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  1. she didnt stutter... good example gg
  2. still an enuzer rip brotha
  3. how tf lol???? how can u abuse a door...
  4. Doesn't really make sense why he is blacklisted for one offense that may not even be that severe. There is only one warning for 076, and 2 for 527, which doesn't make sense on why he was blacklisted on 076
  5. -Support, nothing personal, The application seems a bit rushed I believe that you need more time as admin I have seen other applicants more on staff, taking sits I don't think that taking ownership of this should be on the application, yeah you have purged toxic folk, but I don't think that it was your responsibility/area to do so. Sure you care about the community and want the best for it, but that doesn't mean you go out of your way to "purge" these toxic folk. Kind of hints at slight targeting and I think it's best if you don't even put it there. Also, I do not think that you making friends on this server means that you are deserving of this staff rank I truly believe that you need more time to adapt to your current rank and prove yourself to the server, just not to the friends you made, that you really would be a great Senior Admin.
  6. Good afternoon enuzers, hope all is well and just want to mention that I got rubber bands for my braces... yes I know they hurt...

    1. Benslaki_II


      damn bro #getwellsoon ❀️


  7. How about this, to balance both sides out, D-Class CC NLR goes to 60 secs when it is self-breaching hours, 75 players or something, but when its not it can stay at 90.
  8. Name: enuz Rank: LT COL Discord: enuz#0001 Activity: 7/10 Ideas for CI: New base, new SWEPS, new weapons How do you think you're doing? What you think you can work on?{Command only}: I think CI is in a good spot right now, I would like to see improvement on training.
  9. RIP to those enuzers who passed away. We will conquer this!Β 

    1. Fool


      F in that chat for those who we lost

    2. Lefty


      I amΒ  unfollowing immediatelyΒ