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  1. +Support I truly hate the one we have now. Please. GET RID OF IT!
  2. I think the best way to handle this situation is this: Currently, the comments are divided and many are arguing whether the stairs are considered an open space or not. Because of the split in the community on this topic, I believe we should leave this to SMT to decide whether stairs are considered open space or not. It is not apparent as to whether it is or isn't so this is more about 106 rules. I do not think Boozle should receive a warning for failrp and SMT should update the rules on whether it is acceptable for SCP-106 to go through stairs. Let's try to avoid arguing about this.
  3. Perhaps it is my charitable nature I'm in but I think we should give him a chance. Perhaps reducing his ban to a few months. If he can wait that out, I think that would be fine. However, if SMT goes by staff handbook, then so be it.
  4. -Support Read the buttons. Common sense my man.
  5. A ban is too much but Weiss responded back. Knowing him, he is competent and he is willing to accept his punishment. A ban is unnecessary. To be honest, I would just speak with him.
  6. I will say -Support for grabbing afk D class for Research. However, I understand that it can be slow even during self breach hours. Grabbing AFK D class SPECIFICALLY to feed SCPs seems alright with me. That would get my +Support
  7. Big -Support from me -Way too many recent warns. -Horrid reputation within the community. -Q15 is only 136 words with a limited amount of reasons on why you should become ... Did you even bother to read the questions asked? -Q16 does not even talk about the mass RDM itself. -I do not believe you genuinely want to become staff for the sake of bettering the server positively. Overall, yea just NO.