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  1. i don’t think you even know what you are typing at this point. RND was a sub branch that was apart of CI military that eventually garnered so many players that it became its own branch. At this point, every branch on the server was β€œmade up”. No one β€œpayed” to get RND on the server, it earned its way to become its own branch.
  2. all im saying is that in order for a branch to be active, you need chill and likeable high command. also there is a reason that the snr cmd in r&d right now have been there and hasnt moved in ages. then why did the same thing happen with box and all you put reported him to site admin? it wasnt corrupt. there was absolutely no way to promote those snr command to high command and EVEN if, it was a site admin vote. wasnt only MY choice. sounds like youve been fed misinformation mate. Box and Cloaker both got promoted and we all were under the impression that box would have someone to back him up. But you know when you get left alone and you cant rely on any snr command, what do you expect. ALSO, it was an application on the forums. if you want, you can look back at those applications and really the difference in the grammar, points, and the appeal of the entire application.
  3. Probably did more damage than the vampire -Support Never really felt like he overstretched what you would consider an scp power
  4. +SUPPORT its really ugly and glitchy in lower
  5. no malice, just clarity. sorry if it came off that way :3
  6. ALSO, I do respect the fact that you did own up to you being wrong. Sorry if it felt like I overlooked that. And I also respect you looking at both sides.
  7. Sparkle in the most respectful way, you still have not given any ideas for how to revive RP. No one knows a way to do it without pissing people off. If anything, it should be your job as O5 to literally revive RP and it shouldn't be put on Coltable (he is in charge of adding the ideas to the server, not thinking about them). Being in Site Admin with you, we still couldn't think of a way to do it.
  8. -Support From being in TeamSpeak channels with Jayden who is a fellow Manager, the lack of applying developers and outreach of developers that they contact is very little. They always complain about how no one responds so I believe this is out of their control. Most things people suggest come at the cost of the server. Trying to bring back RP has been a thing that I have always asked for when I was Site Administration but even the whole of site admin couldn't even come up with an idea. What you are asking for is really hard to do without upsetting most people on the server.
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