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  1. Welcome to the retirement club old friend, we're happy to have ya -Ender
  2. +Support least transphobic man in Chicago
  3. Welcome to the retirement home
  4. Welcome to the retirement home my friend. Good luck with college! -Ender
  5. First off I'd like to state that I'm not leaving due to any of the issues I have with the server, I am leaving due to the fact that I really don't have any free time anymore, and once track season starts it will only get worse. RnD in particular has had lots of issues involving command members going inactive, but refusing to give up their rank and either being removed or forced to resign. I do not want to become one of these people. I came off of reserves a bit before summer started in April, ironic to think that the reason I went into reserves to begin with was because my PC could no longer run the server, and now that I have the PC of my dreams I'm going back into reserves because I don't have any time to use it. I've had lots of amazing memories with this community and truly wish it didn't have to be this way. I know I'm probably just some Senior Inspector to most people. but I like to think I made a mark, no matter how small, on the server. Long list of mentions: Cecil: I want to start this off by saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not being nearly as professional as I should have been. I'm sorry for putting off work that needed to be done, which ended up hurting the branch. You've been the best CDOP I think the server has ever seen, and with you at RnDs side I don't think anything can go wrong. You dragged RnD out of its darkest hour and are dragging it into a golden age. I know you have stated that you plan on being CDOP for a long time, but I can very easily see an O5 chair in the future with your name on it. Best of luck with your future endeavors my friend. To all of RnD/CI: You guys have been my life for the past few months, and I'd give anything to keep being a member of the science team. Keep doing what you guys do best and discover the unknown for me! To EOI: Yall are absolute gamers. Keep on being the spies that The Foundation fear! To E4: You guys kill EOI more than the foundation do, don't be so trigger happy with non-combatants. Also I need a small loan of one Trek-50. To Ghost Unit: Most of you guys probably don't know I was the head of your sub-branch, but I was. I joined when it first came out and am very happy with the place it is in right now. Keep on creeping around the site! Dumptruck: Funny british man that I didn't see all to much, was fun talking to you when I did though! Alexx: Although you probably won't see this, you were a really great General and I am proud to say I served under you. I'm glad you've been doing well as HCZ Manager. Thanks for always saying "hi" back whenever I said hi to you! Oh and stop getting captured by EOI so much. Talila: Your the first JMT/SMT that've I've ever encountered who is approachable. Thanks for being willing to talk to me, and always responding quickly when I ping you in general chat because someone posted gay porn. Keep making the E4 taliban videos my friend! Edit: Holy shit I've just checked discord and realized Talila has been removed oh hell naw. Free my homie he ain't done nothing wrong. Bop: Not as cool as Talila. Gar: Cringe guy that said kys once in discord and never heard the end of it. Killed EOI a lot on E4. In all honesty I didn't talk to you much but when I did you were a pretty racist chill guy to talk to. Best of luck as Commander! Chineseman: The man I became friends with almost solely because I was onsite as EOI and talked to him a lot. You were a cool guy to talk to and probably have more donator weapons than anyone else on the server. I hope to see you again one day my friend, keep your eyes open for a suspicious looking NU7 CPL named Predatel! Pryingtree: You let one mistake get the better of you in RnD. I'm glad we were friends and I'm very glad you are fulfilling your quest for command in Medical! Box: Gaminglights last true tryhard. I know you are retired but it was always fun playing with you, even outside of gaminglight. See you around old friend. Fringbean: The fucker I always heard in the background of Box's mic. Dick Grayson: Change your name to Richard Grayson rn no balls. Zachary: The last remaining head of EOI, keep the spy mains afloat while I'm gone. Catalyst: Gigachad Laki: I know things didn't work out in EOI but keep trying my friend, learn from your mistakes and you will succeed! Alex Donwood: I know we didn't speak much but you got me out of a bad situation and I am grateful for it. Thanks mate and good luck with command. Mean: Your the guy that claims one of my videos brought you into the server. I don't really care whether that is true or not because you have always been nice to me and I'm thankful for that. Best of luck my friend. Tangerine Baker: Your a mute guy with bad internet. Keep on being a gamer. Yohan: Funni Scottish alcoholic. I don't know where you are in life now but I hope your doing great! HexG: I still kind of regret making that report against you for combat healing, Mf summoned his officers to -support lol. Back then I had a stereotypical hatred towards Gensec since I only played CI and D-Class, but after listening to you talk about your bleeding toe for 10 minutes straight I have changed my opinion on you. Best of luck with HOS! FunkMasterJack: Capitalize your fucking letters. Pandainshitpostland: Keep yourself safe Raaqzy: Your an annoying prick Luxxy: Your the kind of person to make an onlyfans, then advertise it to Gaminglight. Rangiatea: Your the kind of person to buy that onlyfans. Event Team: A reminder that events are supposed to allow both the ETs AND the playerbase to have fun. To everyone that encouraged me to continue making the "Gaminglight Slander" videos, thank you. I didn't think they would get nearly as much recognition as they did. There will be one final Gaminglight Slander video sometime in the next week or so. See you guys next summer! -CI RnD SIN Ender HGU W4NKER
  6. Goodbye my friend. I know we haven't had many interactions but you were a chill guy when I talked to you in CI. Best of luck with your future endeavors. -Ender
  7. Grade: 85 / 100 Efficiency: 25 / 25 You got a ton of information out of this man, probably the first interrogation log where we've gotten the names of Ethics Committee members, learned about O5 AND most importantly proved the existence of The Administrator. Should have gotten him to rap the D4 SOP though. Insight: 20 / 25 Asked all the right questions, but should of have had enough guards to keep the man cuffed. Presentation: 20 / 25 Added some cool stuff onto the normal interrogation format and I like it, overall great work. Writing: 20/ 25 The white highlight over white text made it difficult the read certain bits, I liked the addition of the "[F.U.R.T.H.E.R I.D.E.N.T.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.ON R.E.Q.U.I.R.E.D]" stuff. Additional Comments: Very good, very VERY good. Keep up the good work -EOI Overseer Reaper
  8. Grade: 75 / 100 Efficiency: 20 / 25 Overall very well constructed test, but it seemed quite basic considering the SCP and its potential. This test was short but sweet. Insight: 20 / 25 Your test matched with the lore of the SCP and was overall a good one, but as stated above seemed basic considering the possibilities. Presentation: 15 / 25 My main issue with this test log is its length. A big issue with interrogation logs done ingame is the fact that they can be ended at any time, thus making them short. This is not a problem with tests like these where you make it up, so take advantage of it. Writing: 20/ 25 No grammar mistakes as far as I can tell, noticed a missing space between "fromSgt" at the end of Test Log 08282022-2295, but that is just a nitpick. Overall I am glad you made your own format and added the images and colors, but I just wish it was a bit longer. Additional Comments: Very good, keep up the good work! -EOI Overseer Reaper
  9. Although we did not interact all that much it was fun screwing around with you on EOI. You made some amazing test logs and I am very proud of you, you shall be missed. Goodbye my friend, and may the force be with you. -Ender/D2
  10. Grade: 45 / 100 Efficiency: 10 / 25 I am going to be completely honest with you, you learnt next to nothing useful in this interrogation. The names of high ranking people mean next to nothing if you don't get more info about them. Insight: 10 / 25 Although you were quick on the torture to get the right info out of him, it ultimately didn't mean much since he died in the raid. Presentation: 10 / 25 Quite a short interrogation. Writing: 15 / 25 No grammar mistakes as far as I can tell, pretty good but short. Additional Comments: This interrogation was cut short due to a raid. Overall not your fault, not too bad all things considered. -EOI Overseer Reaper
  11. Grade: 60 / 100 Efficiency: 15 / 25 As stated below, you didn't push him on who these people he was talking about were. You got good info, but passed up the chance to get even more. Insight: 20 / 25 You gained quite a bit of information during this interrogation, but should have asked more questions. Presentation: 10 / 25 Overall felt like too short of an interrogation, Should have pressed harder for more information on the names he gave, rather than just getting the names and moving on. Writing: 15 / 25 Some pretty good writing, you forgot to add the "Activity 1-A". Overall pretty good. Additional Comments: Apologies this took so long, this was overall a pretty solid interrogation with a few mistakes. -EOI Overseer Reaper
  12. Name: Ender Rank: AIN Discord ID: Dagger#5885 How active are you on a scale of 1-10: 8
  13. Grade: 25 / 100 Efficiency: 5 / 25 I am going to be completely honest with you, you learnt next to nothing useful in this interrogation. The man said he was a foreman but that his clearance level was 1, and you didn't push him on who "Stolas" is, you simply got his name and moved on. Just overall felt like a quick interrogation with not much effort put into it. Insight: 0 / 25 As stated above, you gained next to nothing useful in this interrogation and didn't ask the questions that mattered or tortured him when necessary, especially considering he is a Foreman. Presentation: 10 / 25 Overall felt like too short of an interrogation, at least you made up your own format. Writing: 10 / 25 Some grammar mistakes in the document, bad spacing at one point. felt rushed. Additional Comments: Absolutely 0 torture and not enough questioning. -EOI Overseer Reaper
  14. Atlas you were an SR in RnD back when we had the old rank system when I first joined, I can't say I couldn't see this coming but I think this is in everyone's best interest. I've noticed you've been responding negatively to some of the responses to this post, don't be that kind of guy my man. Best of luck with whatever you do next in life my friend, we'll meet again. -AIN Ender
  15. Bro how is a level 3 keycard on a CI CC a "feature" I may be in CI myself but my man not even E4 and EOI get keycards for obvious reasons. Also that model looks a bit too much like HTF ngl.
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