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  1. Thank you bop very cool
  2. Welcome to the retirement home brother, u did a lot of good for CI
  4. What are you suggesting? - Allow MTF retired command tags to see meeting note channel and the main MTF announcement channel along with allowing any other retired tags that don’t already have this feature to see their respective channels. How would this change better the server? - It’s nice to see meeting notes once in a while to see who is moving to where, big promotions and all that fun stuff Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - N/A Who would this change mostly benefit? - Retired command Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  5. I have gotten on once to see it, I hate the new doors and a lot of the button sounds. The old doors felt more like an SCP site rather then a shitty Area-51 complex. They are extremely bulky and overall ugly imo. I don’t like how many doors are in EZ and how much of a maze it is to find the exit.
  6. +support I remember whenever this was activated there would be that moment of panic where you go “wait is that the nuke?”
  7. Welcome to the retirement home
  8. I knew this was coming for a while and it still saddens me to know that it’s a reality. Semper Fi
  9. Former EOI comments: Banana fridge. But seriously, I will give some pointers. here we go: 1) try to get more info on what each of these sub units do for Nu7, ask what the purpose of CA or FE is. 2) Add methods of torture when they are used, just calling someone out is rather boring and bland, describe the torture method used and the hostages reaction to it. 3) change up the color scheme, the hostage name shouldn’t be the same as the text imo. Also you can put your name instead of researcher. overall this is a decent interrogation, there’s a lot that you missed on gaining however. Don’t be afraid to go in depth with your questions. If their good enough you can literally get the hostage to start reading off their SOP
  10. Its Buck

    Ban Appeal

    Did your dog also open up 6 different roblox tabs?
  11. This is a really good interrogation log, you got a lot of information out of arcanic! I would Reccomended asking more about higher ups instead of inferior people like the J/S FTOs, I would also suggest choosing more in depth methods of interrogation. Now some general pointers about the interrogation and the questions asked, 1) The RFA called out a medical low command hostage so you already know the branch. 2) when asking about the FTO program you could always ask what information they give the trainees and if there is a HFTO or OFTO. 3) As I said earlier I would recommend getting higher ups or atleast the ranks of others. Arcanic commented on the names of two J/S FTO but not their actual rank or the FTO rank, we know their an FTO and that’s ate about it. -Overall this is still a really good interrogation document and I can’t wait to see more from you! good luck -Former EOI V3
  12. Do we have to pay if we pass
  13. +support he didn’t even say anything?
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