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  1. I doubt you know who I am, but you were one of the first few people I saw on the server when I joined over a year ago. Watching you kill Gensec on your Stonksman CC is what made be really want to stay on the server. The difference between an error and a mistake is anyone can make an error, an error only becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it. I feel command have made a couple of mistakes with you in the past and I am sorry you had to leave in this way. If it makes you feel any better I was in Stormtroopers for a year on ImpRP, made it to VCMDR once but was demoted while I was on LOA, probably because they had other people able to become command and could replace me without many issues with the battalion. I've gotten off topic, I just want to say if you ever decide to play on the server again D-Class will welcome you with open arms. -Sincerely, Ender/Dagger
  2. Well written, has spent a lot of time on the server and great application overall. Good luck. -Retired ST MAJ Dagger, 1 year of service to ST's.
  3. Well written and has effort put into it. I may be resigned but can judge someone based off the application and you my friend have been judged well. Good luck. -Jesus Christ
  4. Served with you for a long time, glad to see how far you've come. Best of luck Admiral Matrix! o7
  5. Well boys its been fun but sadly all fun things must come to an end. I joined CI 6 months ago wanting to help the branch and for a little while I think I made a bit of a difference, at one point I think I did 20+ raids in one cycle. RnD has been really fun and love most of the changes that have been made (I'm talking about you, Bio-Engineer.) I'm leaving due to a combination of burn out and my PC be really bad (I get 5 FPS just inside CI base). Mentions: Neo: My man your been an absolute legend when it comes to keeping the branch in order, thanks for all the fun times. (Hope you get General my guy) Lee: You may have resigned but my man you did so many raids at one point jesus christ mate. Box: You absolute monkey. If I ever come back I'll still be your pocket medic on Bio. Yohan: Alright Demoman, you've made Slueth worthwhile to play on. Thanks for the fun times, good luck.
  6. Grade: 100/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Insight: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comment: You did quite a bit of research and work into this, I genuinely enjoyed reading this as it felt like an actual SCP document. Commendable work, keep up the great work! Overall: A+ Test quality: 100% Extra Notes: N/A -RAV Ender
  7. Grade: 95/100 Lore: 25/25 Creativity: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 20/25 Test quality: (95%) Pretty good Extra Notes: I would suggest not killing the MTF we capture in the future and instead sell them back.
  8. Grade: 100/100 Lore: 25/25 Creativity: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Test quality: Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: Good work on capturing a foundation personnel to begin with, I liked the writing. Keep up the good work!
  9. Grade: 95/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Insight: 20/25 Presentation: 20/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comments: Whenever testing on a new SCP, I would highly suggest having another RnD in the room with you for emergency rolls like one that was need as well as just for general assistance. If no other RnD are online I would just have a Alpha with you just in case. Overall great test! Overall: A Interrogation quality: Good
  10. Grade: 95/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Insight: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comments: It appears the link for "Before Incident" in broken, other than that interesting log. Keep up the good work! Overall: A Interrogation quality: Good -Ender
  11. Grade: 95/100 Efficiency: 20/25 Insight: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comments: Creative test idea! Overall: A Interrogation quality: Exceeds Expectations
  12. Grade: 95/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Insight: 23/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comment: Great test! You put quite a bit of effort into this and I applaud you for it, can't wait to see more of this in the future. Overall: A Test quality: Exceeds Expectations -Ender
  13. I have never met you personally due to me not playing on ImpRP anymore but this application is very well written, Good luck. +SUPPORT -Reserve ST MAJ Dagger
  14. "We were just having fun, we didn't realize we were making memories" -Winnie the Pooh Sad to see you go man, have a good one.
  15. What are you suggesting? Safe class SCPs may "Wander" onto surface if Entrance Doors have been left open for whatever reason. How would this change better the server? I think it would make things a bit more interesting for CI as they might have a chance at finding an SCP on surface. This would also allow MTF to go on hunts for escaped safe class SCPs and attempt to bring them back, giving them another little job to do if they want. I think it would make a bit more sense as well for the SCP to try and leave if all the doors are open, if you were in a prison and all the doors were open, what's stopping you from just walking out? (I personally feel it takes the "Contain" out of Secure Contain Protect if Safe Class SCPs can't even leave without CIs help). Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. I don't see any disadvantages other than 912 maybe being purposefully released by the foundation to try and capture CI at their base and bring them back to the foundation. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Safe Class SCPs, MTF and CI.