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  1. Bionicle

    Armory Changes

    As much as i would like this to be, it probably wont cool suggestion tho +support
  2. -support Hey maynard, i gotta check your perfectly valid ID that has nothing wrong with it oh well looks like i rolled higher sucks for you because you are CI (ID checks shouldnt work on maynard at all IMO, but thats for a later time) also people dont join the branch whose main focus is combat for the RP.
  3. Bionicle

    Another Hacker

    You’re joking right?
  4. Bionicle

    hol up

    wym they just have gaming mousepads
  5. the problem with this is that its still in a high traffic area. CI and D class regularly move throught this hallway and it wouldnt fix the problem. The best solution looking from all sides is to move it back to d block.
  6. Bionicle

    Another Hacker

    nah man he just has a better gaming chair +support
  7. If it’s allowed on d class CCd I personally see no reason why it shouldn’t be allowed on utility CCs. It’s up to SMT to decide that however.