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  1. +support Not what the hard R is brother…. Also I believe that this warning should be removed as if someone is being a retard then they should be called it. Plus the power trip goes crazy clearly things haven’t changed since I left
  2. Hey yall this is kinda out of the blue but shit happens ig. anyway ima keep this short and sweet im resigning blah blah blah Yall were great people to play with and talk to, got to crack a lot of jokes with some of you and even got to work with some of yall as command. Im only gonna do a few mentions here cuz I dont wanna relive like my 3+ years with GL. Fool: Sorry I couldnt stay long enough to help with Nu7 Lew: sounds like he paints his nails, chill guy Rektify: 527 main, probably high rn Sogi: openly women, professional controller breaker Endive: probably doesnt know his left side from his right side | lowkey forgot you were HCE Don Ceech, Starr, Phill, Ignis, Bossatron, Destroyer, Garry, Sam, Ender: Bunch of CI nerds that specialized in killing Non combatants and riot on D class a lot Sean Johnson: Rip the homie Jerimiah: Bro fought so hard for me to get into O1 and it never worked, rip anyway this is already getting too long yall can message me on discord and all that fun shit but uhhh yea, Rangers Lead The Way ig
  3. So long Tenn Graneet old friend o7
  4. -support Few things here: 1st) It’s the same concept of asking if there is a cloaker on site. If there’s no cloaker on site then it’s gotta be either an infil or an SCP. 2nd) I could be mistaken on this but if you lie about your identity don’t you have to roll for it? 3rd) Did you even have knowledge of EOI in RP to say that you were one of them? Because unless you knew in RP what they were and what they did it would be powergame on your end 4th) 8286 is a thing. Plus building off of what I said above you don’t know what the groups are called only that there are groups of people who try and raid the foundation that’s like CI kidnapping a medical and saying “your medical because you perform surgeries” 5th) I believe E4 can also just kill people regardless, if they feel threatened, detect suspicious behavior, or overall just feel like it (could be wrong tho) Overall I don’t see this as metagame
  5. What are you suggesting? - lower the self breaching requirements to 50+ players instead of 70+ How would this change better the server? - SCPs can not breach rn and rarely get on. so without them we lose what our whole server revolves around. I believe that lowering the requirements to breach would get more SCPs on and more SCPs mean more stuff for MTF to do and more MTF then more people get on blah blah blah, everything revolves around them so increasing the likelyhood of them breaching would just be better as a whole Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - The site could potentially go to shit if not enough MTF are on Who would this change mostly benefit? - The server, SCPs
  6. +support minge
  7. +support W update tbh, no more cloaking mech
  8. What are you suggesting? - Adding a 3rd life slot for players to use. since the last time this suggestion was made 3 new branches have been added to the server, A1, O1 and GOC. given all the new options it only feels right to be able to have 3 lives. this suggestion has been made many times and whilst it has been denied plenty of times I believe that this time is different due to the 3 new branches. A lot of the -supports come from people who say that they can not handle having 3 lives and others cant either. in response to that I simply say "Then dont have 3 lives yourself" there are people who have fun in the 2 current branches they are in but also want to fully experience other branches, getting to LCPL in some branches can only give you access to so much of the experience. let alone A1 and O1 only being SPC. How would this change better the server? - Having a 3rd life would help increase branches activity, instead of players only playing on 2 main branches they would now have a 3rd option to choose from. this could help branches get more people on and help get dedicated players, if someone can get to experience the full branch then they are more likely to stick with it and be active in it. Additionally it could help prevent burnout, if people have more jobs to choose from then they may spend more time on the server and not get burnt out as quickly which would help the server numbers stay up. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Whilst this would help branch activity the argument could be made that it would also hurt branch activity. whilst it is a valid statement I believe that at the end of the day if people are having fun playing on more classes and experiencing more of the server then we shouldnt focus on a branches activity, regardless of what job they are playing on it would help server population. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Server population / everyone
  9. The bot doesn’t tell the amount of players on branches such as, A1, O1 and GOC along with other smaller classes like civilians. I think these branches should be included in it.
  10. Its Buck

    Bucks GOC app

    In-game name: Buck SteamID:STEAM_0:1:570251076 DiscordID: _buck__ Why should you be a member of the G.O.C. (75 word minimum): I should be a member of the GOC because Im active on the server and have lots of experience being both combatant and Non combatant. I have been in nearly every branch on the server and spent a fair ammount of time on the server. I have 16 weeks of in game play time and have been around for nearly 3 years. I also love killing SCPs. Im well known within the server. and Im decent at PVP What makes you a unique applicant: I have been on the server for nearly 3 years, I have lots of RP experience as EOI and RFA along with combat experience in D4 and G9 Can you be active within the span of 14 days?: yes Current/former ranks: Current: Nu7 LCPL Previous: E11 CPT, D5 CPT, Medical Doctor, CI SM, CI RnD (Rip) SVA
  11. +support my interactions with rogu have been very positive. I never would have guessed that he had a BL from maint. Deserves another chance
  12. Do we need to throw hands? o7, Goodluck with omega-1
  13. +support Whenever he joined TS randomly it was always a great and funny convo
  14. -support So you wanna move the raid area to surface where Nu7 would then have to go to the gate, wait 30 seconds for the elevator to come down, then another 30 to go back up and then run across the massive surface to get into the warehouse? This would hurt MTF not help them
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