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  1. As a SM in GenSec i understand where you coming from with the not getting escorts, however, 80 percent of the time you come in when the riots are bad enough to the point that half of our forces are dead and at that point no one in their right mind is gonna let you walk off with sometimes two of their more experienced members and just take away from our numbers, also as UK time when i wake up like 7 in the morning my time and a researcher comes in when i'm the only Security on and try and get me to escort and then moan when I don't, that shit gets annoying , especially when you keep walking in and out leaving doors open and just generally being in the way it can really get annoying, plus some of the researchers that come in and ask for escorts can get pretty unfriendly about it, not to the point of being rude or anything but the tut ing and uhhhh ing when we say no you cant get an escort right now. This all being said i do understand where you're coming from as researchers don't get to do research as much as they did when i first joined and i get that if that's the main class you play that could get really annoying, hiwever please understand that we do all try our best but research isn't really our top priority, especially when there's always CI, DClass and SCPs running around the facility.
  2. -Support Since i first saw you SCPRP as a security OFC basically all I've seen you do, is cause arguments and problems: you've begged for promotions, barely listened to higher ranks and even when you do you quickly forget or ignore what you were told to do, you would constantly assign yourself to escorts then say you were just talking to the Dclass when I told you not too, you quite often started arguments and then acted extremely hypocritical not even 5 minutes after those arguments and finally I personally have seen you ignore/break a lot of rules, I think the amount of warns you have shows this one of them is even for lying to staff. I'm sorry but I really don't think you'd be a good fit for staff, maybe if you give yourself more time to prove you have improved in game then perhaps you'll get a +support from me, but as of yet I see no reason to think you've improved.
  3. As another jack i can top this, it was after a test, i got released back into DBlock and just slowly walked across the line, it was only a NCO and one enlisted on at the time, however 912 was also there, he was the only one that knew I wasn't a researcher and so attempted to cuff me, i ran away from him (all the while the 2 gensec are carrying on there usual duties), now at this point i was certain i was going to get gunned down so i stood still in front of the NCO, he looked at me, then looked forward. After that, while I was stood still, 912 cuffed me, dragged me back across the line, and released me, I then stare at the NCO laughing to shit that I was still alive, I then calmed myself, and proceeded to cross the line again and stand next to the NCO, he glances at me, and carries on his day (keep in mind he was still shooting other dclass so he wasn't just minging and I think the enlisted was just copying the nco) after a few seconds of 912 looking between the two of us probably as confused as I was he proceeds to try and cuff me, this leads to a 5 minute chase around the NCO all while behind the fence and ending with me using the CZ to kill 912, which grants a bit more attention from the two, they stare at me for a while, and i walk out calmly, neither of them attempt to investigate further. I walked back in a few times after and just admired the natural gensec before deciding to leave the facility and go AFK. Honestly whoever that 912 was and those two security, thanks, that was some of the funniest shit that's happened to me on this serve, i'm hoping the 912 found it entertaining aswell.
  4. Meridian

    Buff The Negev

    +support The Negev is useless it struggles to kill two dclass before they can put you down, and that's within shotty range anything longer and ur basically done for
  5. +Support This sounds wholesome as hell, i see no downside to this and it could be a nice way to remember moments with people that have left or are leaving the server/community.
  6. Meridian

    966 Buff

    +Support I've played 966 a few times and i only ever play him when i'm with the rest of the jacks, even as a group of 5 when you're communicating, two decent players can take you down easily, I personally got 1 v 3'd by an MTF CC with the ares strike and we weren't even close to killing him.
  7. +Support From being in security with GenSec for a little while, it's quite easy to see he over reacts quite a lot which can sometimes lead to quite heated debates, however i've never seen him go out of his way to be toxic towards someone, and if he's telling the truth about his incident with Saiba then I believe that was just a comment he didn't really think through until after he said it. It's also quite clear to me that people seem to purposefully attempt to get under his skin just to get a reaction, which as we can see, usually works, i'm not saying that his reactions to these people were justified, but I can see why he might of said the things he did. Also, with regards to the whole "imagine raiding when no ones on" thing, i can see why this might be seen as trying to start something, and i don't blame anyone for thinking it might be. However, if he means it how I think he meant it, then this wasn't something that was meant to start any form of argument, I myself say that sort of stuff and it's never meant to start an argument, most of the time it's just meant as a joke and that's it, but again, i can see how it might be taken differently. Finally i don't really see why he was permanently banned, the toxicity in chat thing may have warranted a warn at most in my opinion, due to the reason stated prior, now the thing he said to Saiba was a bit different as if he said what he did with the intent to make him upset or angry then that could warrant a temporary ban, but again, i don't believe it was. Now I don't know the whole story behind his permaban, so there may have been reasons that i don't know o, however with the information i currently have i believe this permaban was unwarranted and I don't mean too accuse, but i believe personal feelings towards Gunther may have been involved in the decision made as permabans are a huge thing and nothing he did, to me, was nowhere near permaban worthy.
  8. but i feel a verbal warn would be a more appropriate punishment
  9. So the RCF Officer doesn't have access to radio channel 2 (The general security channel) or /security in chat if this could be fixed that would be awesome.
  10. Meridian

    3 Live limit

    +support i really don't like the 2 life rule, im guessing its to stop people from being in command of too many branches and if that's the case you could do 2 command life limit and 3 overall life limit.
  11. +support i've known cogs from pretty early on in my time on GL, we've been in security for a while now and he knows what he's doing, for example, i've had a few times where i couldn't remember what the rules were for a situation, so i asked him and he was always knew the answer without needing to check the SOP. Although this is quite different from admin enforced rules, I believe it shows that he would be a great addition to the moderators as it proves that he can consistently recall what he needs to, and what he shouldn't do in most situations.
  12. +support Honestly Security has been close to unplayable recently, this will help us loads and make stuff more fun also i don't think that anything here will make us unbalanced towards the Dclass
  13. okay I see where you're coming from on this part, however, maybe you could do it so it's like maynard for CI so you have to be a certain rank in medical so that way they are basically a part of medical but with more RP involved. Also i don't think this could be anywhere near as bad as 999 as 999 would just go heal security without any process to it whereas 948 will have to go through some RP before healing, and you could also make it so that he has to be in medbay to actually heal and if he's outside of medbay he can only use his calming effects not his healing. I see this as a very interesting SCP that could end up giving medical staff, along with everyone else, more to do while being healed and even just when wondering the facility still a +Support from me