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  1. Before I give my opinion, @starr, your side?
  2. +/- Support -The mingyness is a bit of a red flag warning for me.
  3. Yea, we would definitely hate this AND when there are tons of SCPs are, it becomes absolute Hell if breach timers were shorter. Sometimes, there are more SCPs than MTF lol. -Support
  4. +Support HOWEVER -There's a reason why we made techs and the field experts. THEY are the ones who are suppose to fix things so I'm not sure about having non-techs/non-field experts fix things. I understand the roll is higher but I'm iffy on that unless there are absolutely no techs/field experts/combat engineers on. -Why does it say "TECHNICIANS/field experts" must roll a certain number and then the next sentence says Technician has to roll ANOTHER 10+ higher? -Third and finally, containment cleaners/field experts have the same rolls as Technicians according to the technical SOP. Therefore, they do not need to roll 50+ on windows. They just need the 40+ like CEs and Field Experts. That concept applies to the other rolls as well.
  5. Typically, ET also acts as 079 during events but that has to involve noclip and manually pressing the buttons at each CC. -Support
  6. I believe corner has grown to be a great leader and overall good person so +Support
  7. Rektify

    Fix 912 Rule

    +support Yea, 912 shouldnt hit MTF.
  8. -Support One 096 is enough.
  9. ^facts +Support. Thank Jojosus he doesn't bing bong bring it on anymore.
  10. A good amount of time with little adverts needed. I like that.
  11. +Support I mean, it's obvious.