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  1. -Support Looks like you just want to get him in trouble.
  2. Well to be fair I have solo recontained 682 so many times to the point where its not a luck based occurrence. I am not tryna brag in fact I think that means something cause I suck ass at aiming. And when I say solo recontain I mean he was full hp and everything and I took out a negev and fucked him all the way to tranq in a matter of 30 seconds. +Support
  3. How is lack of responses a bad thing?? Overall I do agree with every other point besides no responses +/-
  4. Apologies, so when handling someone being hostile verbally I would say give them some warnings rather then gag them straight off. This way you ensure that you are doing you best to make a productive sit.
  5. -Support On the contrary to Kevlar I disagree with some scenario questions. This is your FIRST post in approximately 1-2 years. Do not know you at all.
  6. I have took the last week of looking over other opinions and evidence, battlemetrics and so forth. and I have come to the following opinions. Positives Atlas is good at a few things that would be a necessity for HCMD to have some of these are as follows. 1. The ability to maintain their selves in an argument or debate without falling to anger or other issues. I found that under several disagreements with Atlas that each and every time he has been able to maintain himself and never come off as insensitive or disrespectful. 2. Dedication, while atlas sometimes in my opinion shows a complete lack of this attribute its been proven quite a few times that he has some dedication and is willing to go to many lengths for R&D. 3. Leadership; though controversial you have proven in game and especially TeamSpeak the ability to lead other R&D and still contribute, while I have mostly seen this in TeamSpeak I still believe you practice this trait in game too. The reasons for this will follow; To start in my past in R&D more accurately when I was working along side you I witnessed you openly express your dislikes towards a quota of 1 Training or PT/Mass Test/ Onsite. Now let me just say if you are not able to handle that then you already have 1 major problem especially in a high command field where you will constantly be worked to make the branch a better place. 2. When you were given the temporary position of leader of EOI, I can agree with gordan that you abosolutely did nothing. You made I believe 1 announcement encouraging activity and that's where it ends. 3.In the past before these applications were open you had a SIGNFICANT issue with activity and this can be agreed upon by most command in R&D at the time including your former CDOP. 4. Bias, while you mostly maintain calmness in arguments you still let it impact your opinions on others, ALOT. I do not know if you do this sub consciously or what but you need to fix this ASAP. For my final opinion (This will not be changed unless ACTIONABLE evidence is provided not just a mob of others stating otherwise) -Support ( With a twist look below for what I mean) While in some cases I see atlas to be completely deserving, in other areas I see EXTREMELY large red signs. These being bias and multiple issues in the past relating to activity and capability to get others on and to be an effective command member. As stated already I see many positives such as a unique type of dedication I dont think I have really ever observed before and a drive to change things. I think the biggest issue you have though is most definitely drive. While you are dedicated you lack drive in many areas to complete things you set yourself to do I believe personally that it is due to overworking's since I have seen you kick ass before. So let me be clear I do not see you fit to shoot straight into high command but I think you should be set to EARCH and show what you can do, then after a few weeks or months you can be given high command.
  7. You quite clearly did not read the guidelines for the requirement's needed to apply. Any Former/Retired Command in R&D may apply for a maximum rank of SCMD. You appear as if you are straight witch hunting for a reason to -Support rather then putting something that makes sense. Especially since you have clearly read Gordan's replies and have not cared to adapt your position in any way.
  8. Haha not how it works unfortunately you cant really fix hit reg like a common bug. +support
  9. I disagree entirely. He isn't mature and serious when it's not needed but when it is he executes. You only see him in raids which arent extremely serious things its something that happens literally 50x a day. Massive +Support Nobody in R&D but box deserves HCMD in my opinion
  10. Man has my full support +Support -RRH Guardian Alpha 6
  11. +Support Cloaker is active enough and actually tries to get shit done.
  12. You see this is just a scapegoat for yohan I DID run it. Infact gamma straight up told me to do whatever I could to keep it from dieing. I was organizing SF Pts, getting meetings hosted all kinds of stuff. I do not believe its fair for you to say this in the slightest.
  13. -Support I completely disagree with you being ready for HCMD You are really really inactive especially when I was in R&D. It was bad to the point where I was kind of leading eoi. You are definitely not ready for this position I don't think your even ready for your current position.
  14. As coltable said this would be difficult to do to the point of a new system would be better to make. Which isn't worth the time -Support
  15. So compactors cause surprisingly very minimal lag so long as there is more than like 15. +Support