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  1. What does this even mean Brethren Lmao
  2. Hell yea Brethren USMS ON TOP
  3. +support I mean ganta has been a decent member and i believe he will be able to lead pd well
  4. +support Kale has been a great help in PD i constantly see him helping OFCs more than anyone on the server. Ive rode along with him many times and he is teaching new players the right stuff. He would make a great member to PD low command
  5. +support -Very helpful -One of the best PD Command members Sato has been one of the most helpful people ive met as he trains and helps newer individuals within the PD
  6. RIP Yall will always be the best they have
  7. Damn homie you was one of the best i have seen since i joined FBI yall cant resign i forbid it
  8. +support as this adds a reason to grow weed and possibly make more money as currently it does not give much
  9. +support I support this but why was this not dealt with by staff in game rather than here. This would have been solved quicker in a staff sit than here
  10. Name: Clarkie Your Rank and Callsign: AEMT 8806 How would you rate your activity from 1-10? 5 If your rating was below a four, why and what reason? Is there anything EMS Command or the department can improve on? N/a yall are doing good
  11. +support Spoon is a great person he has the ability to lead PD in the correct place. Ive known spoon for a bit and he has steered me in the correct way he knows what he is doing
  12. +support I would gladly play a Halo RP server if it were to ever come
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