  3. Mass +Support Yes do i even need to explain? +Really good at combat with lots of experience in combat. +Very friendly and not toxic at all +Amazing application 10/10 +All positive stated reasons above Get him to Red Right Hand already.
  4. Name:WantedIdeas Rank:AR Discord: WantedIdeas#0900 Activity: Just trained yesterday not as much. Ideas for CI: N/A
  5. +SUPPORT +Hella active Omi9, Research member. +Not mingey +Great application
  6. WantedIdeas


    Why is your name red?
  7. WantedIdeas


    WantedIdeas has voted. 1 vote remain Also i saw rektify vent, has to be him.
  8. In-game Name: WantedIdeas SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24011961 DiscordID: WantedIdeas#0900 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): RND How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? 6/10 Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I think i know a bit about SCP Lore, I am good at Combat and negotiations, I am not toxic in any way, I can be very active at times, I have a great reputation with all branches, I am a Warrant Officer in Omicron-9 so I might not be able to put as much activity in CI, I am great friends with AHOR Cogs, I know how to get info out of Kidnapped people, I was in A1 when it existed. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? Not much other than good at Combat, negotiations How active can you be? 7/10 Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes.
  9. Site 05 is gone, there has been a giant dragon that caused Alpha Warhead to go boom boom.
  10. https://streamable.com/k6lvlh This glitch allows you to cloak while still being able to hack keypads by using Last weapon bind, can also allow people to hack through CPs quicker than they should. Can be heavily abused and i hope this gets a fix .
  11. +SUPPORT + Hella active on Omicron-9 and i think he can do the same for Staff + 0 Warnings meaning he probably know all about the MOTD You're allowed to record for Proof as staff