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  1. I mean if you the owner of a server pretty sure that is "Staffing" on it.
  2. You really did just -support a report made ON YOU. The shier amount of disappointment. +supp
  3. The keyboard warriors have returned -supp everyone already said why.
  4. -Support From what I am seeing here, you killed someone else and American stepped in immediately after and warned you, this is not taking his own sit. This is him enforcing the rules as a staff member, now he did do something wrong i.e give you absolutely no time to explain yourself and jumped straight into a warning though, its not very fair to expect a staff member to let someone break the rules till a sit is made. In this case the only way it could have been considered taking his own sit (in my opinion) is if he was the one who got killed which is not the case from what I see.
  5. Just start coding rosters lmfao it's not too hard to do that and when used right can be almost twice as effective then any HCMD. -Support I am almost 100% sure this idea is inspired by CWRP servers or Military servers and the reason they wouldn't work on gaminglight is sort of what @K I W Isaid in GL branches can have lots of different rules that change each branch for better or worse while most of the said servers that employ these kinds of transfer policies tend to have more (global) sets of rules. So yeah putting this in SCP would be a logistical nightmare to say the least.
  6. That's not the issue, I have a really good PC and still have performance issues on this server alone. -Support The good thing TFA has to offer is better registration (in my humble opinion) and more diverse array of weapons. Things like CW from what I have observed from other servers can be a bit... Boring to use. I dont even want to mention M9K.
  7. If you are in visual range and someone is shooting at you it doesn't matter how horrible they are at shooting straight you are in an active combat situation. Therefore, you cannot be healing yourself. +Support
  8. You know that there is a command that you can put in console that disables the red screen right? anyways +sup
  9. To be honest both you and atlas dont have room to talk about anything related to: Corruption, activity, who did bad or anything. To be honest if I wasn't content moderated I would expose both of yall right now for how badly you did by your high command and branch (at least back then now I have zero clue if your the same or not). But what I most definitely know is that you have no right to criticize your old gamma.
  10. My dude he's not the only one with personal struggles. We are also talking about the same dude that was even talking shit after being banned. You are very clearly biased as you admitted but you are biased for the completely wrong reasons. Personal shit happens to everyone I have literally known meeseeks since he was a lvl 1. The reasons for his blacklists were questionable! However we are talking about discord not Security! -Support
  11. One of the few, one of the proud!
  12. -Support Wait yall expected them not to shoot you after you leaked level 5 data twice? That's like shooting at the cops while having a hostage, next time you come out they'll get a sniper to clap yo ass. Same situation here yall ruined the RP by already engaging with the leaks. Not to mention even if the MTF raid was invalid that normally falls upon the raid leader aka Toasty so enjoy punishing him if your really that serious about it.
  13. +Support We love toaster!
  14. This doesn't mean your off the hook I still want to bully you some more.
  15. Bro ain't no way he got a staff report cause he's playing other games besides gmod
  16. Server isn't pay to win. ZJ proved that with is 1080 no scopes What gaminglight IS suffering is Snowflakes, bitches (in the annoying version), slight to mediocre friend groups and corruption (RP leadership) and people who don't know what dafuq they are doing.
  17. If atlas can get a job anyone can. High school isnt that bad, but whatever you do dont fall asleep first when your with the homies
  18. And why are you so insistent on it being purposeful? You disillusion the rare and unlikely with truth likely cause that's what you want to be true. +Support, hop off his meat there are plenty of people who have been racist before and have gotten away a lot easier then this guy @IgnisNuts*cough cough* Everyone -ing needs to touch grass ***
  19. Everyone -Supporting is the reason why alot of newer people hate GL +/- Change your format pls
  20. Bro just summoned the keyboard warriors of gensec +support
  21. I''d rather be violated by Herbert the pervert.
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