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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13vjKFqkW5myqtK_wZvY34Z_f1hIkIp_hS2vPLX292e0/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Only knew him briefly gamble away soldier
  3. Test idea - 18.5/25 - Quite basic however its short simple and sweet. Grammar - 23.5/25- No grammatical errors or spelling mistakes however I think you should work upon making sentences more detailed. Presentation/format - 30/25- well presented and good format. Extra points for including a video. Quality/length - 20/25- High in quality however you can include somethings that didn't actually happen to make it more appealing to the reader. Overall : 92/100- Good job.
  4. Please wait 1-3 days for grading!
  5. Please wait 1-3 days for grading!
  6. Please wait 1-3 days for grading!
  7. Total Score: 78/100 Format: 18/25 Your format is concise and organized, however I always recommend upgrading to one of our Google Docs formats for Foundation Documents on the forums, as they provide a wonderful visual to go with the content of your log. I also feel as if adding some in-character data logs such as audio logs or transcripts, as well as a conclusion paragraph would add to the immersion of your document. Test Idea/Execution: 20/25 It was difficult at first to determine what your test idea was, due to the way it was phrased in your document. The idea itself was great, and I enjoy people taking an interest in the intelligence of anomalies held in the Foundation’s care. Please be more careful when describing your test idea next time— phrase it more like a hypothesis. Lore: 20/25 I enjoy the way this document touches upon 1048’s past! You show a decent understanding of 1048’s lore. However, next time in your background research, try to explain information about the SCP you are testing on in your own words, rather than simply linking the wiki. Grammar/Spelling: 20/25 There are a handful of grammatical errors in this document, however they do not make it too difficult to understand what you are trying to say. (My homeboy earl did this btw:) )
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