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  1. 1. annoying 2. ur rank, aka gold, silver 3. idk 4. certain amount of something before a deadline
  2. ACCEPTED Please request an FTO in the CI discord! https://discord.gg/wDARdr
  3. man... shouldve let me win the race
  4. +Support This is completely one sided and is bringing g down CI as a result of the foundations activity. There has to be some middle ground. Sure, making sure non-combatants can’t shoot CI can be your compromise, but that has always been a rule. As being Head of Janitorial Staff once before, there is a rule where you can only use your gun in self defense. You are not to shoot CI unless they have shot you once before. This rule completely ruins RP for CI and CI shouldn’t be brought down due to someone else’s fault
  5. -Support, this is literally proof that you guys could just practice and get better. Trying to bend the rules to make it easier for you doesn't help your skill.