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  1. -Support I believe this is your second appeal (I could be wrong here) as you have been blacklisted before (could be wrong on this as well), and I personally do not believe that you want to be on the server to RP. You have not shown yourself to be trustworthy, which leads to me just not trusting you back in MTF. As from I can see, you have not been on the server to show that you have changed (could ALSO be wrong here, but when i was active a month ago, you were not around). If you REALLY cared and wanted to come back as a new person you would be playing on the server being friendly and everything.
  2. -Support You are basically trying to take the “Ambush” out of “Ambush Specialist.”
  3. I might have been a minge but you never stopped me! I wish ya luck out there man, keep in touch if you can.
  4. Thanks, I hope I get a good grade on it! I will probably come back to Medical in due time, though.
  5. Yeah, I just haven't been all that interested in Medical for the past few weeks even before I went on LOA. But, I did make Medical at least a little bit more active and I'm proud to have been Command in it. Not really gunna mention anyone as I am still gunna play on the server and shit but yeah. Steal more kidneys for me, though.
  6. Name: Mary Rank(s): GENSEC SGT/JWD, Doctor, and anything else. LOA dates: 12/7/21 - 12/19/21 Reason: Need some time off of the server, working on a HUGE project that is taking up my time. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:519066521 Discord: Vally#0095
  7. +/-Support To start things off, you have to remember that the weapon is a LEGENDS weapon and costs 50 dollars normally. That means that most people aren't gunna have it and I think that is SHOULD be more powerful than most melees that are currently on the server. HOWEVER, the weapon itself does seem a little strong but the hit reg for the golf club is kinda ass and honestly, if you get far enough away from the player then they can't really hit you. Honestly, I would be okay with the weapon doing 50 damage, nothing more and nothing less. It IS supposed to be powerful for how much is costs, tbh. People payed ALOT for the weapon and for SMT to just make it ass would REALLY cause a lot players to be mad about it.
  8. -Support You did NOT meet the 60 words needed for the 9th question AND from what I have seen and heard, you are very mingey on Medical. Also, come speak with me today about another matter that was brought to me.
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