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  1. +Support, means people could have more fun, if some lives do get neglected you just remove them, it's the player that takes the risk here as if they continuously risk a life it may result in that branch not wanting them in the future.
  2. -Support Trainees do sometimes manage to escape from bunks, buy guns, run away from trainers. I understand that staff can /demote and we can call staff on dclass that attack us and our trainees but sometimes staff aren't available, most trainers don't instantly attack dclass that attack them, for example, usually if a dclass attacks me I back off and tell them to stop i'm ooc and if they don't, I shoot them, it's not a very powerful weapon that security FTO's get anyway so even if we do decide to fire back there is no guarantee we'll win. I've also been in a few circumstances while when showing trainees the armory they decide to buy guns and go on a rampage, and yes we could call staff for this and maybe make a forums report, but in the meanwhile this trainee would be going around killing people, FTO's in security do not have the ability to /demote meaning if staff isn't available there is no telling how long they could go on for, maybe they'd be stopped by another player, maybe they wouldn't, but trainers having a gun means they can hopefully quickly stop this trainee at which point they spawn back in the trainee room where they can't leave, then you can call staff or make a forums report if no staff are available.
  3. [REDACTED] You probably don't want it going up with a typo, that's the only 1 I saw
  4. Lets get lvl 4 keycard on security OFC +Support tho
  5. -Support if it was just this branch IMO, maybe if they decided to add another GOI it might make it more balanced? but I don't think we have a high enough and steady enough player base to add two new fully fledged banches, although a new GOI would be pretty cool. Even though I just -Supported I feel I should add in that a new MTF branch could make the server feel a bit more fresh so might lead to an increase in player base.
  6. Meridian

    939 Buff

    only issue with that is the door would make noise rather then you, yes the button might make a click but that'd be easily overlooked by the sound of the door I think.
  7. Security is already heavily restricted I see no reason to restrict them further, maybe 3 minute NLR but other then that I don't think we should be restricted further
  8. Massive +Support think he's been doing really well in security, think he deserves Juggernaut.
  9. -Support, I don't really see this as an exploit and never actually new that this happened when you tranquilized a cuffed SCP maybe i'm in the minority on that subject but that's not something i've ever really thought about doing or seen done. Again even if I did know this is what happened I probably still wouldn't think of it as an exploit so I don't think this should warrant a warn especially considering it was handled in game already.
  10. Meridian

    939 Buff

    +Support I find 939 pretty easy to deal with as long as there isn't a 682 around
  11. +Support funny man gets a funny position?