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  1. -support bro y’all are complaining about a swords feature. That’s like me reporting everyone that uses a keycard cracker to breach SCP’s because it’s “not designed to breach them” it’s a sword that was designed to reflect bullets
  2. The model was used when D4 switched over to the previous model with the blue visor. It was also owned by Saint who was E11 HCMD at the time.
  3. This model was added to the CC less than 15 hours ago...
  4. Your in game name: Buck Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:570251076 The player's in game name: Soph (Owner of CC) The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:451944273 Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 5/21/22 What did the player do: The CC is using a model that is extremely simillar to the current D4 model the only difference being the bottom part of the helmet missing which I beleive can be changed within bodygroups Evidence (required): CC Model compared to D4 model Compared to D4 model: What do you believe should happen to the player: Forced to change the model on the CC Any extra information: Under the SCP-RP Custom Job Format it states: " For Playermodels: You are not allowed to use a playermodel that is currently in use by an opposing branch to your CC. For example, if you are a D-Class CC you may not use any models that look like Gensec or MTF Models, or if you are a CI, you may not use any MTF or Gensec models, etc. You are also not allowed to use models from our Gaminglight Event-Team Model Pack."
  5. -support the screenshot literally says “0 warns” and doesn’t even have the same name used in the report @Toastyyour side?
  6. -is command in GENSEC so can be trusted -GMT player and I love to have GMT staff +support Good luck tank!
  7. +support 3 years???? God damn
  8. Personally I wanna see a larger medbay and potentially more RP zones outside of LCZ
  9. Move this to suggestions someone please! +support
  10. +support of course it’s the 8286 main making the suggestion smh
  11. This Good point however I lack the ability to care about said requirements due to him being so god damn worthy of the position
  12. +support makes EOI lives easier and overall not much of a change and it seems fair
  13. Remaining neutral until D5 HCMD can provide more information on the reason for blacklist and the severity of it however Diz you do seem like a good person and I truly hope that I will eventually be able to +support this
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