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  1. you only say this because u were ci and u are biased
  2. bye sorry for gettings ur et removed there is no changing ur perception because people will always hold something over you as a reason to not promote you. no changing that its the sad truth. truth Buck I agree with most things you said here. Things said about certain players are pretty universal to everyone.
  3. +support should have been a strike instead of ban
  4. -support why are most of the new jobs aimed towards combat and fighting. immune to certain scps, increased movement, "They are able to wipe out entire armies of intruders and unknown personnel without a trace," Weekly Utilizations; This job is the only job able to perform the utilizations. this is def not a way to increase rp.
  5. -support as a security major main, i dont think u desrve an unban. u ruined our meetin
  6. bye talila, thank u for having me as SET for approx. 3 hours. here are some reasons: you got me demoted for hosting a good event you hosted a good mega event last week farmers on top
  7. +support if the system cannot be used, it needs to be removed. or at least remove the dislikes from the list.
  8. After checking the hitboxes, unfortunately this is not true.
  9. CLASS D - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO JOIN THE FARMERS. TONIGHT AT 7 EST, BE ON AND JOIN OUR FORCE. Farmer tryouts @7pm EST today, plenty of slots so if you fill the skill level, attitude, and energy to deserve a slot, there 100% is room to join Farmer Billy 1 Slot Farmer Glenn 1 Slot Farmer Jakub 1 Slot Farmer Cleetus 4 Slots
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