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  1. Lore Name: Protégé Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:420263921 Rank: Lead researcher Activity Level: Active
  2. Protege

    Flase Warning

    I don’t even really remember this sit happening so it is kind of hard to give my side of the story but I do feel like the one for calling Stabby a nob should get removed from your warns list as it isn’t something that I should have really considered player diss at the time.
  3. Lore name: Protégé Give a brief description of your character: Protégé is a 14 year old white male with an anomalous lab coat that allows him to do many things normal humans can't, he is extremely sadistic and is mostly described by foundation personnel as insane, creepy, mysterious, and at times unethical. Protégé is known for stalking foundation personnel and testing whether they are anomalous or not without them knowing, he is incapable of feeling pain and fear and will do anything to ensure he can continue his research no matter how many lives he has to end in the process. Protégé is also extremely obsessed with blood, torturing people, and making anomalous weaponry. 1. You have been tasked by the administration to enter Site-05 for the investigation of a supposed infiltrator. This infiltrator may or may not be an active anti-meme and reality-bender. What would your plan be to weed out this infiltrator?: In order to locate the infiltrator I would use my anomalous lab coat to create multiple versions of myself, and spy on multiple people within the foundation at the same time, I would test whether the personnel I am spying on is a reality bender, or an anti-meme without revealing myself to them, after collecting evidence I would meet up with the other versions of myself and compile the evidence, and information gathered (Note that class-W mnestics may be needed in order to retain information of the possible anti-meme). 2. After a series of inquiries and unfortunate events relating to this anti-meme; The infiltrator has convinced the foundation you are in-fact the anti-meme; A death warrant is put on your head. How would you deal with this scenario?: Using my anomalous lab coat I would create decoys and place them around the foundation, I would then hide in the shadows and locate and detain the infiltrator, after detaining the infiltrator I would administer class-G amnestics to everyone through the ventilation system to make everyone doubt their memories of me being a anti-meme, this would work well because they have no proof of me being an actual anti-meme. 3. An entity representing a GOI has opened up a portal to a negotiation location. They are demanding the foundation give them several SCP's for termination; Or they will release key redacted information to the general public. You are sent to negotiate on behalf of research along with a representative of MTF. How would you go along negotiating with this entity and what would be your opening proposal?: I would bring the entity a few instances of SCP-966 (Wild instances not the ones currently in containment) and request that they transfer all information they were going to release to the public to us. If the entity refuses the deal I would ask the entity what it wants for the information, if the entity requests something that we cannot replace or do not have I would have the MTF terminate the entity and inform site administration that we need to prepare to amnesticize the entire population and prepare a raid on the GOI.
  4. -Support for SCP-096 health increase and instant enrage, if 096 had infinite HP that would ruin termination tests on him, make him immune to Tesla gates, and also immune to the actual nuke entity (if that ever gets used again/fixed) also instantly enraging would make him OP and almost impossible to recontain because he would be enraged all the time +Support to SCP-049 because in lore SCP-049 would be able to kill as many people as he wanted to but he would need some amount of time to actually make them into a 049-2 +/- support to 106 it would make more sense to have his cool down be 15 seconds
  5. -Support While adding a light would make it so that less people run through a active Tesla the point of Tesla gates is to catch D-class off guard and help recontain SCPs also people can just say in /foundation that Tesla gates are active so all foundation know they are active while D-class CI and SCPs don’t know.
  6. Loading Foundation Database... Please enter the name of the file you wish to access Enter command: Search Protégé_Research Searching... File found File: Protégé's personnel file Enter command: Open file Opening file... File opened
  7. +/- Support while SCP-131 does get lost in vents sometimes in lore there is already plenty of other things 131 can do for RP and also there is no real reason why this needs to be a rule just /me it and rp it out instead of adverting
  8. -Support We already have SCP-035-1 to be able breach other SCPs we don’t need another that has the Sonido teleportion swep and a Omni keycard or level 5 keycard or whatever keycard you are suggesting maybe instead if it had a keypad cracker and not a keycard since it has to hack the door to open it instead of being able to instantly breach any SCP
  9. -Support we already have Dr. Bright as a donator job and the only reason he has a level 2 keycard and no researchers are supposed to listen to him is because people liked to Minge with Dr. Bright and let out SCPs and you can still do a lot of things with Dr. Bright just not keter tests (Even though GENSEC and MTF still sometimes decide to let him into 682’s cc)
  10. -Support A billion HP would make 912 basically invincible and a pain for D-class plus in lore SCP-912 can be temporarily destroyed but he will put himself back together, and in lore SCP-912 doesn’t have a taser he uses a baton to beat people and then arrest them if they are being violent with a weapon out, also SCP-912 isn’t allowed to talk already and most of these are already rules for SCP-912 but no one likes to follow them.
  11. RP Name: Protégé SteamID: STEAM_0:1:420263921 Reason of Blacklist: I don't remember much about why I got blacklisted but I do remember that I spam breached SCP-682, cuffed an MTF while I was cloaked, yelled chaos chaos constantly, and bragged about breaching SCP-682 to surface in ooc. Why do you think you should be unblacklisted (150 Word Minimum): This happened a long time ago, and I was a major minge at the time, I am still mingey but I try my best to keep it under control, I apologize for all the trouble I caused the CI during the short time I was part of it, I understand now that CI isn't only about causing as much chaos as possible in order to get the facility nuked, I understand now that I should not have done the things that I did, and I now know how much less fun the game is for people when SCP-682 gets breached every 10 minutes after he just got recontained, I want to show CI that I can be an active and productive member of CI if they gave me another chance, I have been trying my hardest to change, and to stop minging, I want to show CI the progress I have made since the first time I joined them.
  12. SCP-734 blood bullet test
  13. Unknown user please enter login code User: Protégé Password: *Protégé noises* Login code accepted welcome user Protégé Enter command: Access file Project Blood Relatives Retrieving file... File found File: Project Blood Relatives Enter command: Unlock file Project Blood Relatives Unlocking file... Error please insert password *Protégé noises* Password accepted File unlocked
  14. Grade: 50 Lore: 20/20 I don't see any problems with the lore in this test. Creativity: 10/20 Seems like a standard test without much thought put into the idea for it. Presentation: 10/20 There is nothing eye-catching about this test it just looks really bland. Writing: 10/40 There are many problems with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, I recommend that next time you proof read your test log next time. Test quality: Sub-standard