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  1. Name: Sprink Warden name: Achilles Rank: ltcol Length of LOA: 12/5 -12/10 Reason for LOA: exams
  2. Thats a branch head model which you haven't requested to use from the branch nor paid the 4+ MB fee.
  3. You would need to speak to Snar and have manager+ permission in this case. There would most likely be an up charge but I dont think Chief would allow this.
  4. None of it’s clarified so it’s hard to say someone is “incorrect” when no one truly knowsx
  5. -Support its not the fact that you stealth cuffed him that you got warned for. The issue is you didn't Fear RP 049 which is required to even be able to cuff him in the first place.
  6. The model is not going to be allowed. Other people have tried the same thing and its never been approved.
  7. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Sprink Rank: Member Start Date: 11/29/22 End Date: 12/16/22 Reason: Really busy with school, have exams coming up, and don’t think I have enough time to do security and ET at the same time.
  8. please bring back the music boxes
  9. You need to include the forums profile links and TeamSpeak IDs of all the members of the clan
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