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  1. RP Name: Protégé SteamID: STEAM_0:1:420263921 Reason of Blacklist: I don't remember much about why I got blacklisted but I do remember that I spam breached SCP-682, cuffed an MTF while I was cloaked, yelled chaos chaos constantly, and bragged about breaching SCP-682 to surface in ooc. Why do you think you should be unblacklisted (150 Word Minimum): This happened a long time ago, and I was a major minge at the time, I am still mingey but I try my best to keep it under control, I apologize for all the trouble I caused the CI during the short time I was part of it, I understand now that CI isn't only about causing as much chaos as possible in order to get the facility nuked, I understand now that I should not have done the things that I did, and I now know how much less fun the game is for people when SCP-682 gets breached every 10 minutes after he just got recontained, I want to show CI that I can be an active and productive member of CI if they gave me another chance, I have been trying my hardest to change, and to stop minging, I want to show CI the progress I have made since the first time I joined them.
  2. Unknown user please enter login code User: Protégé Password: *Protégé noises* Login code accepted welcome user Protégé Enter command: Access file Project Blood Relatives Retrieving file... File found File: Project Blood Relatives Enter command: Unlock file Project Blood Relatives Unlocking file... Error please insert password *Protégé noises* Password accepted File unlocked
  3. Grade: 50 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 10/20 Seems like a standard test without much thought put into the idea for it. Presentation: 10/20 There is nothing eye-catching about this test it just looks really bland. Writing: 10/40 There are many problems with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, I recommend that next time you proof read your test log next time. Test quality: Sub-standard
  4. Grade: 30 Lore: 10/20 In lore SCP-1048 uses whatever it can get it's hands on to create another SCP-1048 clone so SCP-1048 wouldn't just give up on trying to take the ears it would instead try to take another body part or something else from the class-D or whoever was wearing the earmuffs. Creativity: 10/20 This seems like a standard test without much thought or research into the actual lore of SCP-1048, also SCP-1048's knife is just a normal knife that it found somewhere in the facility you don't need to test this on SCP-1048 just use a normal knife and try to cut some bulletproof glass it would be basically the same thing. Presentation: 10/20 There isn't really anything eye-catching about this test log. Writing: 0/40 There are so many uncapitalized letters that should be capitalized, and so many spelling mistakes, and many grammatical errors, also you should go into detail about exactly what happened during the test, not just 1 sentence, say things like how many times SCP-1048 hit the glass, or how the D-class reacted to 1048 trying to take his ears. Test quality: Sub-standard
  5. Grade: 65 Lore: 10/20 Now I don't know much about SCP-012 because it is a pretty short SCP, but from what I know about it victims of SCP-012 would basically lose themselves while trying to complete SCP-012 so I don't think they would just dip their blood into paint for a test log while trying to finish SCP-012. Creativity: 15/20 Alright so other than the fact that someone under SCP-012's effect probably wouldn't dip their blood into paint because they were told to, this is a test idea I have never heard of or seen and it is something that I think you put more effort into thinking up than most tests I see. Presentation: 10/20 Writing is pretty bland with nothing eye-catching about it. Writing: 30/40 I don't see many problems with grammar/spelling but you should write more about exactly what happened during the test like how SCP-012 spit the painted blood back or where it lands or something like that add more details to the test. Test quality: Standard
  6. Grade: 65 Lore: 15/20 Alright now my problem with the lore here is that SCP-066 does not only produce the Beethoven's second symphony in lore he produces many different notes which cause anomalies and SCP-066 will do this when near humans regardless of whether or not they say Eric in lore. Creativity: 10/20 Now this seems like you are more testing the D-class instead of the SCP because SCP-066 reacts to all humans by playing it's anomalous notes, and your focusing on what happens when the D-class hears the second symphony. Presentation: 10/20 The writing here is very bland nothing eye-catching in the test log. Writing: 30/40 I don't see many grammar/spelling errors in this test. Test quality: Standard
  7. Grade: 15 Lore: 0/20 Ok so first of all SCP-999’s diet consists entirely of candy and sweets, second SCP-999 will refuse to eat any meat, third there is nothing in SCP-999's file that says anything about eating large amounts of food without changing in weight or appearance. Creativity: 5/20 This just doesn't seem like you put much thought into it, your just seeing how SCP-999 reacts to certain food, and when you said cooked food you didn't even specify what type of food it is. Presentation: 0/20 First of all you put a spot for evidence/visual stimuli without putting any evidence/visual stimuli in it, second you put labor & efficiency tests but you aren't using the correct format for a labor test nor are you doing a actual labor test your just feeding SCP-999. Writing: 10/40 There aren't many grammar/spelling errors that I see, but you put basically nothing in the observations about what you did in the test. Test quality: Sub-standard
  8. Grade: 65 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 5/20 Now I understand that SCP-999 is kind of a hard SCP to think of a test for but all you are testing is how SCP-999 reacts to overweight people but SCP-999 reacts the same way to everyone and everything with kindness, happiness, love, affection, etc. Presentation: 5/20 This is the wrong format for a normal test look here for the for the current format, other than that nothing eye-catching about the test log try to decorate it a bit more next time. Writing: 35/40 There aren't many grammar/spelling errors that I can see in this test log but there is also not a lot of writing about the test. Test quality: Standard
  9. Grade: 35 Lore: 5/20 Alright so first of all you need to put one of SCP-010-2 through SCP-010-7 onto the subject, be wearing SCP-010-1, and you need to use the remote to tune into the frequency of one of the collars, so you wouldn't have been able to control SCP-076-2 at all without SCP-010-1 one of the other collars from 2 to 7 and have the remote while tuned into the correct frequency, and SCP-076-2 wouldn't have been able to make Lead researcher Tomato open the door for him like you said in the test log. Creativity: 10/20 To me this seems like just a normal cross test without much thought put into how SCP-010 and SCP-076-2 works. Presentation: 10/20 First of all you put a evidence/visual stimuli part for the test but you put a summary of what happened instead of putting any evidence or visual stimuli, but other than that not many eye catching things in this test just looks like a normal test log. Writing: 10/40 Ok so first of all work on your capitalization, second of all you spelled a lot of stuff wrong here, and finally work on your grammar I can't understand what you are trying to say in some parts of the test log. Test quality: Sub-standard.
  10. Grade: 95 Lore: 20/20 This is a new SCP that you created so there can't be any lore problems. Creativity: 20/20 I like the idea of the SCP and I think this could be something that could actually go on the wiki. Presentation: 15/20 I like that you attempted to use the white text that is sometimes seen in SCP files, but you used ////// instead of the black boxes. Writing: 40/40 I don't see any problems with the spelling/grammar in this and there are so many different documents full of writing. Test quality: Quality
  11. Grade: 70 Lore: 20/20 I see no problems with the lore in this test (Except for the fact that you said 049-1 instead of 049-2 but it isn't a big enough mistake to cost points). Creativity: 15/20 This seems like a normal cross test without any real interesting SCPs being cross tested but the combining of the SCP-008 sample from the D-class and the green liquid is somewhat interesting and could make a good subject for a interview. Presentation: 10/20 You followed the format but something that is really bugging me in this test is that you are saying SCP 049 and SCP 008 instead of SCP-049 and SCP-008 which to me looks wrong and also not much decoration for the test log. Writing: 25/40 I don't see many errors with grammar/spelling or punctuation but when you said "cure" you used a ' instead of a " Test quality: Standard
  12. Grade: 30 Lore: 5/20 Now there is not much writing in the SCP-012 file, but from what I see in the file if you see SCP-012 in a light frequency other than infrared you go insane and attempt to self mutilate in order to try and finish SCP-012 not just instantly killing yourself once you get near it. Creativity: 5/20 From what I see in this test log all you are trying to do is use a blindfold and hazmat suit to try and keep SCP-012 from making the D-class self mutilate. Presentation: 5/20 This is the wrong format look in Test formats for the new test formats. Writing: 15/40 There are a few spelling/grammar errors and some punctuation errors. Test quality: Sub-standard
  13. Grade: 45 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test/interview. Creativity: 5/20 From what I see in the question/topic part of the test log all you are trying to do is learn what the pestilence is with a interview. Presentation: 5/20 This is the wrong format for interviews. Writing: 15/40 I see a few grammar/spelling errors and some punctuation errors, also you put a random "\" after you wrote the last sentence. Test quality: Sub-standard.
  14. Grade: 35 Lore: 5/20 SCP-1048 does not only use ears to create more SCP-1048 clones, he uses whatever he can get to make another SCP-1048. Creativity: 0/20 All you did for this test was see if SCP-1048 would try and take a D-class's ears, which is something we already know SCP-1048 would try to do. Presentation: 10/20 You followed the format, but you can add a little more decoration to your test logs. Writing: 20/40 There isn't much writing in this test log, and I don't see many grammar errors. Test quality: Sub-standard