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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1adMI1wCaVAuvXMpoHqbuKaX6R-A667gPDobDsbB-4B0/edit?usp=sharing If some of the links do not work please tell me!
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/184xdIMApnKXp1ESyv0K4YkLC8MG2hTAfMLtSPeu1Qn0/edit?usp=sharing I tried to mix up the format a small bit with the colours, tell me how it looks.
  3. Lore Name: Gum Rank: R (Researcher) SCP: SCP-432 / SCP-513 Question / Idea: How will average people react to the effects of SCP-513 and then put into the room of SCP-432. Background Research: SCP-432 is a 2-door steel storage cabinet, measuring 2 meters tall by 1.2 meters wide by 1 meter deep. The exterior of the cabinet is painted matte green and bears no remarkable features except small areas of corrosion and light scratching commensurate with being left exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time. The doors of the cabinet are fitted with a basic slide-bolt and a hasp for a padlock, allowing the door to be secured from outside. Hypothesis: I believe that the Subject will begin to go into a state of insanity and or lash out. Observations (What Happened During Test): The beginning parts of the test we left the D Class Subject in the dark enclosure that is also known as SCP-432, unsupervised to see what would happen while being completely alone in darkness. During testing we later entered the same room with the D Class Personnel. Subject began speaking in an odd tone and an unintelligible language. Sounded much like "Gurgle, Hiss " in a whisper like tone. Later we wanted to observe what would happen if the subject was unbounded by the cuffs. After releasing the Subject. Subject immediately reached for a pickaxe in their pocket and began running towards the nearby Mobile Task Force escort. Subject was gunned down and was fatally shot. Ending the experiment. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Subject exposed to the effects of SCP-513 and who have also entered the room of SCP-432 become hostile and may attack any nearby Personnel. I believe that being in a dark enclosure for several minutes alone and with the effects of SCP-513 made the Subject go into a state of insanity. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: I do in fact believe that my Hypothesis was correct in that the Subject will go into a state of insanity as they did appear to show signs of mental illness. Subject did also become hostile, and they did indeed lash out. [TEST LOG OVER]
  4. Foundation Research Department February Branch Update Proposal 2/3/22 - ??? Quality of Life Changes Updated Research High Command -Removed ALL Models +Added Models: models/bmscientistcits/p_female_02.mdl models/player/Scpsci_Male_02.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl +Added tfa_mp5sd Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=738645321 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Foundation Doctor -Removed ALL Models +Added Models: models/player/scpsci_male_07.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=738645321 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Research Command -Removed ALL Models +Added Models: models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl models/bmscientistcits/p_male_09.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Senior Researcher -Removed ALL Models +Added Models models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl models/bmscientistcits/p_male_05.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Researcher -Removed ALL Models +Added Models models/bmscientistcits/p_male_01.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Junior Researcher -Removed ALL Models +Added Models models/bmscientistcits/p_male_07.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 Updated Research Field Agent -Removed ALL Models +Added Models models/player/camo_base.mdl models/player/hazmat/hazmat1980.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541684586 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=524675815 Research Recruitment Agent Model - models/player/suits/male_06_shirt_tie.mdl Research Trainee -Removed ALL Models +Added Model models/player/kleiner.mdl Updated Researcher -Removed ALL Models +Added Models Updated Junior Researcher -Removed ALL Models +Added Models Dr. Bright (Gold+) Model - models/player/scientist.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810090879 Dr. Thaddeus Xyank (Level 100+) Model - models/lenoax/cavejohnson_pm.mdl Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1170760871 Zone Manager Job Changes (requested by Star) Weapons: -Remove tfa_csgo_nova +Add tfa_ins2_ksg Models -Remove All Models +Add models/player/Suits/male_07_closed_tie.mdl +Add models/mwr_hooded_sas.mdl (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2741670514) Description The Zone Managers hold full control over their assigned zone and are tasked with keeping it in order. They carry a Level 5 Keycard and are granted permission to detonate the Alpha or Omega Warhead in dire situations. They report directly to the Site Director and O5 Council. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2741670514 Major Changes Updated Director of Research and Security (Behalf of DoRS Sixx) Statistics Same Health Same Armor Same Salary 1 Slot Loadout Mostly the same but Adding gmod_camera gl_medkit weapon_physcannon tfa_ins2_ksg tfa_svu tfa_csgo_frag Removing tfa_browningauto5 Models Remove models/player/nick/scp/site_director/sd.mdl Updated Research Intelligence Sentinel (Level 40+) Level Requirement (40+) + Trainable from Security Statistics 150 Health 150 Armor $150 Salary 5 Slots Loadout weapon_m9 weapon_cuff_elastic tfa_1887winchester tfa_mp5 guthscp_keycard_lvl_3 gmod_camera Model models/starstep/research_intelligence_sentinel.mdl Whitelisting Can be whitelisted by Research CMD, Foundation Doctor, Research HCMD, and Security HCMD Link to Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2376048054 Added Research Intelligence Guardian Promotion (Tier 2 Job) Job Description Research Intelligence Guardians are unique robots piloted by Research and Security personnel of Site-50. Their main task is to ensure the safety of Research personnel within their environment. They are specifically manufactured in order to withstand any form of damage in order to guarantee the success of the Research Department and protect the veil. Statistics 200 Health 175 Armor $200 Salary 5 Slots Loadout tfa_m416 weapon_m9 weapon_cuff_elastic tfa_ithacam37 guthscp_keycard_lvl_3 gmod_camera Model models/masseffect2/player/loki_mech.mdl Whitelisting Can be whitelisted by Research HCMD and Foundation Doctor Link to Content https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2741003177 Updated Research Professor Rename to “Proficient Researcher” Statistics 125 Health 100 Armor $150 Salary 5 Slots Loadout tfa_mp9 tfa_csgo_fiveseven weapon_cuff_elastic guthscp_keycard_lvl_3 gmod_camera Updated Description: Proficient Researchers are among the most critical personnel involved within the Research Department. Their legendary work and involvement within the division has provided them the prestigious title of “Proficient Researcher”. -Removed ALL Models +Added Models: models/bmscientistcits/p_male_06.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Note: Proficient Researcher is a job that will be given to researchers who have created 10+ quality foundation documents. Added Lead Researcher A Whitelistable job for Executive Researcher and Lead Researcher Job DescriptionLead Researchers are the most experienced non-command within the Research Department. They are given Level 3 Clearance in order to pursue testing of higher class SCP objects. Lead Researchers are comprised of Executive Researchers and Lead Researchers of the Research Department. Statistics 125 Health 100 Armor $150 Salary 25 Slots Loadout tfa_csgo_mp9 tfa_csgo_usp weapon_cuff_elastic guthscp_keycard_lvl_3 gmod_camera Model models/bmscientistcits/p_male_06.mdl models/hazmatcitizens/p_hazmatmale09.mdl Link to Content https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278140248 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534745025 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wRgcBkLXcBaeEurc3SkO6iZ4NtMSM7X_n4fhYlQ3l0g/edit?usp=sharing
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DmoRMd8q1pkayGi9EiFFsT5ZZlqoOo0ND_aQhmvn4D0/edit?usp=sharing Comment a rating! I need to improve. This test was designed ultra realistic, not all of this occurred in RP and obviously, I just filled in lore that was missing from the SCP Lore page. (linked at bottom of research log.)
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1omfOPd3rbcIjqa1A4GiTy5JIw6JHJwP6IZqzg3ncUXA/edit?usp=sharing
  7. As most people know that Doctor Bright's modal is not working as of now and in the past he had a monkey modal and from what I remember everyone a year ago everyone loved it and it states in the MOTD I quote. "He is currently in the form of an ape." there for it would make logic until his modal is fixed or even keep it forever even after it is, as its funny and fun to see a fucking monkey running around messing stuff up and doing funny things. The Modal can have the Police cap and Badge removed so its a plain monkey/ape https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2151548112&searchtext=Monkey+cop
  8. Parkland27 Lead Researcher Project eternal key words PYV - Project Yoke Vibrations PMF - Project Macro Frequencies PCN - Project Cypher Nerve-gas PHC - Project Hyper Chemicals ------------------------------------------------------- Project stages 1st stage - crafting stage for the project itself, or protection (seen through out each trial) 2nd stage - the damage stage (Seen through out near the end will be labeled 'DAMAGE') 3rd stage - Termination - Combine two of working Project to terminate 106 (reference of the termination is near the very bottom) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trial 1, Trial 2, Trial 3 consisted of damaging, crafting of equipment, and crafting of the Project Combined consisted of 3 different test, the first two, the 2nd two, then all 4 combined that had worked previously. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project Eternal background - Project Eternal is the collection and group of different projects inside of one, while Project Eternal actually stands for the Re-engineered SCP-106 mucus that is lethal, and only accessible to 106. the Re-engineered mucus is safe to touch, but i only made enough to allow for me to put objects inside 106 CC, if a whole body would enter the Safe mucus, the results are unknown, as i assume, there is a possible long term affect, but there is no need for a human being to test this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRIAL 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 PYV-1 - 'Put marbles in holder, self replicating marbles, increases in vibration at frequency of 1s/100 Fq 'FAILED' Attempt 2 PYV-1 - shielding/reinforcement 'SUCCESSFUL' STAGE 3 - DAMAGE TEST FAILED --------------------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PMF-1 Self-contained 100K DB allowed to keep the sound inside the Cell until turned off, no need for protection 'SUCCESSFUL' STAGE 2 - DAMAGE SUCCESSFUL ------------------------------------------------------ STAGE 1 - PCN-1-POT 'leaks into the cell, penetrates through the cell, combine with new elements designated, Pluacium, Osloithil, and Tiskium' FAILED ATTEMPT 2 - PCN-1-OPT element switch FAILED ATTEMPT 3 - PCN-1-TOP element switch FAILED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PCN-2-STS Speitine, Troasten, Scuinor, liquid form, SUCCESSFUl STAGE 2 - PCN-2-M1 Mask FAILED Attempt 2 - PCN-2-M2 Mask SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - DAMAGED ------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PHC-2 CH20:PB(NO3)2:KCI:KNO2:KCN2 '5 COMPOUNDS FAILED ATTEMPT 2 - Add twice the amount 'SUCCESSFUL' STAGE 2 - PHC-2-M1 Successful STAGE 3 - NO DAMAGE --------------------------------------- TRIAL 2 STAGE 1 - PYV-2 'Magnets, inside steel box, vibration kept inside, increasing by 1s/1000 Fq, once the magnets separate, the vibration immediatelty stops, FAILED Attempt 2 - Reinforce FAILED Attempt 3 - Reinforce and extra layer of magnets FAILED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PYV-3 'Ball, steel, tiny replicating atoms boms, vibrations kept inside, increasing by 1s/1000 Fq, once separation, stops, SUCCESSFUl STAGE 2 - PYV-3-R(Radiation suit)-1 FAILED Attempt 2 - PYV-3-R-2 FAILED Attempt 3 - PYV-3-AR(Atom Radiation suit)-1 SUCCESSFUL Attempt 4 and 5 - PYV-3-ARC-1 and 2 FAILED Attempt 5 - PYV-3-RC-1 background on ARC and RC It stood for Radiation Cleanup and Atom Radiation Cleanup STAGE 3 - DAMAGED ------------------------------------ STAGE 1 - PMF-2-C Changing Frequencies going from a range of 10K DB to 100K DB FAILED Attempt 2 - PMF-3-C Changing at 5k DB to 100K DB SUCCESSFUL STAGE 2 - PMF-3-M-1 SUCCESSFUL (Earmuffs) STAGE 3 - DAMAGE FAILED ------------------------------------------------ STAGE 1 - PCN-3 'Dasneulium, Fluitrium, Yotrite, Gas from SUCCESSFUL' STAGE 2 - PCN-3-M-1 FAILED (mask) Attempt 2 - PCN-3-M-2 FAILED Attempt 3 - PCN-3-M-3 SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - DAMAGE FAILED -------------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PHC-3 C2FN5O10, FluoroPentanitroethane, 23072-51-7 SUCCESSFUL STAGE 2 - PHC-3-SUIT-1 SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - DAMAGED ------------------------------------- TRIAL 3 STAGE 1 - PYV-4 Box grenade - Vibration bounce off the walls inside the metal box, that will penetrate 106s CC had to reinforce the box for it to work SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - NO DAMAGE ------------------------------------------ STAGE 1 - PMF-3 White noise increasing, can be put on the side of the cell penetrating the cells exterior without damaging. SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - NO DAMAGE ------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PCN-4 Cegraonyx, clatine, ceflium SMOKE FORM FAILED Attempt 2 - Double the smoke FAILED Attempt 3 Enhance the smoke to be thicker SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - NO DAMAGE -------------------------------------------- STAGE 1 - PHC-4 C9H9NO, Cinnamaldehyde Oxime, 13372-81-1 SUCCESSFUL STAGE 3 - NO DAMAGE ---------------------------------------------- COMBINED COMBINED - PMF-1 and PCN-2 INJURED COMBINED PYV-3 and PHC-3 INJURED After i tried the combined a second time to kill 106, i combined all 4 COMBINED PMF-1, PCN-2, PYV-3, and PHC-3 SCP 106 SUCCESFULLY TERMINATED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary the way I crafted everything, the equipment and crap, I rolled against myself. For the damage part, rolled against 106. had to bring the equipment by hand every time. started and accepted on 5/13/2021 final test on 106 6/16/2021 The fucker 106 is dead
  9. LR John Paul Jones The primary reason I am applying for the position of hazardous materials researcher is that I often find myself testing on SCP's that are very hazardous. Recently I have been testing on SCP 610 and SCP 009 both of which are considered hazardous. my hazmat suit is often enough to protect me while conducting these tests, but I am seeking additional protection when dealing with highly hazardous SCP's. I have a lot of interest in the escapes that are biological hazards I seek to do more research on them. I hope that if I can obtain this position, I will be a better asset to the foundation and the research branch. Thank you for considering my application sincerely John Paul Jones
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WR88f3wuivCLzCJF9WeYTN0EjHh5TN7gomXtBnxbTts/edit?usp=sharing test
  11. Name: Parkland27 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:7956025 Current Rank: LR Time in Research (Estimate): 140 days, 4 months, 20 days, since 1/26/2021 Why do you believe you should be in Research Command?(100 word requirement): I feel like i have what it takes to be in command. To me updating rosters, hosting meetings, and doing all of that stuff sounds like fun to me. I've been here for awhile already, and I've learned a bit of things along the way. I've hosted a few mass tests, a lot not making it even to the test part. I don't mind working with people, and i take a lot of interest in working in something as hard as command. why should i also be in command? I work hard, i over come task after task, and it just gets more interesting. the only way i gain new experiences is if i'm taught, or put into that position, What can you bring to the table that others can't? (100 word requirement): Well I can bring new ideas, whether this be a new RRA agent training guide, help promote research, or even help out the Server. But mainly my focus would be on command itself. Dealing with situations like DNTs or removals, maybe even strikes. I'm mature and don't step out of line unless i actually need to. I look at researchers and critique them on what they could do or do better next time. The way you improve someone is by helping them, and guiding them, I don't see a lot of progress in stuff where people don't help. I work hard and get shit done as well. What would you do to better Research and increase activity? (100 word requirement): The main issue about activity, its not the things you do, or say. but rather the things you can work out. You want 20 people on, get their attention, Its just like how kids like candy, adults like to relax. See where im getting at? instead of saying, or doing it, rather they 'want' thats how you bring people into this closed circle of activity. You want to get 20 people on? the best way I've seen people on, is you have to take it up a notch. something that really gets their attention. Now you might be saying how the fuck do we do this? depending on the people we have, others have different needs, and wants, that's what brings my attention. graphs, pie charts, and votes, can help you out in this, do they want to do a test on 999? figure out some votes. Would they like to make bets on something with the best test? then go act it. the thing is, you have to find the sweet spot, once you do, you get the 'want, need' a simple mass test ain't going to do shit, spice it up a bit, had some negatives, maybe a recent event, figure out what people 'want'
  12. Associate Researchers+ are required to respond. Failure to respond will result in removal. Roll call submissions are due by 6/20/21 Format (Copy & Paste Below); Lore Name: Steam ID: Rank: Activity Level:
  13. Name: Domino SteamID: STEAM_0:0:446137628 Current Rank: LR Time in Research (Estimate): 1 Month Why do you believe you should be in Research Command?(100 word requirement): Personally i believe that i should be in command after all i'm here almost every day playing on the server usually on the research whitelist doing trainings for research as often as i can, but for me i have a passion for doing tests and seeing the outcome of those tests it's always fun seeing the dclass reactions to being testing on and being able to make up new scenarios with SCPs, i'm a competent researcher if i see a JR or a higher rank doing something wrong or just not allowed in the server i'll talk to them about what they are doing wrong it could be Rdm,NLR,failrp or just not following the research SOP you name it, though depends on what they are doing wrong, i'll try my best to try to steer them onto the right path if they are just in research just to minge i won't hesitate to kick them out. What can you bring to the table that others can't? (100 word requirement): what can i bring to the table im very active on the server and on teamspeak and discord even when im on those im able to answer questions. , generally a lot of people know me within the branch i have a good reputation, but the one thing that separates me from other candidates is that i have a love for the sub branches for me i wish that more people would join a subranch like RIS or HMR everytime that i check tab and see nobody playing as a sub branch, it pains me because they are losing out on more RP scenarios,. I have various ideas on how to improve them and how to increase activity within them. I'm able to commit lots of time into research trying my best in order to improve on it in any way shape or form. What would you do to better Research and increase activity? (100 word requirement): How would i better research and increase activity well there are a lot of ways i could do so but my priorites are to do mass tests not the regular 682 run of the mill type mass tests those types of tests gets boring after awhile, but the type of mass test on scps that most people dont know and require event team to do, so that people dont expect the same scp, another way i would try to get more activity in research it would be to host game nights maybe put in a bit of cash to whoever joins in games like roblox, minecraft, SCP laboratory, and host some PT's maybe cow boy styled pt what ever comes to my mind. PS i'll try my best in order for research to succeed. never has been striked
  14. Lore Name: Researcher Keagan Rank: Researcher SCP: SCP-280 Question / Idea: Will SCP-280 react to a multitude of flashlights. Background Research: SCP-280 is a black human-shaped mass with two large white eyes on the head and two hands with very long and thin fingers. No feet or legs are visible, as the lower portion of the body appears to fade away several centimeters from the ground. SCP-280 appears to be wholly composed of matter that can gain or lose corporeal form, this is affected by beams of light like sunrays. Hypothesis: I believe this experiment will weaken SCP-280 to the point of him being nearly underground. With all the flashlights pointed at him. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): I was injured during this test but I got the information I needed, my flashlight was the least useful against SCP-280. Same with the MTF (the guy that's just donut from rvb) was also injured, he was equipped with a High-Intensity Discharge HID Flashlight. The RIS and the other Researcher who stayed bravely in as we exited there flashlights seem to work, defending them to the point where they could leave the cell safely. Quick trip to the medbay and my wounds were not fatal. Thankfully. Unfortunately after this another test with this anomaly ended the lives of 2 foundation personnel. A RIS unit and a Researcher. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes and no, only certain type of flashlights can hold SCP-280 back and potentially weaken the anomaly. All the flashlights being pointed at him still got me injured, maybe due to the fact that SCP-280 is only effect by a certain type of flashlights. It may have attacked me because of my flashlight not being angled correctly to the subject, I have no idea what it said to me.
  15. Lore Name: Victorortizp Steam ID:https://steamcommunity.com/id/7656119883159979/ Rank: AR Activity Level: 6/10
  16. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L945xgztzC4YyfvyfEbUjVDXBrTWKR-2ZC-b2CEQx8E/edit?usp=sharing
  17. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NImNClWpYfbao_6SMHjGN4AeqoVyusO2iW1DgiidYyY/edit?usp=sharing
  18. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tovTBfCrzVv6MQ3bNZuJujRCP3B2v1t_5C77Qq5V1qk/edit?usp=sharing
  19. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NhzP1vBKSaZikJDN4zUDIT8enlj0qPoW3Y6lxNlwSew/edit?usp=sharing
  20. Steam Name: Joker | Athiux Ingame Name: Class D Personal Mike | Joker SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73177714 Job Blacklisted From: Research and Security Trainee Reason for the Job Blacklist: Minging and RDM And FailRP Dispute: I would like to be un blacked-listed because I was messing about and RDMing on the job about 6-7 Months ago (The blacklist's are not Logged down on any platform just a FYI) I joined the server with my friend and we wanted to mess about on the server and choose to use violence for fun aka RDMing , and minging I understood the rules and still broke them and i am sorry I came on with my friend to mess about and cause issues because at the time it was funny I've got almost 8k hour on Garry's mod and i do RP And i want to roleplay on the server , I understand what i did was wrong and i have no plans to do it again yet i have plans to play on the server and go for security and work my way up , I've enjoyed SCP RP Before and i want to choose this server to play on , but this time take a new path and follow the rules I want to edit this in Some of you may think [What is going to stop him from doing it again] : Well i can assure you that it wont happen again , because I intend to play on the server completely , I already been active in the community as a class D Interacting with new members and staff members , asking question and getting to know people and I've reread though most of the rules and been attempting to prove myself I understand my action has effected the server on that day and I understand I pissed a lot of people of and I'm sorry for that but I really want to play on this server , I've been playing Clone wars RP On the a community called (I dont want to say just in case it's classed as advertisement) but I've got over 7000 hours on garry's mod and I truely want to play the server , I want to go for researcher or Security if not both but I understand what rules I broke RDM : Random Death match | Killing someone with no roleplay reason Minging : Messing about on the server Failrp : Doing action that are not in roleplay or out of roleplay completely I want to have another chance on the server and change the ways i did before I would love to Roleplay on this server as secruity and work my way up the rank's of the server and become a staff member one day , the reason i want to play on this server is because I was Recommended by a friend to play on this server and I like how smooth the FPS And player models look , and the community is really friend , they helped me with this application and how to get TeamSpeak and discord working and Im not really sure what else to say but Im sorry and I really would like to be given a second chance https://imgur.com/a/CJrAkm7 - my profile hours on Garry's mod to prove when I want to be I can be Truly Dedicated towards a server
  21. frog

    Frogs resignation

    Yo what's going on lads its ya boi frog and today i am resigning from research. I have been in research for a few months and i can tell yea it was a really cool branch and that i am really thankful for getting the opportunity to be apart of it and i would like to thank you all for the good times. Do not fret if you wanan see/talk with me you can find me as ltcol of e11 and im on ci rnd (main reason im leaving is for the ci rnd obv) starstep:really cool boi and really deservers everything he got glados:didnt really know you alot m8 but you were cool in my book weiss: just a chad jummy: mingey but funny boi mitchell:main guy i talked to in research was a G And to whoever else i missed:love ya bois and ill see ya when i see ya.
  22. File: Junior Researcher 0006 Name: Unknown Alias: VI Age: 34 Division: Research Rank: Junior Researcher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Profile: Six was D-Class 0006 for the Foundation in 20██. After Incident-49-6, Six was recruited into the Foundation's Research Department. Quickly passing the testing required, he is currently a Junior Researcher fro Site-10. While having knowledge in the medical field (surgery specifically), its unknown to what extent, as he refuses to answer. Subject is monitored 24/7. Note: Six finds pleasure in conducting surgeries. Notably when the subject is not sedated. Caution is advised. -O5-█ History: D-Class 0006 was accused and found guilty for "Unnecessary services" and charged with Capital Punishment for 52 accounts of involuntary manslaughter. After being selected for the Foundation's one month program, 0006 was transferred to Site-10. For a month, 0006 did nothing notable. This changed when he started conversation with the guards of D-Block. Asking questions as if they were working together, such as: "Do you get paid enough for this?" or "Nice weather, yeah?". Dr. Smart came for a D-Class, but was bribed by D-Class 0006 to replace the D-Class with himself. The bribe was accepted and D-Class 0006 was taken to SCP-049. This caused Incident-49-6. Incident-49-6: Before the test had begun, 0006 asked Dr. Smart if he would survive the test. The doctor responded with similar responses from the Gensec escort that he just might. 0006 asked if he could talk his way out. Both responded with a nod. Once taken to the observation deck, 0006 was told to jump into the Containment Cell. Doing so with no hesitation, 0006 began to converse with SCP-049. He appealed to the fact that they both were doctors and how their situations were similar. SCP-049 concluded that 0006 did not have the "pestilence". Asked 049 questions, 0006 took pleasure in the conversation. The feeling became mutual to both as 0006 requested for test subjects so SCP-049 could "teach him". Two D-Class were delivered and what followed was two separate operation which resulted in the making SCP-049-2. Both subjects were detained for study and 0006 detained. This was one of the few incidents with SCP-049 not operating on a D-Class, as the survived rate is █%. After the Incident-049-6, D-Class 0006 pleaded with the escort and Dr. Smart to hire him. After another bribe, 0006 was recruited into the Foundation as a Junior Researcher. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Planned Projects: SCP-999 Testing Logs-1 SCP-049 Interview SCP-035 Interview SCP-1048 "Empathy" Test SCP-682 Termination Test SCP-963 Interview Project_Instinct: No details at this time Project_COPE: No details at this time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Relations: In Progress
  23. So, to start this off I will not be gone forever I WILL BE BACK . I am doing this because I do not have the time to manage real life and the server. There have many people I have been close to that have resigned like Soviet and Jack, and others still here like Starstep, Weiss and Phill. Now onto shoutouts. Zealous : You have been one of my closest friends that was with me since the beginning. I love ya Starstep : Didn't really know you until you got into command but you have been one of my close friends on the server and even passed me to DHoR. Phill : You were one of my guiding lights especially when I was in ET. Congrats on your SD and maybe O5 promo later Weiss : You were my main guiding light in research and helped me all the way to FD. Congrats on DoRS. D : You were a really good friend in research. keep it up and you will get FD and maybe HCMD. Zack Morden : You crazy son of a bitch actually made it to command. Good luck in your endeavors in research and GENSEC. Karen : YOU BETTER GET THAT DAMN DHoR SLOT OR ILL BE MAD. Squash : SAME AS KAREN, YOU BOTH DESERVE IT. Leo : Good luck in command my guy. Love you Tomato : One of the funniest people in research. Should do a stand up comedy act for us, change my mind. Kuma: Never really saw or communicated with you but you did a damn good job getting research here. Get DoRS after weiss my guy. Femboy : Wheately minge Research as a whole: I will always love you. I have been through the dark days of research and the golden days. Goodbye and keep active.
  24. -Your Full Name & Rank? Guinea & Senior Researcher (SR) -Why have you chosen to pursue specializing in studying biologically hazardous materials? I have chosen to apply for the Biologically Hazardous Materials and pursue a career because during my time here in the research branch, I have enjoyed every bit of it. I wish to have a bitter understanding and have first-hand experience and the proper in handling SCPs that have hazardous materials within them or their anomalist trait. throughout my test within the foundation, I have seen that a lot of the hazardous material SCP hurt and or kill other researchers or Foundation personnel and I wish to develop a better immune system and cured to help them as well as counter the anomalous effects. -Have you produced any documents pertaining to biologically hazardous SCPs? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rUBFH30FKUOoOvc-Hyl2xB-fwkIdTG0zojMCSYR9ezY/edit
  25. Research Intelligence Guardian (R.I.G) Applications The Research Intelligence Guardian (R.I.G), are a line of automatons manufactured by the Foundation's Research Department. R.I.G units have been programmed to secure the safety of Research Personnel and their testing environment. As such, requirements have been set for those who wish to operate these automatons. 1. Be at least Level 50 on SCP:RP. 2. Have the rank of at least Experienced Researcher. (Researcher may apply with permission from at least 2 command) 4. Submit the below format HERE Full Name (Lore Name): Occupation(Rank): Current SCP:RP Level: Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit [Number] [Name]): Who gave you permission to apply?(If applicable): Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum):
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