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  1. Also this happen to me on bright i think logs have a serious issue regarding crossfire cause i semi auto all my guns and i shot someone 3x on accident cause i click so fast and may have been banned because of that so yeah
  2. OI who said i was a General minge and disclosed off topic information i swear some people GUYS DRAGINS A MINGE CUZ HE JOKES AROUND LETS FUCKIN DEMOTE HIM FOR JOKE FUCK YA USA basically all command except high command i guess low don't know what a true minge is
  3. + support - YOU BLOODY MINGE I SHALL PUNISH YOU BY + SUPPORTING YOU MINGE - Has experience since he's CPT in MTF
  4. - Support - Reasons above - barely makes minimum forum activity Wait a minute
  5. We could give it a Bite Swep and use it as a security SCP kinda like 912
  6. I dont know what ur talking about SSSH
  7. + support There is also the Security Juggernaut coming into play so we might need this
  8. -support Has nobiody bothered to know what happened before like seriously before this he was harassing me for like 10 minutes just saying and i quote @Phaasma " hey dragin wanna hear a joke - Dragin dez nuts across your face" and said it repeatedly only while i was around i asked him to stop he didn't then he changed his name to Dragon my and then micspam Dragin my dragin my ETC This was a purposeful attempt of annoying me cause before cat he was told to stop by 2x other admins and like as said was harassing me hear me out and keep the warns if not then we should discuss the micspam of Dragin my ETC ETC Phasorb was also Walmart customer and he was using that joke to i have explain on numerous occasions and even to phasorb directed that the joke will not be tolerated. Also he has recently been demote and strike for rdming me and dissing me so there's your proof ... i guess
  9. Lets just get this straight okay people NO NEED FOR ARGUMENTS but the elevator was about 80% to the top and me and APE opened fire that's why he shot down CROSSFIRE IS A THING so he ended up killing other due to me and APE have 100/100 HP I would say he should be unbanned to due to the lack of assurance that it wasn't crossfire me and APE are really tanky so yeah he only has AMD sgt sucks so @Rookieblue I really would advise you remove this ban or at least shorten it @Weiss this might be a little harsh for something that can be easily mistaken for SEVERE CROSSFIRE so i am just saying i was also a witness/ victim and i would say the circumstances are fit to remove this ban unless @Weiss Responds with actual evidence - Good day people Also stupid isn't really diss like come on people i am not encouraging minge but are ya gonna get but hurt about someone calling you stupid it's like a 2nd grader would say come on and i quote actual admins that thought someone calling me a B**** wasn't diss and i frankly agree so lets let the diss go ok it was just a reaction of emotion Thank you @Exodus
  10. Ok so i am Dragin let's clarify me and Ape were rioting and yes CROSSFIRE was a variable in this instance cause we were rushing LCZ but Ape didnt diss you it was a CC ape was also the same cc but it wasn't ape and yes he was banned for MRDM i think so i do believe it was false D class get really pissed about crossfire and say its rdm any way yes i take his side of story + Support why did it take 2 days to get this out like BREH
  11. NEUTRAL i will not deny what th3 said but Phasma can be handy and can be far so i am gonna be neutral
  12. Steam Name: theswaggindragin Ingame Name:Dragin SteamID:SteamID: STEAM_0:1:491903989 Ban Length:1 week Admin that Banned you: Rookieblue Reason for Ban:20 warn threshold Dispute: First i would like to say 1 warn is on Starwars rp cause i kept trying to see what was on lvl 3 and i am also appealing another warn currently so even w/o the appeal counting one is still on starwars rp mainly cause i didn't read the rules
  13. Topic Title Admin's Name - False Warn Report AR skies Questions Your In-game:Dragin Your SteamID:SteamID: STEAM_0:1:491903989 The admin's name in-game: AR Skies The admin's steam name (If you know it):0:0:192888807 What warning did you receive: RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Because a security Sniper was shooting at me with his pistol cause of code bright so i shot back and died then skies comes and takes me into a sit and tells me he has this instant replay mode to see exactly what happened and he said i shot someone who wasn't even looking at me and i think it may be crossfire or where the camera angle was cause i was being shot at so i retaliated . Any extra information: No not really
  14. So i saw an admin could not pick up someone with a riot shield and i just want SMT to be aware